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Election Fraud : The Undermining of Democracy in America. Why it Matters, What to Do
(cc) Steven F. Freeman, Election Integrity

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• • • • •  Nov 9, 2004 Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy  Dec ‘04-Apr ‘05 USCountVotes analysis & articles by 13 professors

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•J n ‘ 0 5 In T h e se a Ti es m A C o rru p te d E l cti n e o •S e p t ’ 0 5 : D e b a te w i M i fsky th to •J n ‘ 0 6 B o o k u P u b l sh e d i . R FK i R o l i g n ln S to n e •N o v ‘ 0 6 1 st E l cti n e o (cc) Steven F. Freeman, Election Integrity ca ti n E xi V e ri fi o t

I . Endangered Democracy 1. Stolenit Matters Why Be n o m a tte r h o w p e rsu a siv e y o u r ca se Privacy . Election Integrityaway being legislated A ll o th e r p o litica l e ffo rts d e p e n d o n it: Y o u ca n n o t w in a t th e b a llo t b o x A ll o th e r rig h ts d e p e n d o n it: . free speech .Elections Will Continue to II . even habeas corpus .Elections Have Been Stolen 3. are (cc) Steven F. Freeman.Elections Can Be Stolen 2.

Endangered Democracy 1. Freeman. Election Integrity .Election s Can Be Stolen (cc) Steven F.I .

Freeman. Election Integrity .American Voting Processes (cc) Steven F.

Freeman. Election Integrity .Becoming an Untouchable An Election in India 1948 (cc) Steven F.

according to data he presented at an October meeting of the American Statistical Association in Philadelphia. Election Integrity .Washington Post How To Steal an Election It's easier to rig an electronic voting machine than a Las Vegas slot machine. (cc) Steven F. Freeman. Freeman writes … Freeman has assembled comparisons that suggest Americans protect their vices more than they guard their rights. That's because Vegas slots are better monitored and regulated than America's voting machines. says U of Pennsylvania professor Steve Freeman.

Elections Have Been Stolen (cc) Steven F. Freeman. Election Integrity .I. Endangered Democracy 2.

Election Integrity Hoffman (2005) P ollin g p laces with E lection . Rossi wins big on electronic voting machines.4 00 5 4 . bigger yet in precincts with problems and machines with maintenance R ep u b lican ub e G V otin g Tech n olog y.2 28 49 E lectron ic votin g m ach in es 5 0 . C on d ition C an d id ate in o R D P ap er / op tical scan 9 5 .5 % Source: Lehto & (cc) Steven F. Freeman.Snohomish County’s Parallel Systems and Divergent Results Absentee Ballots cast on paper/optical scan (2/3 of vote) Election Day on electronic voting machines (1/3 of vote) Gregoire wins on paper.

and nationwide 2006 federal elections 2008 primary elections . Election 2008 California referendum onIntegrity marriage gay . Nevada . especially New Hampshire (cc) Steven F. N . Florida 2000 US Presidential Election  Georgia 2002 Federal & State Elections  Ohio 2004 US Presidential Election  Arizona 2004 US Presidential Election  Ohio 2005 Election Reform Referenda Strong statistical indications of fraud : Fully Documented Instances of Election Fraud 2004 US Presidential . M . Freeman. Florida .

Election Integrity . Freeman.(cc) Steven F.

” an alert denied by the FBI  25% spoilage in black precincts of GOP Montgomery Co.Ohio 2004 Vote Fraud  Secret Count in Warren County due to “FBI terrorist alert. (Cleveland): Ballots with candidate position “rotation” tabulated at wrong precincts – Big net Dem loss  Appalachian precincts with 90%+ turnout rates and more far votes cast than recorded voters  Ghosts in the Machines – voters tried to vote (cc) Steven F. Voters .  Systematic vote switching in Cuyahoga Co. but Bush’s name came up. Freeman. Election Integrity for Kerry.

