Executive Overview

Presented by: Syed Zeeshan ul haq Head of IT Manager Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Planning Part of Business Continuity Management process Plan to continue near normal operations in event of disruption      Terror strikes Floods Earthquakes Strikes/Bandhs Others Growing Importance  Globalised nature of business  24 * 7 businesses  Interlinked businesses Impact  Financial  Reputation .

Business Continuity Planning Process: Senior Management Responsibility Establishing policy by determining how the institution will manage and control identified risks Allocating knowledgeable personnel and sufficient financial resources to implement the BCP Ensuring that the BCP is independently reviewed and approved at least annually Ensuring employees are trained and aware of their roles in the implementation of the BCP Ensuring the BCP is regularly tested on an enterprise-wide basis Reviewing the BCP testing program and test results on a regular basis Ensuring the BCP is continually updated to reflect the current operating environment .

4 Dimensions of BCP .

Employees. Other Stakeholders  Integrated with Business Process Management  Prevention rather than Cure .Business Continuity Management Is Not  Just Disaster Recovery  Is not just Technology / IT Applications  Is not just Operational Risk Management Should Be  Holistic Information Security and Op Risk Management Crisis Management and Emergency Planning Communication Clients.

BS25999 Standards instituted by British Standards Institute Consists of 2 parts .

Steps to BS25999 Certification .

Methodology for Implementation .

Pak Brunei and BS25999 On road towards achieving BS25999 certification  Target: December 2009  Process Steps being implemented For Clients      BCP Disaster Recovery IT Security BS25999 Readiness Audit Preparation .

Questions? .

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