Discuss different sources of external recruitment process. How can we attract the best potential candidates through, 
Newspaper Ads  Referrals Method

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y ntroduction y Research Questions y Theories y Importance of Recruitment y Process Of recruitment y Recruitment sources y External sources of recruitment y Potential Employee attract through Newspapers & Referrals Methods y Empirical Findings y Analysis y Conclusion y Recommendations

Recruitment refers to the process of attracting, screening, and selecting qualified people for a job at an organization or firm. The project elaborates the external recruitment process deeply and in brief it focuses on newspaper ads and referrals method. Most of the companies uses external sources of recruitment and the main source to attract the potential employees are newspaper ads and referrals methods. As in the case of Kohinoor mills ltd. Mostly recruitment is done through newspaper ads in leading newspapers e.g. Dawn and Jung for top level management. But for technical manager and operational staff, referral method is preferred.

Research Questions:
Q:- Discuss different source of external recruitment process. How can we attract the best potential candidates through, 
Newspaper Ads  Referrals Method

Q:- Which method of recruitment suitable in Pakistani culture?

A strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization s most valued asset, who individually or collectively contribute to the achievement of its objectives. Recruitment is the process of searching the candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization. The process of seeking sources for a job candidates.

Importance of Recruiting:
We will find that any successful business will have at its core efficient and caring employees who have complete job satisfaction and a perfect fit for the jobs they are entrusted with. This is not an easy task to accomplish and full credit goes to the selection and recruitment processes that the company has in place. On the contrary, if these processes are not handled efficiently, the wrong sort of lethargic employee appointments can prove fatal even to a well established business.

Process of Recruitment:
Here is the process of recruitment
Stage 1 Define Recruitment
Job Advertising Job Description

Job Specification

Stage two Attract Potential employees

Stage three Select right People

Job Interview Ability Tests

Sources of Recruitment:
There are two main sources of RECRUITMENT.
y Internal Sources. y External Sources.

Internal sources are; 
Internal Search  Employee Referrals

External Sources of Recruitment:
External sources mean hiring the potential employees from out of the organization. The following are the external sources of Recruitment. 
Employment Agencies  Colleges and Universities  Advertising  Recruiting via Internet  Un-Solicited Applicants  Professional Organization  Direct Recruiting:

Now here each source explains separately and concisely.

Employment Agencies:
We will describe three forms of employment Agencies: Public or state Agencies, Private Employment Agencies and management consulting firms. The major difference between them is the type of clientele served. All state provides public employment service. The main function of these agencies closely tied to un-employment benefits because some state supply benefits only to individual registered with their state employment agencies.

Colleges and Universities:
Educational institutions at all levels offer opportunities for recruitment recent graduates. Most educational institution operates placement services were prospective employers can review credentials and interviews graduates. Most also allow employers to see a prospective employee's performance through cooperative arrangement and internships.

Recruiting VIA Internet:
Facilitating the growth of internet recruitment are commercial job posting services that provide essentially electronic classified ads. We have listed the website for the hundred most popular of these, by category.

Most of us have seen different kinds of advertisements, when an organization wishes to tell the public it has a vacancy, advertisement is one of the most popular methods used. The type of job often determined where the advertisement is placed. Although is not common to see blue collar jobs listed on play cards outside the plant gates.

Un- Solicited Applicants:
Unsolicited application, whether they reach the employer by a letter, email, telephone are in person, constitutes a source of perspective applicants. Although the number of unsolicited, applicants depend on economic conditions.

Professional Organizations:
Many professional organization, including labor unions, Operate placement services for the benefit of their members, professional organization serving such varied occupations as industrial engineering, psychology, accounting, legal and academics publish rosters of job vacancies and distribute these list to members.

Direct Recruiting
Direct recruiting is also effective. When using this method, a small business sends a representative to meet with potential applicants to encourage qualified individuals to apply for jobs. A small business manager, for example, might visit a number of vocational schools to recruit applicants for entry level positions, or the manager might attend professional meetings and trade shows to contact potential applicants for a senior level position. Direct recruiting offers a number of advantages, including selectivity, public relations, and better responses. As would be expected, however, direct recruiting is typically expensive and time consuming.

How can organizations attract the potential candidates through: newspapers Ads referrals methods

Newspapers Ads: When an organization wishes to tell the public it has a vacancy, advertisement is one of the most popular methods used. The search for a top executive might include advertisements in top ranked newspapers. Which are studied by top executives. On the other hand, advertisements of low-level jobs usually appear in local daily newspapers. According to books a newspaper advertisement must with specific information like responsibilities and requirements for that particular job.