Throughout the state: The requirements for the selection of a random recount sample were clearly laid out in Directive 2004-58. Hocking Co.): Non-Recount throughout the state . Freeman. Instead of following these guidelines. Clermont Co. Cheat Sheet – so workers would know what the numbers should add up to. TRIAD presence – to “check out” the machines in anticipation of the recount. staff members were instructed to purposefully select certain precincts that would easily balance during a hand recount. Election Integrity the polls)  Ohio 2004 Vote Fraud (cont. Optical-Scan Scam – stickers covering up Kerry ovals (when no stickers were used at (cc) Steven F.

. I told him. Shortly after that he stated that the computer was ready for the recount … He said not to turn the computer off until after the recount...From a Hocking Co.. He said that the stored information was gone [but that] he could put a patch on it . He advised [us] on how to post a ‘cheat sheet’ on the wall so that only [we] would know about it … so the count would come out perfect and we wouldn't have to do a full hand recount of the county.… [He] then asked me which precinct we were going to count. affidavit: One week before the recount.. He went back into the tabulation room. Election Integrity . (cc) Steven F. a Triad rep came ‘to check out [our] tabulator’ .. Our computer is 14 years old and always worked in the past. Freeman.

Freeman. Election Integrity (cc) Steven . Pre-election and Election Day telephone polls – Voting Preferences – Approval Ratings Quantitative Indicators of Mass Scale Election Fraud      Post-election Telephone Exit Polls Election Day Exit Polls Vote Change Analyses Audits Forensic AnalysesF.

(cc) Steven F. Freeman. Election Integrity .

000.559 sampled voters at 1.000.Official vs Exit Poll Survey Results  Official Result: Bush defeated Kerry by 3.6%) and a decisive majority in the Electoral College. Freeman. (cc) Steven F.000 votes nationally (2.460 precincts across the nation indicated that Kerry defeated Bush by 7. Exit poll data based on 114.5%) and a slim majority in the Electoral College. Election Integrity   .000 votes nationally (4.

1 -10.6% 50.4% 54.3% 46.5 -6.7% 2.7% 48.6 -3.8 48.4 50.3 47.6 48.1 49.4% 50.4 45. Carolina ** Ohio Virginia Total USA 51.0% 0.6 **New Mexico 49.1% 5.9 -7.8 -7.1% 47.6 56.4% 0.9% 52.0% 4.0% 43.0% 1.6% 12.2% 51.2 50.4% 52.2% -8.2% 1.8 (cc) Steven F.2% 0.0 *9 *27 *7 11 ** 5 ** 5 15 **20 13 174 55 309 -10.9% 2.3 50.1% 7.5% 8.1% -1.1 45.3 50.7% -2.2 50.7% 47.4 48.7 53.7 52.3% 50. Election Integrity .8% 4.9% 49.5 -11. Freeman.7% 45.5% 47.0 -5.9% -7.STATE Election outcome changes if the count matched how voters said they cast they their ballots Bush Kerry Official Official Vote Vote Official (5) Margin PLD Exit Poll Bush Exit Poll Kerry Exit EP Too EP Poll EV Close EV Margin Bush Kerry * Colorado * Florida * Iowa Missouri ** Nevada No.1 -7.3% 2.8 -7.9 45.8% 48.9% -7.4% 49.0 49.4% 49.8% 49.9% -2.7% 49.1 53.

9% 48.2% 95% Confidence Interval 99% Confidence Interval (cc) Steven F.5% 54.3% 47. Freeman.8% 10 Kerry’s percentage of the vote based on exit poll surveys 0 45.3% 51.3% 50.1% 47.7% 49. Election Integrity .7% Ohio Exit Poll Discrepancy 30 20 47.1% 46.6% All of the probability 50.9% 52.7% 53.5% 46.1% 51.50 Probability Density 40 Random sample distribution curve Kerry’s percentage of the official count 48.5% 50.

(cc) Steven F. Exit Poll Analysis of Within Precinct Disparity (WPD) WPD: The difference between how randomly selected voters say they cast their ballots voted in confidential questionnaires as they walk out of the voting booth. and the official counts in those same precincts. Election Integrity  . Freeman.

(cc) Steven F. Freeman. Election Integrity .Only Two Possible Sources of WPD:   Hypothesis #1: Non-Response Bias (Bush voters disproportionately did not participate in the polls) Hypothesis #2: The Count is Corrupted There can be no other possibility.

