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About Goa 
The name Goa came to European languages from the Portuguese, but its precise origin is unclear. In ancient literature, Goa was known by many names such as Gomanta, Gomanchala, Gopakapattam, Gopakapuri, Govapuri, Govem, and Gomantak. It stretches of endless silver sand and white surf beaches wetted by the rush of the 'azure' Arabian sea, the tarvernas, white churches and temples resting against plush green padding fields and coconut trees, the nostalgic atmosphere, longer days of sun, in other words -- Welcome to Goa.

Although Hindus outnumber Catholics by 70-30 it is a world where you find Christmas celebrated with as much zest as Diwali.Contd  Goa's 450 years under Portuguese rule produced a unique blend of East and West that is at once exotic and strangely familiar.  Goa is the highest literate state in India and English is widely spoken and understood. .  The Goan people display a sense of liberality and civility. which you'll be hard pressed to find elsewhere in India. Konkani (the official state language) and Hindi are the other languages used for communication. Goa is perhaps the only place in India where shorts and tank tops are not frowned upon anywhere except at religious locations.

In Goa culture has a deeply religious ambience which contrasts sharply with the highly hedonistic spirit prevalent on her beaches. of Portuguese and Indian elements.Lifestyle in Goa 1. The Portuguese were great church builders. she was Golden Goa. Hindu temples are as much a part of Goa as are Christian monuments . the epicenter of the Portuguese empire in Asia. The Heritage of Golden Goa. their desire to spread their faith an important motivation. Little wonder then that modern day Goa culture is a quaint blend of the old and the new. For the Portuguese.

2. . Goan People. 3. Goan Food.

4.Fairs and Festivals of Goa. francis Xavier . Feast Three kings Feast of our lady of miracles Feast of St.

Nightlife in Goa Club Tito s Club Extreme Club Antoos Bamboo Forest Casino Goa .5.

Shopping in Goa.6. .

Art & Crafts .7.

8. Goa Carnival. .

Goa Tourism .

Forts in Goa Famous Forts Of Goa  Fort Aguada  Chapora Fort  Reis Magos Fort  Cabo de Rama Fort  Terekhol Fort  Rachol Fort  Cabo Raj Bhavan .

Churches in Goa Famous Churches of Goa  Church of Our Lady of Rosary  The Rachol Seminary  Church of St. Francis of Assisi  The Se Cathedral  Basilica of Bom Jesus .

Beaches in Goa More than 36 beautiful Goa Beaches are waiting for your footprints. All beaches in Goa are heavenly beautiful with splendid white sand and crystal-clear water in the most various blue tones. Nature has provided Goa with exceptional physical features that make it an ideal tourist destination. refashioned by monsoons yearly.. Washed by tides twice a day. . the goa beaches always have something new to offer..

2. in the Bardez district.Anjuna Beach of Goa The Calangute Beach party seems to have shifted to Anjuna. is ruggedly lovely. .2 miles) north of Calangute. is a lively place known for its hoping "shack life.Vagator Beach of Goa Little Vagator and Vagator come to life after dark with Goa's infamous raves.Contd 1. You enter through a hippie colony where young foreigners live in small huts.Baga Beach of Goa This small Goa beach about 2 km (1. 3. and has spread farther north to Vagator Beach as well. 4. also known as Harmal (and in the Pernem district).Arambol Beach of Goa Goa's northernmost beach.

Contd 5. between Sinquerim and Baga beaches in the Bardez district.Dona Paula Beach of Goa Dona Paula beach. is one of the hottest tourist spot in Goa. Other beaches in North Goa:  Keri Beach  Ashwem Beach  Mandrem Beach  Morjim Beach  Miramar Beach  Vainguinim Beach  Siridao Beach . associated with a romantic myth. is an open stretch of sand with occasional palm trees for patchy shade. 8.Sinquerim Beach of Goa Sinquerim is the first beach you'll get to as you head northwest after crossing the Mandvoi from Panaji.Calangute Beach of Goa Calangute Beach.Candolim Beach of Goa Candolim beach is situated in the north of Goa and lies close to the Sinquerim beach. 6. 7.

The Western Ghats also known as the Sahyadris extend for a total of 600kms. Goa  Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. Goa . Few of the tourists know that one third of Goa is covered with rich forest and that it is one of the greatest reservoirs of biodiversity in the world. Goa  Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. The rugged Western Ghats is a haven for many different species of birds and animals. over 275 kinds of birds. Wild Life Sanctuaries : Goa is gifted with over 1512 documented species of plants.Wildlife in Goa Goa has rich and varied wildlife destinations. over 48 varieties of animals and over 60 genera of reptiles.  Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary In Molem.

Climate in Goa Usually Goa experiences a temperate climate except during the rainy season. It is due to the coastal Konkan region and the surroundings of Western Ghats that the weather of Goa is generally always pleasant and sunny. Maximum temperature recorded in Goa during summer is 45° C and minimum temperature is 25° C. The average temperature varies between 25°C . which lasts from June to September. The average rainfall is approximately 325cms. Winter in Goa lasts for almost 2 and 1/2 to 3 months starting from late November to mid February. Summer is longer than winter by one month which sets off in mid March and continues till end of June.30°C. . The max temperature recorded during winter is 11° C and the minimum comes down to 3° C.

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