HR policies and Job satisfaction: A study

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and environment which makes success possible ‡ To receive encouragement. ‡ The success of an organization is significantly dependent upon the success of its individuals. To be successful. constructive feedback. individuals need: ‡ To know their organization s mission ‡ To know their role and what is specifically expected of them ‡ To have the capacity.A Successful Organization ‡ An interdependent network of individuals. and opportunities to develop and improve . resources. each contributing to the success of the mission.

.What is Human Resource Management ‡ Human Resource Management looks after the success of individuals (indirectly success of the Organization) and provides an effective work force in order to meet the goals of the Organization.

Importance of HR Policies ‡ Consistency ‡ Fairness ‡ Efficiency ‡ Establishes rights/responsibilities of both employees and the employer ‡ Documents these rights/responsibilities ‡ Legal compliance .

Companies Taken for Survey ‡ Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. (Pune Branch) ‡ Cognizant Technology Solutions (Chennai Branch) ‡ Number of Employees considered for Survey: 30 each from both the companies .

Policies taken into Consideration ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Employee Recognition Compensation Leave Policy Appraisal Process Employee Engagement Benefits Transfer / Relocation Learning / Career Growth .

Transfer policy/Relocation . Benefits.Profile of HR policies ‡ Industry level satisfaction ‡ Policies with reasonable satisfaction(AM>3. Learning/Career Growth ‡ Policies with neither satisfaction nor satisfaction(AM~3): Recognition.5): Leave policy. Compensation. Appraisal process. Employee engagement.

‡ TCS was recently is in the news with reports of performance related layoffs in the company.TCS ‡ Tata Consultancy services is one of the largest private sector employers in India.50. ‡ A number of benefits were also withdrawn in the current fiscal due to recessionary pressures.000 employees on its rolls. . ‡ There are approximately 1.

.CTS ‡ With 50 global delivery centres and approximately over 64. ‡ CTS also has significant presence in India. ‡ Cognizant has been ranked 7th on "Forbes List of 50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies" for the year 2008. ‡ In spite of the current global scenario CTS has outperformed its peers and the industry growth.000 associates CTS is also one of the major players in the IT services industry.

‡ The surveyed employees have been working for 2 years and more in the company. . ‡ A sample of around 30 were drawn from each of these companies.Survey ‡ The random survey was done for lower management employees in both the companies.

Survey Parameters ‡ Eight heads were identified to measure the employee satisfaction vis-à-vis the HR policies. Benefit. ‡ Recognition. Work Location. Compensation. ‡ 3 sub-factors were identified for each head to measure the responses under each head. Engagement. Learning were the factors used. Appraisal. . Leave.

Leave and Work Location ‡ According to T test the following are the significant parameters for TCS: ± Recognition and Compensation . Compensation.Significant Parameters ‡ According to T test the following are the significant parameters for CTS: ± Recognition.

710434 ± It shows that variation in the given policies explains 71. ‡ For TCS: ± Adjusted R Square = 0.615894 ± It shows that variation in the given policies explains 61.58% of the variation in job satisfaction at TCS. .Coefficient of determination ‡ For CTS: ± Adjusted R Square = 0.04% of the variation in job satisfaction at CTS.

‡ Compensation and Recognition are significant factors for job satisfaction in both the companies.Conclusion: ‡ The parameters for the job satisfaction may differ from organization to organization. .

. ‡ Some employees might not have filled the survey seriously.Margin of Error: ‡ The satisfaction level is down because of the ongoing slowdown in the economy.

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