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topic is Banking operation of Standard Chartered Bank

To identify the limitation and possible weak point .OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY    To identify the affairs and activities of Standard Chartered Bank. To identify Credit delivery system than others.

Expert·s opinion. Teachers of our Department.Sources of data:  Primary Sources data: data: Discussion with the Manager of the Bank. Interview with the Member of Bank.     .

Web .Site .Secondary sources data:     Annual Report Published documents Newspaper and Journals.

. We have not done any unethical work.Honesty Statement  We have tried our best to complete the report by our-self. We have not taken any help from ourour friends. We have not copied any report or part of a report while preparing this paper.

Back Ground of Standard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered Bank started its business in Bangladesh in 1948. opening first branch in Chittagong. representing 115 nationalities. Today we employ 73.The bank opened it first branch in Dhaka in 1966 and shifted its head office from Chitagong to Dhaka in 1971. At present the bank has 6 offices in Dhaka.000 people. and you'll find 61 nationalities among our 500 most senior leaders.In 2005 the proudly completed in 100 years in Bangladesh. .Now it has 18 branches and 24 ATMs.

The minimum opening balance for this account is BDT 20. Some one can deposit & withdraw money (cash or cheque) absolutely 24 hours a day through (ATM). .000.Banking operation of Standard Chartered Bank  Different account Services of the bank: 1:Access account: Access Account is a Savings Account without any chequebook facility designed for individuals only.

. longThrough this scheme you can invest part of your monthly income in equal monthly installments and at maturity you will be rewarded with a handsome amount. Education Savings Scheme : The Education Savings Scheme gives you the opportunity to create long-term wealth for your children.

. GBP and Yen. Graduate Account :Graduate Account is a customized Savings Account for ongoing graduate and post-graduate university / college poststudents.  Foreign Currency Current Account :Applicable to Bangladeshis working abroad. who are at least 18 years old. it can be opened in USD.

  Savings Account :Standard Bank also give you the opportunity to deposit your money in monthly saving account. .000 per month and become a millionaire in just 5 years 9 months. Millionaire Scheme :Here you can start with BDT 100.000 and deposit BDT 10.

. our Monthly Savings Schemes now offer you an alternative to eliminate the uncertainties from your beloved children's life in case of your untimely death.  Monthly Savings Scheme :With the addition of this facility. N R F C D:A short-term foreign currency D:A shortdeposit account suitable for Bangladeshis living abroad.

Others deposits are: STD Account. . Fixed deposit.   RFCD:Resident Foreign Currency Deposit RFCD:Resident Account is allowed for Bangladeshi residence only. Account.

it is easier than ever to buy the car of your dream.Loan providing system   Personal Loan: Personal Loans from Standard Chartered are the most flexible of their kind in the market. .It offers you a flexible and affordable loan with easy repayment options. Auto Loan : With Standard Chartered Auto Loan. you do not need to provide any cash security to avail Personal Loan from the bank. .

  Flexi Loan: Flexi Loan offers you the option of choosing the amount of security that you wish to provide to the bank as collateral for your loan. Mortgage Loan: Loan: The Home Loan: Everyone dreams of a sweet home. And this dream comes true with a little effort. Standard Chartered is ready to help you in this effort so that your dream comes true .

SME Banking: Here we offer for youBanking: you Business Loan.). Wage Earners' Development Bonds.  Overdraft facility. ICB Units certificates etc.  Trade Finance & Working Capital. Cash line: It provides ready access to cash against line: quasiquasi-cash investment papers like Terms Deposits.  . Savings Certificates.

Credit card system  Credit Card: Card: Local Card: Card:  Visa Silver Credit Card  Visa Mini Card  MasterCard Silver Credit Card  MasterCard Gold Credit Card  MasterCard Platinum Credit Card  MasterCard Cricket Card .

International Card :  Visa Silver Credit Card  Visa Gold .

Any Bangladeshi national traveling overseas and above the age of 18 can avail a Travel Card against his/her Travel Quota entitlement. .Prepaid Cards: Cards:  TRAVEL CARD:It is a Visa prepaid card issued against Travel Quota entitlement.

Bangladesh. Gift recipient can use the card to withdraw money at over 285 ATMs & at more than 5000 outlets that accept Visa Card Online in Bangladesh. GIFT CARD:Standard Chartered Gift Card is CARD:Standard a very convenient alternative to traditional gift giving. .

Other service: service:   Phone Banking Service: Standard Chartered Service: Bank is the first bank in the country to offer automated 24-hour Phone banking service. . 24Phone link service is offered to all customers free of charge. Money link Card:Standard Chartered Bank Card:Standard launched Money link ATM in 1994. the first bank to offer this service in Bangladesh.

. confidential documents and other valuables. whenever you desire. allowing you to bank from wherever you are. in total security and confidentiality. I Banking: Standard Chartered Internet Banking Banking: service is the fast and easy answer to all your financial management needs.  Safe Deposit Locker: Our safe deposit locker service Locker: offered from selected branches gives you a modern facility for safekeeping of precious items.

. you have eprivilege to access your account from any place. anytime. Islamic Banking:Standard Chartered Saadiq's Banking:Standard dedicated Islamic Banking team provides comprehensive international banking services and a wide range of Shariah compliant financial products that are based on Islamic values.  SMS Banking and e-Statements:Through our e-Statements:Through SMS banking and e-statement facility. values.

Red clause LC Revolving credit. Irrevocable letter of credit. back to back LC. Special type LC.FOREIGN EXCHANGE  From of letter of credit: revocable letter of credit. Import bills under LC. Acceptance under LC. .

Accepted credit.  . Types of documentary credits according to payments methods: methods: 1. Sight credit.  2.

Standard Chartered sponsors a wide range of inspirational people. Financial Help:The bank provite large amount Help:The of money in social welfare.When the time of natural clamity the bank provite financial aid to overcome the problems. projects and events. .Social service   Sponsorship:Committed Sponsorship:Committed to the long-term longdevelopment of the communities in which we operate.

.Its provide good banking servics to its customers.Recommendations: Recommendations:  Sandard Chartered bank is one of the best foreign commercial bank in Banglaesh.we hope it will provide better service to its clients.

And Commercial banks are great monetary institutions. important to the general welfare of the economy more than any other financial institution. . The reward are modest.CONCLUSION  Modern Commercial Banking is exacting business. the penalties for bad looking are enormous.

.Thanks Everyone for being with us.

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