11011 Shell Road (at Steveston Highway,) Richmond, BC

History of the Centre Buildings Organic Gardens Programs Inauguration ~ April 10, 2010

In Nov. 2005, Science of Spirituality purchased the old Incentive School from the Richmond School Board for $800,000. The building was boarded up and a shambles. 6,000 sq. ft, on 1.3 barren acres, but it had promise.

Then (2006)

The demolition crew: Bob, Shushil, Arjan, Abhi, Arran & Ernie


History of the Centre Buildings Organic Gardens Programs Inauguration ~ April 10, 2010

´Today, when we think of the study of our dwelling place our thoughts turn to the earth and Mother Nature... We may divide this study into four areas: ‡ understanding the cycles of nature, ‡ becoming aware of the effects of pollution, ‡ learning how to restore nature to its pristine beauty, and ‡ putting into practice methods to preserve the purity of nature.µ - ´Ecology of the Soul,µ by Rajinder Singh.

Kind Hearts are the gardens; Kind Thoughts are the roots; Kind words are the blossoms; Kind deeds are the fruits. - Sant Kirpal Singh

April 10, 2010 Centre Inauguration A crowd of more than 600 (an unadvertised event) awaiting the arrival of the Spiritual Master, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, wife, mother, brother, newlyweds Rimjhim & Arjan Arrival & Ribbon-cutting

Warm Welcomes

Big welcome from the Children¶s group

Sant Rajinder Singh plants an espaliered apple tree

Greeting the Children

Meeting with Sevadars (some of the many who volunteered)

Meeting with Young Adult Sevadars

Mummies and Daddies

Parents and Kids

Childrens¶ Satsang Room & Angele, coordinator, Luis head of repairs & maintenance

At the Entranceway of the SOS building

Answering personal questions of disciples and seekers under the big tent

Security Team

Apple Blossoms

Farewell at the Centre

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