Advertising Ethics

 Definition of Advertising  Primary function of Advertisings  Commercial Advertising and its features .

 Advertisements can succeed in 2 ways: 1) by creating desire for the seller s product in consumers 2) by creating a belief in consumers .

Various features of ethical aspects of advertising ‡ Social Effects of Advertising  Psychological Effects of Advertising  Advertising and waste  Advertising and Market Power ‡ Advertising and the creation of Consumer Desires .

Advertising and its Effects on Consumer Beliefs All communication involves three terms:  the author(s)  the medium  the audience .

conduct pertaining to any aspect of marketing communications 6 . or moral.Ethical issues in Marketing Communications Ethics in our context involves matters of right and wrong.

for various psychosocial and economic reasons.The Ethics of Targeting ‡ Ethical debate practice of targeting products and communications efforts to segments that. 7 . are vulnerable to marketing communications.

book covers. and other so-called learning tools ‡ Placing products in movies with tie-in merchandise programs 8 .Targeting to Children and Teens ‡ Products targeted to kids are unnecessary and the communications involved are exploitative ‡ Use of posters. advertising. free magazines.

video games.Targeting to Children and Teens ‡ Targeting adult products to preadults Miller Brewing Company bolder beer ‡ Use of unacceptable images cartoons greatest recent controversy is Joe Camel and Camel cigarettes ‡ Marketing of adult-oriented entertainment products to children and teens: Violent films. and music 9 .

but rather with exploiting consumer vulnerabilities 10 .Is Targeting Unethical or Just Good Marketing? Two arguments: ‡ Targeting benefits rather than harms consumers provide consumer with products best suited to their particular needs and wants ‡ Concerned not with fulfilling consumers needs and wants.

Ethical Issues in Packaging and Branding Four Aspects: 1) Label information 2) Packaging graphics 3) Packaging safety 4) Environmental implications 11 .

Ethical Issues in Online Marketing ‡ Overlap with ethics on advertising and promotions ‡ Privacy is the most important ethical issue with online marketing ‡ Invade individual s privacy rights by selling information to other sources without the consumer s consent 12 .

Fostering Ethical Marketing Communications The Golden Rule The Professional Ethics Act in a way that you would want others to act toward you Take only actions that would be viewed as proper by an objective panel of your professional colleagues Would l feel comfortable explaining this action on television to the general public? 13 The TV test .

14 .Elements of Deception ‡ Misleading. ‡ Material. ‡ Reasonable consumer.

Information Regulation Corrective advertising A firm that misleads consumers should have to use future advertisements to rectify any deceptive impressions it has created in consumers minds 15 .

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