There are two types of referral methods. 

nternal Employee Referral Schemes
Referral recruitment can be owned and managed internally by the recruiting organization. Many companies are now finding Employee Referral Schemes can successfully complement their existing recruitment methods. Job vacancies are advertised on a company intranet site and existing employees are encouraged to find suitable candidates from their friends and acquaintances and refer them to the recruitment process. A recommendation from a current employee regarding a job applicant. Employee Referrals also may receive more accurate information about their potential jobs. The recommender often gives the applicant more realistic information about the job than could be conveyed through employment agencies or newspaper advertisements. This information reduces unrealistic expectations and increases job survival. 

ndependent Schemes
Employment Agencies, headhunters (usually web based) and online referral networks work like traditional job advertisement boards but positions have a bounty or reward attached. The referral bonus acts as an incentive for people to proactively source and select candidates for jobs that the third party recruiter is advertising.

Empirical Findings:
We visited Kohinoor Mills Ltd. Hosiery Division. This is situated at 8 k.m Manga Raiwind Road Dist. Kasur. Human resource department of Kohinoor Mills uses different recruitment methods. Such as; 

Internal Search Employee referrals Advertising Employment agencies Un-Solicited applicants Professional organizations Direct recruiting

nternal search: When company came to know that some positions in company of managerial level are going to vacant in near future. Then they search the potential employee from the assistance position select for managerial level, which is competent to position. They use this method of recruiting only for managerial levels. Employee Referrals: Some times the companies recruit potential low level employees through this method. In this firm the supervisors take responsibility for recruiting employees through this.

Advertising: Mostly Kohinoor Mills Ltd. recruits potential candidates through advertising. They use this method normally for middle to upper level management. In this way they attract the best potential employees. Employment Agencies: They recruit only security guards through this method. Because through this method the cost of advertising is save. And the potential and skillful employees are founded timely. They get Security Service from GALLANT Security Company. Un-Solicited Applicants: People who visit Kohinoor Mills Ltd. and post their CVs physically. When company has a vacancy they also search potential candidate through these CVs. The company waste all CVs after three months. After that the company receive fresh CVs.

Direct Recruiting: The Human Resource incharge of Kohinoor Mills Ltd. goes to local areas which are in radius of this firm and recruit potential candidates for bailing, loading and un-loading. Professional Agencies:
Kohinoor Mills Ltd. Recruit technical workers through professional organization. The Professional organization provide mostly technical worker on times.

Kohinoor recruit employees through referrals and then train them and select them only for two months contract. After two months, they select only those candidates who actually have the potential for that job and fire others who don t have capabilities for the job.

Theory Advertise a job through proper channels. y Company Advertise a job only through Newspapers.

y Theory

Publish top executive jobs in famous Newspaper
y Company

Publish top executive jobs in Dawn newspapers which is studied by Professional.

y Theory

Advertising with information of responsibilities. y Company Not specify exact responsibilities.

y Theory

Low level job publish in local daily Newspapers.
y Company

Publish in Jang or Nawa-e-Waqat.

y Theory

Advertisement with requirements for the job. y Company Also advertise with requirements or Qualification or eligible criteria for the job. Also publish offer an attractive that they give salary with a range of benefits, excellent working conditions.

y Theory

Recommendation from current employees. y Company Recommendation from current employees.

y Theory

Recommender gives applicant more realistic information. y Company Some gives right information.

y Theory

Reduces un-realistic expectations. y Company Also some candidates have expectations.

y Theory

Low level managerial level positions filled by recommendation. y Company Only workers recruit by Recommendation.

We conclude that Organization can recruit the potential candidates through proper News papers ads in which some basic responsibilities and some benefits are disclosed properly. As well as the organization used referrals method such as Internet base employment agencies and employees referrals. Organization should always move from traditionally to the technological approaches. In Pakistan most people are willing to work in different organization also have knowledge about the use of computer and internet. So, internet base recruitment is helpful in the Pakistan culture and it will reduce the recruiting cost.

We recommend that they use the following procedure.  Offer jobs advertising through internet.  Advertise top executive jobs in those journals which usually read in foreign countries.  Also specify some basic responsibilities in job advertising.  Explore some benefits in job advertising.  Recruit potential candidates in top universities such as IBA Lahore, COMSATS, and LUMS etc.  Recruit potential candidate through referrals.  Do not train them for two months due to this, they save time and money.  Try to recruit the workers through referrals which have job experience.

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