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Image and Your Professional Presence
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‡ Those born between

1977 ± 2000

‡21% of the overall


‡2007 CareerBuilder

survey ± What Employers said about you:

74% expect to be paid more 56% expect to be promoted within a year 50% expect more vacation and personal time than previous generations



Generation Y
Echo-boomers, Millenials, The Digital Generation

Generation Y
The Good
y Smart y Technologically savvy y Ethnically diverse y Embraces a challenge y Strives for success y Has financial smarts y Values a work/life

The Bad
y Short attention spans y High-maintenance y Speak-your-mind

balance y Embraces change

philosophy y Poor communication skills ± written and verbal y Lacks professional etiquette y Lacks a professional appearance

³You wore flip-flops to the White House?!´

Dressing for the interview
‡Do your homework ± how formal is the employer? ‡Stick with the classics ± a tailor is your best friend ‡Socks, shoes and belts ‡Piercings and tattoos ‡Well groomed ‡Neat and pressed garments

2800 employers surveyed: 41% of employers state that people who dress better or more professionally tend to be promoted more often than their peers. A poor appearance is the number one reason to reject a job applicant!

Business Communications & Etiquette ± 10 General Tips
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Remember your courtesies Good posture and a smile go a long way Perfect the handshake Watch your nonverbal cues Learn how to mirror Know your dining etiquette Know how to craft a typed business letter and a hand-written note Know how to use and construct an elevator statement Learn how to properly network « in person Continually improve your public speaking skills

E-mail Etiquette: 10 Tips

You have no privacy


Maintain professionalism

2. Use forwards and group e-

8. Use BC and CC

mail sparingly
3. Be concise in your subject

9. E-mail should not take the

4. E-mail does not equal verbal

place of face-to-face contact
10. Always read thoroughly

5. Use a signature

before responding

6. Always include a proper

greeting and closing

Cell phone Etiquette: 10 Tips

Watch your voice level

2. Maintain your privacy 3. Know when to turn your phone off 4. Be picky about your availability 5. Choose your cell phone ring wisely 6. Record a proper voice mail greeting 7. Don¶t let it be an interruption 8. Check with your employers policies 9. Return calls promptly 10. There¶s always a right time and place for a


Your Online Presence

Do you really want your online profiles making an impression before you get a chance to?

Have image integrity
Image Integrity: All components are in synch with your visual identity and objectives Ask Yourself: What is the goal or objective? What is the other person's expectation? What message needs to be projected? How do I naturally come across? What do I wear?

First Impressions

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