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The Beer Café !!???????!!

TechPro- the most modern café in town

Beer yourself !!!

Me Zone If it s beer, it s here A new Lifestyle concept in India

35 Varieties of Beer to choose from The Ultimate Beer Experience 1st time in INDIA

Beer Me! 35 brands of Beer under one roof New Life Style Concept A unique concept. which will set a new trend The ultimate Beer experience No intrusion. Tech feast to the senses .Our take .

Taking the propositions forward . .

Objective To create Brand awareness and Brand aspiration for The Beer Café .

who needs to visit every unique place Don t care about rest of the society (only friends and family) Explore ways to enjoy life.TG Young at heart. Bolder. finer details Upper crest.Appreciate fine experiences.Aged between 25-40 yrs Like to know everything happening around . Individual decision maker Often goes to his/her favorite place for a drink after office Early adopters/ People who love to experiment the NEW Most happening group of colleges/ offices . Can enjoy alone. also a Gadget lover Highly aware of life style brands There is a need to support their Status Quo .

personal.5 million active SNS population their first exposure to the Internet is most likely to be through mobile phone The study found that almost In metros.700 million people For 75% of Indian youth.TG. current affairs. with others through social The spend on mobile Internet by the young Population in India will cross $9 bn by 2012. about 57% of Indian youth access Internet using their mobile phones 70 per cent of bloggers spend at least half-an-hour daily -. Twitter and Orkut networking websites like Tech-savvy Indian youths in major cities are . fashion and technology. 23.mostly for gaining information.Current Trends World s highest youth in IndiaBelow 30. Facebook. spending at least two hours a day to connect themselves The top five categories of blogs are entertainment.

eating joints near office Mobile Internet .Retail store Offices Cafes Salons. tattoo parlors Office canteens. Malls. Shopping space.Touch points Parking space Metro station Gyms.

Okhla. Lajpat Nagar. Khan market. Indraprastha. Lodhi colony. Sarojini Nagar.Catchment area. Connaught place.Captive / Peripheral Captive Vasant Kunj Peripheral- GK1. Friends colony. Kalkaji. GK2. .

The way forward .

Activities BTL Digital Store activation Mall activation Roadshows Facebook Twitter Linkedin Blogs You Tube Promotions and offers .

BTL Activation .

Captive Activations .

and Ambience mall Concept. rappers joining to add on that extra zing and get more people (on lookers) to join in the great trail on the yellow carpet leading to The Beer Café . a cheering crowd who is singing Beer Anthem.DLF Promenade. cheerleaders accompanying the crowd.Mall activation Objective.Color Me Yellow Activity. DLF Emporio.Street drummers leading the trail.To induce curiosity and grab attention of the people who are already present in the premise of the mall.

34.Beer painting 2 Not just 34. Below. 35.Beer painting 3 . Heading. 2.not just 1. Below. Each painting is numbered 1. 35 on the go .A few caricature artists are busy painting and each of their paintings is placed on the way to The Beer Café . Below.Beer painting 1 not just 2. .

If somebody stepped in the carpet. that person will be congratulated by Beer Café crowd Wow.There will be a yellow carpet laying around in the busy part of the market. Whenever and wherever people will see yellow carpet (tangible/ intangible) . the 1st thought that ll come across them is The Beer Café In office.A particular parking space will be painted yellow. Beer Café people will come out and congratulate him Parking Space.Yellow Carpet Own the color yellow and make it your property. he/she will be congratulated to walk the yellow carpet Market. When somebody will park his/ her vehicle in that space.There will be a yellow carpet laying on the office entrance. you have walked the yellow carpet !!! ( Now you will be incurably cheerful ) AND You have won free Beer at The Beer Café / The Beer Café merchandises . Canteen . lifts. When anybody will step-in the carpet.

Captive Activations .Non.

Be here .g. ambience Mall.Be . Vasant Kunj .(Beer Café) Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy incurably Happy come to The Beer Café) For Beer .    Feeling thirsty? call me ---.Metro Activation Walking Kiosks: In every Coach there will be 5-6 people wearing yellow Tshirts with interesting Beer quotes/slogans/humor.The Beer Café. E.

Bottoms: What do men and beer have in common? Up: They're both empty from the neck up 2. . It will be a book containing Bottoms & Up jokes.. Bottoms: How does a man show that he is planning for the future? Up: He buys two cases of beer.1.Bottoms & Up which will become the BRAND MASCOTS . e.Beer Humor We will introduce 2 fictional humorous characters like.g.

