Madhya Pradesh

Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan .

State Investment Subsidy Industry %age as subsidy 10-15% Upto 15 % Maximum amount 5 lakh 15 lakh Small Medium and large .

Exemption from payment of entry tax Industry NRI units and 100% EOUs Others Duration (in years) 11 5 .

Interest Subsidy Maximum Subsidy (Rs. Lakhs) 10 20 30 40 District Category A B C No Industry Blocks* Duration (Years) 5 6 7 7 .

Special package for mega investments Project Cost Rs. Limit for Free of Cost Land in Acres 5 10 15 20 Need based package on case to case basis . Crore 25-50 50-100 100-200 200-500 500 & Above Max.

1.5 crores) .1 crore) 30% of Project Cost (maximum Rs.Assistance for setting up industrial parks Category Industrial Park Hi-tech Park Amount of Subsidy 30% of Project Cost (maximum Rs.

Project Report Cost Reimbursement Project Size Upto Rs.3. 1 crore to Rs.5% Any reimbursement above Rs. More than Rs.00 Lakhs shall be at the discretion of the State Government.5 crores Reimbursement Eligibility 1% 0.5 crores .1 crore Rs.

Other incentives Assistance for quality certification Patent registration Concessions for tourism project Concessions for diagnostic centre/ nursing homes .

Incentives/concessions available for it industry .

Special Facilities Units established in special economic zone Stone park Automobile components manufacturers Food park .

Road Network hkh .

Railway Network hkh .

Nearness to Seaports hkh .

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