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Child labor is done by any working child who is under the age specified by law. The word, work means full time commercial work to sustain self or add to the family income. Child labor is a hazard to a Child s mental, physical, social, educational, emotional and spiritual development. Broadly any child who is employed in activities to feed self and family is being subjected to child labor .

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Nuruddin ( 14 years old ) face is blacked with carbon dust from recycled batteries . often she looks so black , that children in her neighbourhood call her ghost . he works in battery recycling factory at Korar Ghat on the outskirts of Dhaka . he earns less than taka 200 ( $ 3 . 5 approx ) per month .

In Victorian England and 19th century USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, children were commonly used as cheap labour. Child Labor was not new to the world. During the Industrial revolution in 1780 and 1840, there was a massive increase in child exploitation. In 1788,more than 60% of workers are in textile mills of England were children.

Child labor is a very complicated development issue, effecting human society all over the world. It is a matter of grave concern that children are not receiving the education and leisure which is important for their growing years, because they are sucked into commercial and laborious activities which is meant for people beyond their years. According to the statistics given by ILO and other official agencies 73 million children between 10 to 14 years of age re employed in economic activities all over the world. The figure translates into 13.2 of all children between 10 to 14 being subjected to child labor

Distribution of Child Labours 

Child Labour in different Country

Distribution of Child Labours

The Distribution of children in labour work in all over the world.

Distribution of Child Labours According to a UNICEF report ,
more than 6.3 million children under 14 are working in BANGLADESH & INDIA . Many of them work in hazardous conditions, some even risk their lives. The average income of a child labourer is Rs. 400 to 700 per month.

Child Labour in India
Child labor in India is a human right issue for the whole world. It is a serious and extensive problem, with many children under the age of fourteen working in carpet making factories, glass blowing units and making fireworks with bare little hands. According to the statistics given by Indian government there are 20 million child laborers in the country, while other agencies claim that it is 50 million.

Easy available of labour childs Slam area in any developing country like India is very high, so poor background family s children are easily available for minimal cost is suitable for Industries. General causes poverty under BPL(Below Poverty Level). parental illiteracy and family size. social apathy. ignorance. lack of education and exposure and inadequate school facilities. Easily accessible, easy to use Do the full time Commercial work to sustain self or add to the family income.

Child labor is a hazard to a child s mental, physical, social, educational, emotional and spiritual development. Broadly any child who is employed in activities to feed self and family then the children s human rite is been violated.

Child Labor in Agricultural field
75% work in agricultural related activities. Common in countries with very unequal income distribution.

.Case Study .

Hundreds and thousands of children are toiling as bonded labor in India¶s silk industry and the government is not able to do anything to protect their rights. Those children who are working in India¶s silk industry are virtually slaves.

Bonded Child Labour in India

The most inhuman and onerous form of child exploitation is the age old practice of bonded labor in India. In this, the child is sold to the loaner like a commodity for a certain period of time. His labor is treated like security or collateral security and cunning rich men procure them for small sums at exorbitant interest rates

.Case Study .

y A boy working in a tire

recycling workshop . These child workers are not paid by money. They work on work for food basis, until they prove themselves as skilled workers to the owner . Keraniganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh. July 13 , 2007

Stop Child Labour

The future of a community is in the well being of its children. The above fact is beautifully expressed by Wordsworth in his famous lines ³child is father of the man´. So it becomes imperative for the health of a nation to protect its children from premature labor which is hazardous to their mental, physical, educational and spiritual development needs. It is urgently required to save children from the murderous clutches of social injustice and educational deprivation, and ensure that they are given opportunities for healthy, normal and happy growth.

Social liability of protest «

By Educational system «

Legal & judicial action on it .

NGOs are against on it as protest Organizations.

Conduction of IPEC «

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Social liability of protest
To regulated working hours, protected young children and improved working conditions.


Solutions against Child Labour

By Educational system
They are poor, so education in distance, causes the child labour. Several steps are taken in different country.
Eliminating Fees. Reduction of Fees. Scholarship Programs. Meal Programs.

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Legal & judicial action on it
Campaigning by social reform movements led to the Factory Act 1883, the Mine Act 1842 & the Factory Act 1867 in England. Compulsory education, introduced by the Education Act 1870. Almost all countries now have laws which set a minimum age for working.


Solutions against Child Labour

NGOs are against on it as protest Orgs ILP - In 20th Century, growing awareness world-wide led
to the International Labour Organization (United Nations) to develop standards for the protection of child labour.

UNICEF - Founded in 1946, UNICEF helps save, protect
and improve the lives of children around the world through immunization, education. UNICEF is non-partisan and its cooperation is free of discrimination.

Solutions against Child Labour Conduction of IPEC
IPEC's work to eliminate child labour is an important facet of the ILO's Decent Work Agenda. The number & range of IPEC s partners include employers and workers organizations, other international and government agencies, private businesses, community-based organizations, NGOs.


IPEC group are extend the reservations to eliminate Child Labour issue.

y Child Labour Laws

UNICEF and ILO like NGOs are helped hand with Government, future is bright.

Child is a long term diseases of our society since long past from 1960 s to till now, is thrown away backward in development of countries. Since then to resolve this problem many Acts are passed, social movement are taken against it, general awareness increased, bring them to education system, NGOs are step forward, and now the introduce IPEC. Now Child labour is reducing, but need more. I think that The Government have to take all most responsibility, public have more conscious and srictly prohibited to used them.

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