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We experiencing dramatic changes in the Indian society. Higher education in crisis. Strange and anomalou s sit uation in which in creasin g unemployment is accompanied by an in creasing number of unemployable individuals. Unethical practices such as stealing qualified and competent people from sister organization. .

)They value their own growth .Today there is a drastic change in the employees and customers as they are more informed and educated so. Young employees want challenging assignments to prove themselves they innovate new things. . They want the sense of ownership both psychological as well as actual(control over the things. take decisions. they are highly demanding as well.

y With the whole world being converted into a single marketplace. services.y It is the process of economic integration at the international level. and resources from the provider who offers high quality at low price. individuals and organizations buy raw material. technology. .

.developed countries can manufacture products and provide services at low cost. services and people to travel to different parts of the world. it has also created problems for developing countries.y While globalization has opened up opportunities for products. because of technical advances . as a result developing countries face problems which multiplies unemployment.

distributing services and accelerating information exchange. o Globalization has been advanced by new ways of sourcing resources. .o There were three phases of globalization and its third phase going on which is individual driven o Individuals from every corner of the world are being empowered.

y It is the process of identifying .conducting negotiations with.it is done to reduce cost and lead time. y It is concerned with managing resources. . Outsourcing is used by different companies to reduce cost by transferring portions of work to outside suppliers rather than completing it internally. it is a cost-saving strategy. There are four strategies of sourcing:- OUTSOURCING. and forming agreements with customers. improve quality.

Opensourcing it is the act of releasing software under an open source/ free software license. .Acquisition of internally required resources obtained from an external source (clients location) Insourcing is inclusive and these firms interact with their clients in order to l.ead the market through innovation and continnuous programme improvement.


Cuttingedge processes have been developed recently for delivering new products and services efficiently and faster.A related issue is delivering of goods and services. .




Privacy has emerged as an issue because of the fast-expanding information technology that has made it possible to intrude into the privacy of others. . A recent number of a well known journal ha been devoted to this topic.Privacy has emerged as an important social as well as organizational concern.

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