Well bore Stability and Formation Damage Study

Proposal for
Collaborative research project between School of Petroleum Engineering (SCOPE), University of New South Wales, Australia and the Institute of Drilling Technology(IDT), ONGC

Well Bore instability while drilling through high dip, geostressed & chemically active formations is a challenge High angle, Horizontal / ERD wells are also prone to well bore instability leading to Stuck Pipe, Mud loss etc UBD wells that ONGC is planning in onshore assets also require the study to know safe mud weight window Proper fluid selection for avoiding excessive mud weight to control caving for reducing formation damage 
Science of Well Bore Stability analysis has progressed considerably in recent times Well established fact that proper field specific studies on Rock Mechanics, Drilling Fluid Rock Interaction results in Proper Well Bore Trajectory Planning, Suitable Mud Weight Window to prevent instability and optimal fluid design causing minimum formation impairment

Australia has done commendable job in the stated fields SCOPE also has a MOU with ONGC in Drilling & Petroleum Production SCOPE has agreed for a Work Association with IDT to carry out Well Bore Stability and Formation Damage Study for the candidate fields of ONGC . University of New South Wales.REASONS FOR STUDY IDT does not have requisite expertise to carry out novel well planning mechanism on its own Institute was exploring for a work association with a reputed institute in this regard School of Petroleum Exploration (SCOPE).

FIELDS OF ONGC TO BE TAKEN UP FOR THE STUDY Caving Prone areas of Ankleshwar Asset Horizontal wells of Ahmedabad asset Under Balanced Drilling Candidate wells of Ahmedabad and Mehsana Asset Determine safe mud weight window to hold formation from collapsing during Under Balanced Drilling .

COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS TOTAL COST OF THE PROJECT: $ 421.900 Au Rs 1.500/.47.66.(@ $ Au = Rs 35/-) .

GNPL. GNTZ. Rig Days Lost / Year = 245 . WNEY NKLM. Onshore Basin Total Days Lost = 735 for 3 Years. NKNJ Rajpardi 47 14 280 Wells 2 3 4 Ahmedabad asset Mehsana Asset W. 394 GNTA.COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS S Asset / Basin No 1 Ankleshwar Asset Days Lost ANGH. GNTA NJES. GNTL. Av. KIDG.

000 US = Rs 11 Crores (Exchange Rate = Rs 45/-) Project Cost = Rs 1. the cost works out = 245 x $ 10.47 Crores + Additional (say. Onshore wells / year for bore hole instability = 245 days x Rs 3 Lakhs / day (Dep. the Project should be financially viable . Rig cost) = Rs 7.50. Rs 18 Lakhs) = Rs 1.35 Crores [ Taking International cost of Land rig.COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS Cost of Lost days for W.000 per day = $ 24.65 Crores Hence.

INTANGIBLE BENEFIT Acquiring new expertise and Knowledge / Technology transfer Acquired skill may be fruitfully applied to other ONGC fields for reducing complications and lost time incidents Up gradation of IDT laboratory during study period without paying for additional consultancy charges Totally new approach in well planning .

650 Au .250 Au $ 3.100 Au $ 8.300 Au $ 34.SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Task 1 Data Collection and Data Review Analysis of all the available data from the study area and to identify any data gaps Activity Data Collection Evaluation of Data Reports TOTAL Costs $ 23.

Poisson s ratio etc -Core analysis using binocular microscopy. scanning electron microscopy (SEM). X-ray Xdiffraction (XRD) to determine mineral content and distribution. Chemical & Mechanical Rock Properties . permeability. Young s modulus.SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Task 2 Characterisation of Petrophysical. clay types of reservoir formations -Determination of capillary pressure and pore size distributions by mercury injection/nitrogen absorption .Determination of in-situ stresses and wellbore instability analysis -Log interpretation & triaxial test on core samples to derive porosity.

Chemical & Mechanical Rock Properties Activity Log Analysis to Determine Rock Properties Triaxial Test on Cores for Rock Properties Costs $ 37.150 Au .950 Au $ 4.SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Task 2 Characterisation of Petrophysical.950 Au distributions (at IDT) Reports TOTAL $ 3.950 Au Core Analysis to Determine Mineral Content & Reservoir Rock Distribution (at IDT) Determination of capillary pressure and pore size $ 4.300 Au $ 51.

caliper .Horizontal stress determination from well logs. . local calibrations & regional trends .Stress constraining technique applied to determine the maximum and minimum horizontal stress bounds. LOT.Stress orientation from borehole breakouts / induced fractures from dipmeter. Extended LOT. caliper dipmeter.SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Task 3 In-Situ Stresses & Pore Pressures In. image. bounds. minifrac tests etc .Vertical stress determination from density logs .Pore pressure prediction from log / seismic velocity data and from relationships of rock physics. logs. image.

300 Au $ 61.800 Au $ 3.050 Au .250Au $ 9.900 Au $ 19.800 Au $ 19.SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Task 3 Activity Prediction of Pore pressure from Log Data (to be carried out at IDT/KDMIPE) Prediction of vertical stress from log data Determination of Stress Orientation Determination of Minimum Horizontal Stress Determination of Maximum Horizontal Stress Reports TOTAL In-Situ Stresses & Pore Pressures InCosts $ 8.

chemical potential and swelling effects -Determination of safe mud weight windows . chemical potential (osmosis flow) and swelling effects (interaction between drilling fluid and clay minerals) -Determination of shale/claystone membrane efficiency and water activity of formation fluid. capillary effect.Numerical modelling of wellbore stability by integrating poroelastic theory.SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Task 4 Wellbore Stability Analysis. Including Chemical / Physical Interaction Between Drilling Fluid and Formations -Characterization of pore pressure and stress changes induced by capillary effect (pressure penetration). .

