Heavy on organization, Light on system


Company Overview .

Revenue .

Competitors .

Target Segment        Lower Middle Fixed Incomes Neighborhood Stores .

Success Mantra  Increasing Number of Stores   Low operating cost   8 Day strategy   Land on lease .

Expansion of company .

8 Day strategy .

Contd. .

Company’s strategy regarding space .

Limited Use of MIS  Insufficient use of networks  Much reliance on private voice mail system  Excess use of paper  No automated system for inventory management  No system for counting of incoming stock  .

Snapshot of portal .

Suggestions  Use of Inventory Management software  Quick adaption to changing technology  .

Questions and solutions Describe Dollar General ‘s strategy for success ? ü Place ü Product line ü Customer Segmentation ü 8 days strategy ü Use of information system  .

’s business strategy  .G. organization & technology in D.Questions and solutions Describe role of management.

Role of Management  Design of planogram / pogs  To introduce new technology for efficient working of organisation  Cost control   Role of Organisation Increase in expansion rate of retail business To assign right person for store setup .

Role of Technology  Use of Catalyst warehouse      management software Loss prevention software Video monitors Use of Triversity Software Bar Code Scanners .

Questions and solutions Does Dollar General Miss out on any business opportunity as a result of its approach to information technology? Do you think Dollar General can continue growing at its current rate?   .

Thank You .

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