Cheer Beer Virus Have you become excessively demanding lately?? Ask for options? one girlfriend never keep you interested? 2 brand new cars don t make you smile? 14 pair of shoes are not enough?.. NOT ANY MORE! Characteristics1. give a big smile to everybody.. U R INFECTEDDD!!!!! Its true life never gives u many options. hota hai. Also. The infected person will be so happily inquisitive and so cheerful that he/she will keep asking for options and if not available he will console the other person. like Koi na. can t help himself .you don t get so many options at every place 2..known / unknown C mon he is so cheerful.

but this is a Charmful / Cheerful virus . The Process of Infection: Enter the Beer Café Get yourself stamped Happily Infected are infected !!! Congratulations.Happily demanding And you will become- Incurably cheerful .Every virus is harmful . People want to get infected by this virus and to get infected they have to come to The Beer Café. you After effects.

Store Promotion .

also you can avail the special offers.You will be the host at Beer Café. Expected Outcome. enjoy a handsome salary and beer on the house Concept.Be a manager for a week. Also. this will bring The Beer café in the consideration set instantly .The offer will spread like a chinese whisper and spread Brand awareness.Be r Manager (Be our Manager) / Be the Host Promotion. will take care of all the operations and will be given a chance to play the host for your friends for a week.

Properties  Loyalty program on the card .which can be called Beer Passport different life-style  Tuesday Beer Mania  Thursday girls night out  Beer Album  Beer Humor Entry to a .

Digital .

share Beer anthem Create. Twitter. technology etc Earn your Beer. What s your Beer story.we will create The Beer Café community Community activities1.the latest trends. Beer adventure Upload the Video. Linkedin.what s your Beer code? Quote-unquote / Beer Trivia Online beer games Claim your Free Merchandise @ The Beer Café (conditions apply: no of visits to the café. 2. 7. 6. 3. 5. 4. best beer story etc) . upload. E-mailers.Digital activities Facebook. winner of online games. share What s IN.

To create awareness about the availability of 35 Brands of Beer in The Beer Café and generate the hype about the same.facebook application Concept.Informative & Interactive Objective.To pull the crowd to The Beer Café Concept. 3. India. 2. Soup. one has to enter his details. and contact no.mail id. Which is the more popular drink among thses? Coke? Juice? Beer? Coffee? Wine? Which is not a beer variety? .. Structure.Lambic . 4. Ale. Pasta. Mexico The oldest known written recipe is for? Bread. Stout. Wheat. chocolate . Step 1: B-Q (Beer Quotient) Get yourself qualified for earning the Beer code How much do you know about your favorite drink? 1. Solera Which country has the most individual beer brands? Belgium. Beer. This will lead people to experience The Beer Café.Earn your Beer . To get the Beer code.We are enhancing the awareness and building the interest of people.S. Lager. U. England.

.Step 2: What s your Beer code? The Beer code is all about one s characteristic similarity with the variety of Beer brand. Like. preferences etc. lifestyle. one will be able to decode his/her Beer code. The offer will be available for a week only after getting the Beer code. After crossing this step. and the Beer Café suggestion to the person to try-out that Beer brand at Beer Café The questions will be based on one s interest.One has to go to The Beer Café to earn his/her free pint of that particular Beer.Wow Your Beer code is Heineken. Come and enjoy it @ The Beer Café Step 3 : Earn your Beer After getting the Beer code.

Beer Mania Community gaming: The 4 people who can accumulate a monthly high score (points) will qualify to host/manage the Beer Café on each of the four weekends with booze on the house When one likes the game they are given a virtual card with one beer mug credited to their accounts Each time one takes one mug of beer he credited 1 point on his card Each time he recommends a friend to the site he is credited 5 beer mugs They will be allowed to swipe their account once every 12 hours and if they don t swipe their card for 48 hours in a row the card expires The points that each person accumulates are transferable from one friend to the other The objective is to accumulate the maximum points either by earning or by begging .

Beer Golf etc. We can also tie-up with some major gaming sites like.Mobile Applications We will introduce mobile games.. Beer tank.ibibo. . The Beer games can bee. Hold your beer (you have to save your Beer from the interruptions). Delibeery.g. what people can download from our website (free/ paid). Honkman (find the way to the Beer).Beer Pong. zapak etc to design Beer games.

Twitter Regular tweets & promotions (as done for facebook) Youtube Put up the photos of the place & the different kinds of beers being served at the Beer Café Create an AV for the place which can be put up here Link it to the twitter and the Facebook page Update the photos of the events & happenings Blogs: Find regular bloggers that blog about alcohol and make them experience the place before it opens to public This will result in blogs about the place which will be direct online recommendations from people who matter .

Thank You .

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