Freeman.Expected Response Rates by Precinct Partisanship Logical implications of Reluctant Bush Respondent Theory Exit Poll Response Rates Participation Rates 57% 56% 55% 54% 53% 52% 51% 50% % ) % ) % ) h< 40 <6 0% h< =8 0 20 <= % <= Bu s <B us h <= (B us h 80 % ) ) (B us (4 0% (6 0% <B us h D em H ig h od Percentage of Bush Voters in Precincts (cc) Steven F. Election Integrity M M od H ig h Ev e R < 20% 20 <40% n 40-60% 60-80% ep 80-100% em (2 0 D R ep .

Freeman.57% 56% 55% 54% 53% 52% 51% 50% =2 0% ) es by Pre Logical implications of Reluctant Bush Respondent Theory cinc Actual Response t Rates by Part e) Precinct ndlin re (T Partisanship isan ship <B us h< 60 % 40 %) %) <= 80 %< =B us h< (B us h< <B us h (20 Ev en (60 Hi gh dD em Percentage of Bush Voters in Precincts (cc) Steven F. Election Integrity Mo Mo dR ep Hi gh < 20% 20 <40% % De m Re p 40-60% (B us h 60-80% <= 80 %) ) (40 % Exit Poll Response Rates 80-100% .

Freeman. Election Integrity .WPD differs for Swing States State-level WPD Analysis (cc) Steven F.

Freeman. Election Integrity . Paper (cc) Steven F.Machine vs.

Freeman.Histogram WPE and Gubernatorial Control (cc) Steven F. Election Integrity .

African American Percentage of State Population by WPD 15 VT NH 10 IM WPE NM 5 ME 0 MT -5 -1 SD ND 0 1 WV 2 3 4 ID UT WY HI IA CA MN NE MA KS OH NY NJ PA MO IL IN KY OK TN LA GA AL MS SC MD CT DE ln african amer (cc) Steven F. Election Integrity . Freeman.

Election Million Residents (cc) Steven Voter Hotline per Integrity . Freeman.Election Day Problems by WPD 15 VT CT NH MS 10 MN NE UT WY HI ME LA KS 0 ID AR KY AK NM MO IL IN NC AL CA VA OH NV NY NJ SC PA FL RI MD MI DE WA Within Precinct 5 Disparity CO MA WI TX AZ IA GA TN MT OK -5 ND SD WV 56 100 178 316 562 32 Election Day Calls to the MSNBCF.

Endangered Democracy 2. Freeman.  Certified 537 vote Bush victory.  Only two counties completed manual counts. Election Integrity of the law) . Elections Have Been Stolen (Not just 2004 US President) Florida 2000  “Brooks Brothers” Mob stopped the count in Miami.I.  ¼ of state electorate was never machine recount (in direct violation (cc) Steven F.

E l cti n s H a ve B e e n S to l n ( N o t j st 2 0 0 4 e o e u U S P re si e n t) d Florida 2000 (Democratic) Vote Suppression  Disenfranchised Felons: 800. Election Integrity  Targeted efforts to suppress Black vote . Freeman.300 Gore votes allocated to Buchanan or McNichols.389 voters wrongly purged in 2000 – 52% African American (11% of electorate. wrong instructions in Jacksonville (cc) Steven F.000 in Florida (7% of VAP) not eligible to vote (1/3 of African American males)  Faux-Felon lists: 82. S h a m D e m o cra cy 2 .I. 91% of whom voted for Gore)  Bad Ballots in Dem counties – Butterfly (3.

Election Integrity .288 14.912.189 Florida’s 2000 Uncounted Votes 2. Freeman.998.055 24.332 70.45.020 2.982 2.Had the US Supreme Court not Intervened in • 2000 … • • • • Bush Certified Count Undervotes Overvotes Totals Gore Margin Bush 537 -1.624 .948.912.505 (cc) Steven F.732 Gore 46.790 2.253 13.