000 Au due to Capillary / Chemical / Swelling Effects Determination of Shale/Claystone Membrane $ 24.000 Au Efficiency and Water Activity of Formation Fluid Numerical Modeling of Well bore Stability Determination of Safe Mud Weight Windows Reports TOTAL & $ 29.700 Au $ 3. Including Chemical / Physical Interaction Between Drilling Fluid and Formations Activity Costs Characterization of Pore Pressure & Stress Changes $ 16.SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Task 4 Wellbore Stability Analysis.000 Au .300 Au $ 73.

evaluate permeability impairment of fluid rock interaction Quantitative analysis of permeability impairment due to mud filtrate. .Pore-level study of the effect of mud Porechemistry and fluid-rock interaction on the fluidmicroscopic structure of mud-cake and mud mudcaking process using advanced electronic microscopy and other specialised facilities .Water sensitivity tests to determine critical salt concn. test.SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Task 5 Formations Damage Prevention. solid particle invasion using dynamic filtration test. of drilling/completion fluid to concn. Evaluation and Remediation: Remediation: .

SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Task 5 Formations Damage Evaluation and Remediation Activity Prevention.300 Au $ 13. Costs Determination of Critical Salt Concentration for $ 3.300 au $ 3.200 Au Pore-Level Study of Mud Caking Process Reports TOTAL .300Au Drilling Fluid Evaluation of Permeability Dynamic Filtration Impairment by $ 3.300 Au $ 3.

Analysis of lithology profiles.SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Task 6 Design of drilling and completion fluids for specific well conditions .Evaluation of chemical and functional properties of the selected mud systems .Development of a basic fluid program based on the previous analysis . experimental results of fluids. fluidfluid-rock interaction and dynamic filtration . drilling reports including performance analysis of drilling/completion fluids. mineral contents.

250Au .950 Au for Specific Well Conditions Reports TOTAL $ 3.SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Task 6 Design of drilling and completion fluids for specific well conditions Activity Costs Screening of Drilling/Completion Fluid $ 4.300 Au $ 8.

gradients. orientation. collapse and fracture gradient together with torque and drag analysis and borehole cleaning efficiency analysis . wellbore stability analysis.Hybrid stochastic simulation to integrate all the characterised fracture behaviours to generate discrete fracture network of the study area .Determination of collapse and fracture gradients.SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Task 7 Well Planning and Wellbore Risk Analysis .Design optimum wellbore trajectory and casing program based on reservoir properties and nature fracture system.Wellbore risk assessment . . .Characterisation of natural fracture systems to determine fracture density and orientation.

350 Au .SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Task 7 Analysis Activity Determination of collapse and fracture gradients Characterization & Modeling of Natural Fractures Well Planning and Wellbore Risk Costs $ 11.550 Au $ 37.750 Au $ 3.800 Au program Well bore risk assessment Reports TOTAL $ 24.300 Au $ 97.950 Au Design optimum well bore trajectory & casing $ 19.

and transfer of Software License of Stress Check & Bore Map .000 Au ³Bore Map´ Final Reports TOTAL $ 8. report presentation. Activity Costs Transfer Software licensing ³Stress Check´ & $ 75.SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Task 8 Finalisation of the Project This stage will include archiving.250 Au .250 Au $ 83.

3 = 6 man days Task 6: 6. AUSTRALIA Task 2.1 . 2.1 = 3 Man Days ONGC TEAM VISIT TO SCOPE.5.3 man days.1 to 5.2 Persons x 7 Days = 14 man Days Task 2: 2.SCOPE OF THE PROJECT VISIT OF SCOPE PERSONNEL TO IDT Task 1: 1. Entire Task 4.3 man Days = 6 Man Days Task 5: 2 Man Days each for Tasks 5.2 . Entire Task 7 .1.4 . Tasks 3.2 to 3.

SCOPE OF THE PROJECT COMPOSITION OF ONGC TEAM Project requires multi disciplinary approach in the fields of Drilling Technology. Drilling Fluid Engineering and Log Interpretation Following composition of ONGC team is required: Drilling Technology : Two Officers from IDT Drilling Fluid Engineering: Two Officers from IDT Log Interpretation : One Officer from Logging. KDMIPE .

SCOPE OF THE PROJECT ADDITIONAL COSTS INVOLVED To and Fro Air Fare to SCOPE Personnel from Australia to India as per actuals Hospitality to SCOPE Personnel in India as per prevailing rules To and Fro Air fare to ONGC Team from India to Australia and DA for stay at Australia as per rules .

SCOPE OF THE PROJECT IDT officers in work association shall be trained and mentored through trained mentored out the project duration .

the proposal require approval of EC . RS 4 (Enter into collaboration with University or a Research Organization : To be exercised by the institutes) and as per the Notes.APPROVAL OF EC Case put up to EC for approval as the proposal pertains to BDP No.

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