Teamwork Listening to and respecting each other whilst working together to achieve mutually beneficial results. Honesty Being open and honest in all our dealings and maintaining the highest integrity at all times Excellence Always doing what we say we will and striving for excellence and quality in everything we do. Commitment Working with urgency and commitment to be successful from individual and company perspectives.


other natural substances and the underlying science of hair care and skin care.BUSINESS DIRECTION ‡ We commit ourselves to improving the quality of people's lives in several parts of the world. . ‡ We shall offer brands that enhance the appeal and nourishment of hair and skin through distinctive products and services based on the goodness of coconut. through branded Beauty & Wellness products and solutions.

‡ We shall make available brands that contribute to healthy living. . and services. through. in parts of the world beyond the Indian Subcontinent. ‡ We shall develop. a franchise for our branded products and services. both products drawn from agriculture offered in natural or processed forms.

it is very difficult to run a business that is against a consumer trend.Product portfolio that rides a trend. it brings into question the long-term sustainability of a business. Today. oil.Globally.Our products and plans fit into the trend of wellness. but there are a lot of products to be plugged in. wellness is half a leg for us ³ we have salt. CEO CONSUMER PRODUCTS DIVISION SAUGATA GUPTA .

‡ The happier people are with their jobs the more satisfied they are said to be.Job Satisfaction Meaning ‡ How content an individual is with his/her job. .

with fewer satisfied employees. .Job Satisfaction and Productivity Are the 2 related? ‡ Gallup reports that highly satisfied groups of employees often exhibit above-average levels of the following characteristics: Customer loyalty (56 percent) Productivity (50 percent) Employee retention (50 percent) Safety records (50 percent) Profitability (33 percent) ‡ Org. with more satisfied employees are more effective than the org.

Attitude-Behaviour Relationship ‡ Attitudes: evaluative statements or judgments concerning objects. . Festinger said that the cases of attitude following behaviour show effects of cognitive dissonance. or events. ‡ 1 researcher L.(eg. Various studies conducted do not confirm the link. ‡ However. Fishbein¶s attitude model). people. ‡ Initially a strong link between the 2 was expected.

Find more consonant elements to outweigh dissonant ones. . ‡ According to the theory provided by L. beliefs and actions. Festinger people try to reduce dissonance and ways to reduce dissonance: Changing attitudes.Cognitive Dissonance ‡ Meaning: Is an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding 2 different ideas simultaneously.

For eg: 1 employee may view an office as a great place to work while another may not like it at all. . ‡ People¶s behaviour is based on their perception of what reality is not on reality itself.Perception ‡ Meaning: A process by which individuals organize and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their enviornment.

dress) ‡ Habits (individuals perceive objects according to their habits as habits die hard. black lettering on yellow background) ‡ Situations (eg: favourable work env. Plant safety signs. develops a positive attitude) .Factors influencing perception Internal factors influencing perception: ‡ Personality (eg: age.) ‡ Economic and social background (Well to do emp.race.sex. External factors influencing perception: ‡ Size (usually larger objects are more easily perceived) ‡ Contrast (eg. have a more positive attitude towards work).

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