Election Integrity . * Walter Mondale replaced incumbent Senator Paul Wellstone.2002 Surprise GOP victors Race Loser GOP Democrat Winner Strickland Allard (i) Poll Mean Dem 2 Official Result Rep 5 Rep 4 Rep 3 Rep 7 Swing Colorado Senate Rep 7 Rep 5 Rep 5 Rep 10 Rep 16 New Hampshire Shaheen Sununu Dem 1 Senate Minnesota Senate* Mondale (i)Coleman Dem 2 Georgia Senate** Cleland (i) ChamblissDem 3 Georgia Governor** Perdue (i) Barnes Dem 11 Rep 5 (i) incumbent. who was killed in a very suspicious plane crash days before the election. Diebold officers surreptitiously put special “patches” in machines days before the election. (cc) Steven F. ** In Georgia. Freeman.

allow all Ohioans to vote by mail #3.2005 Election: Ohio Election Reform Referenda Referendum: Columbus Dispatch poll Official count 59% yes 33% no 37% yes 63% no #2. independent election commission to create competitive yes 31% yes 30% legislative districts 45% no 70% no #5. Freeman. New bipartisan election board of supervisors 41% yes 43% no (cc) Steven F. radically cap campaign contributions to political candidates 61% yes 33% yes 25% no 67% no #4. Election Integrity 30% yes 70% no .

Freeman.2006 US Congressional Elections : Landslide Denied Sent: 01 July. Election Defense Alliance (cc) Steven F. 2010 5:51 PM To: 'Bonnie Richley'. Election Integrity . 'Tony Lingham' Subject: Coordinated Innovation -Lessons from Improvisational Dance 091027 Source: “Landslide Denied” (2007) – study by Simon & O’Dell.

7% -7. 2 % 55.1 . Election Integrity . 644 13.746 points percentage 5.3% +7.277.8 percentage .4% Statewide points Prop 8 “No” Statewide Total Difference (Margin) 6.9 percentage 7.838.2008 : California Prop 8 Results based on how Exit Polled Voters said they Cast their Ballots   Official Results * Within Precinct Extrapolated Disparity (WPD) Exit Poll Interview Survey Results Prop 8 “Yes” 6.107 52. 922 4 . Freeman.6% (cc) Steven F. 470 .570 + 15.570 591 .463 47.824 44. 5 % points 11 .

Election Integrity . Freeman.(cc) Steven F.

Election Integrity .3. Support for US Stolen Democracy (cc) Steven F. Freeman. I . Endangered Democracy Elections Will Continue to Be Little Institutional Commitment .

notably the October 2003 Warsaw document.Is the US a Democracy? H o w th e U S A M e a su re s U p The 1990 Copenhagen Document outlines commitments agreed upon by all member states of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Freeman. “Existing Commit-ments for Democratic Elections in OSCE Participating States. and also to subsequent affirmations and elucidations. Election Integrity  . The US is a charter member and a signatory.” Seven •Universal Principles: •Fair •Secret  Equal •Accountability  Transparent  Free (cc) Steven F.

Freeman.. Election Integrity Universal? .Vote Suppression/ Manipulation  Disenfranchisement  Dissuasion – Democratic Absentee ballots rejected (signature) – GOP registration groups discard Democratic forms – Registrations rejected if not on 80lb paper-weight – Long lines effectively prevent voting – 11 hours at Oberlin U. 7 hours in black (cc) Steven F.

Election Integrity .Election Turnout around the World Country 1 Italy 4 Iceland (Average from 1945-1998) 89. Sweden (cc) Steven F. not ballots counted (percentage of votes counted is lower) Source IDEA.3 48.0 49.1 * Switzerland: Women not permitted to vote until 1971 ** Ranking based on turnout.5 135 Cent African Rep 50.3 6 Indonesia 88.2 137 Burma/Myanmar 138 Switzerland* 139 USA** 50.3 136 Antigua&Barbuda 50.5 %vap Country %vap 92.2 12Austria 85. Freeman.3 8 New Zealand 86.

access  In the 2004 election in Ohio.Are all Citizens Votes Equal? Differential count rates. several black precincts in Republican counties lost more than 25% of their votes!  Electoral College  Two Senators per state  DC has no voting representation  Two-tiered system (paper ballots counted after a victor is declared) (cc) Steven F. Freeman. Election Integrity .

