-particles may have any shape or size.-a composite for which the dispersed phase is equiaxed. -these are the cheapest and most widely used. . -consist of particles of one material dispersed in a matrix of a second material.

-are relatively expensive .Reinforcing fibers can be made of metals. ceramics or polymers that have been turned into graphite and known as carbon fibers.

Two sub-classes: subLAMINAR COMPOSITE SANDWICH PANEL .-a composite that the properties of which depend on the geometrical design of the structural elements.

. fastened one on top of the other at the different orientations.- A series of two dimensional sheets. each having a preferred high strength direction.

A type of structural consisting of two stiff and strong outer faces that are separated by a lightweight core material.. .

€ Matrix ¾ The binder material .€ Fiber ¾ The basic individual filament of raw materials from which the threads of fabrics are made.

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