a sporting contest had Partisan Scorekeepers. even 10-hour waits deadlines •GOP observers paid to •Disregard law to acknowledge challenge voting voter Intent qualifications. Freeman. Election Integrity the process that challenged V o te M a n ip u la tio n b y Campaign Ohio 2004 ( ffice rs M a n a g e rs / C h ie f E le ctio n O Ken Blackwell ) Imagine the uproar if.000 registrations stripped. international observers prohibited •Disregard law to conduct machine recount (1/4 of the •Failure to conduct recount state ballots) •Obstruction of judicial review •Miami manual count obstructed •Attempt to disbar attorneys •Differential treatment of (cc) Steven F.Are US Elections Fair? •300. 8. Timekeepers and Umpires … . Florida 2000 ( Katherine obstructed in Democratic Harris ) counties •Faux-Felon lists •Unequal machine distribution •Impossibly tight recount cause 6.

Election Integrity . Freeman.Transparent?  Private Exit Poll   Private Elections (cc) Steven F.

Freeman.(cc) Steven F. Election Integrity .

CNN Website 12:21 am Ohio 1. Election Integrity . Freeman.963 Respondents (cc) Steven F.

Freeman. Election Integrity .(cc) Steven F.

Freeman. Election Integrity .CNN Website 1:41 am Ohio 2.020 Respondents (cc) Steven F.

Electronic Voting Machines Compared to Las Vegas Slot Machines Las Vegas Slot Machines State has access to all software. Ill Software use software that is not on file. Board inspectors show up unannou Spotat casinos to compare computer ch checking those on file. If a discrepancy, the machine is shut down and investig Meticulous standards (e.g., machin Standards work when subjected to a 20,000-v shock) constantly updated. BackManufacturers subjected to backgr (cc) Steven F. Freeman, Election Integrity


Although e-voting machines provide no assurance that votes are counted as cast, they can maintain an electronic record of both the voter and their vote.

Electronic voting machine manufacturers and their have full access to your vote history.
(cc) Steven F. Freeman, Election Integrity

Free elections?
 If politics were recognized as an industry, it would long ago have been sued for anti-trust violations.  American politics is a duopoly  A very common configuration in industry.  Gerrymandering assures incumbent victory  Democrats “play ball”
(cc) Steven F. Freeman, Election Integrity

Freeman.Accountability  Government is auditing itself: The Accountability of a Wink and a Nod  Media: The Bulwark of Democracy  Us? • • • (cc) Steven F. Election Integrity .

Election Integrity .  Democratic complicity (cc) Steven F. Freeman.Accountability by the Govn’t A Wink and a Nod Accountability by the “Opposition” Why don’t the Democrats challenge fraudulent elections?  One party state.

Accountability by the Media: Why doesn’t the media report on these things?  “The Central Intelligence Agency owns .”  (cc) Steven F. Election Integrity . Freeman.CIA director William Colby 1970s everyone of any significance in the major media.

Accountability Why don’t we challenge them? “If voting could change anything it would be illegal. Election Integrity . Generally. Freeman. we only vote on what’s not important  We don’t know how to engage in collective action.”  Voting ≠ democracy – merely the bare minimum.  The organization of Good and Evil (cc) Steven F.

Trends : “ Improvements ” in voting processes  E a rly V o tin g / M a il. mail .in voting is the easiest fix of all . – Eliminates Election Eay surveys as a system check – Physically . V o tin g – more time to fix results – Insiders use early results to make adjustments . Election Integrity  Consolidated Precincts . – much more difficult to statistically document suspicious results ( also less convenient to vote ) (cc) Steven F.

Freeman.General Election Trends  Undermining of Campaign Finance Reform – Unlimited war chests now serve as unspoken THREAT and DETERRENT (corporations need not even speak the threat or spend the money)  Major Party Control of Elections   Consolidated Media Debates and other aspects of elections directly controlled by Republican / Democratic parties – Six major media groups control 98 % of airwaves (cc) Steven F. Election  Fight for the Internet Integrity .

What does it matter? (cc) Steven F. Freeman. Election Integrity .II.

•   Countless Americans have lost their lives fighting for these rights.John Roberts on voting rights during his confirmation hearings  The right to vote [and have that vote counted as cast] … is preservative of all other rights The fight for the Voting Rights Act was to secure not just the right to vote but all other rights derivative of that. Freeman. Are we going to give them away? (cc) Steven F. Election Integrity .

Freeman. taxes … everything Steven F. electoral activity. Those who control elections can/will:   II . health care. $7 trillion reverse Robin Hood bank transfer Use US power to plunder the world. Iraq war/oil grab  Attempts to influence policy through electoral channels is destined to failure:  Voting. Why Election Fraud Matters Plunder the nation. justice. e. spending for education.g.g. war. e. can do little to nothing to influence decisions about environment. Election Integrity (cc) .

Freeman.Not be a fool Fairy tales keep Americans (you) stupid Avoid misdirected efforts  Understand your country (cc) Steven F.Why Should I (you) Care?  Interesting Most monumental crime in US History  See reality -. Election Integrity .

What to do? (cc) Steven F. Freeman. Election Integrity .

Come to meetings like this 2. Read thoughtfully. Freeman. Election Integrity .Know the Facts (cc) Steven F.  More at:   electionintegri ty.

Money talks -. you do. Basic rules of science:  Education – Critical Thinking   “Authorities” do not determine truth.loudly. Think for yourself. Freeman.  2. Learn the Facts. Decibel level is inversely proportional to veracity. Believe in what you can see for yourself and verify. 1. Election Integrity  . Understand them as myth. Understand the myths. And without regard to truth. If data is not hidden. Look behind the veil (cc) Steven F.   Understand the motivations behind the myths. If a story doesn’t make sense. be suspect. People are not always truthful. Be suspect about motivations.

Do What You Can Do  What skills/resources can you share? The Payoff E ffica cy : M a k e a D iffe re n ce C o m m u n ity : G o o d p e o p le . Freeman. y o u r (cc) Steven F. A F u tu re fo r y o u . Election Integrity . y o u r fa m ily .

1978) (cc) Steven F."Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful. Indeed.Margaret Mead US anthropologist & popularizer of anthropology (1901 . Freeman." -. it is the only thing that ever has. committed citizens can change the world. Election Integrity .

Manipulation Polling Election Integrity (cc) Election Integrity Initiatives . Freeman. Science/Research: – Election Verification Exit Polls  Demonstrate Methods (Find district where we can trust the official vote counts) – Conference on Voting Technology – General Steven F.

Freeman.Other Election Integrit y Initiativ es  Influence Policy/Public – OpEd on Early Voting  Counter Disinformation  Educate – Election Fraud – Critical Thinking – US Policy in General  Organize for Democracy (cc) Steven F. Election Integrity .

3.Learn the truth. Organize – Democracy and self-determination never has been.and others 2.. 4. its about working together to effect group goals and interests. Read my book -. 5. nor ever could be simply a matter of casting a vote every couple of years. write a newsletter.Do what you can (e. Election Integrity . manage projects 5.g. sell t-shirts.Spread the word.Donate time and/or money. Rather. (cc) Steven F. Freeman.What to Do – as a Concerned Citizen 1.

including educators. 2. unions. and. increasingly. Suspect everything you see on TV or read in the newspapers. 3. media control.1. (cc) Steven F. outright fraud. The mainstream media is controlled by the same small cabal. of these truths are acknowledged. Elections are rigged through money. 4. legislation. because  Education: What Americans Should Know they are core violations of American myth. Election Integrity . New voting systems have been designed to facilitate election theft. As such. Freeman.” and opposition But none groups. The same cabal infiltrates all key groups. they represent vulnerable points for the regime. The US government is not your government. The government and both major political parties are owned by military and industrial interests. “alternative media.

Freeman.Positive Developments  People still care very much about Democracy  Democracy still a catchword and centerpiece of US public relations home and abroad  Elections overturned abroad  Americans not quite so innocent  An Election Integrity movement – hundreds of groups have sprung up around the (cc) Steven F. . Election Integrity country. – Increasingly distrustful of media (but who can they trust?) – Increasingly aware of election fraud.