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What is a service?
An act or performance that one party can offer to another that is essentially intangible and does not result in the ownership of anything.

Categories of service mix
Pure tangible good Tangible good with accompanying service

Categories of service mix (cont¶d) Hybrid Major services accompanying minor goods and services Pure service .

tasted. felt.The characteristics of services Services cannot be stored for later sale or use Services cannot be seen. where and how . heard or smelled before purchase Services cannot be separated from their providers Quality of the services depends on who provides them and when.

Scenario 1 CPA firm in Cleveland. What is the secret of success for this CPA firm? . acquisitions. Ohio has grown with an annual growth of 22 per cent since 1987. Without any merger. or even a large marketing budget.

CPA Firm? .

> Messed up accounting system > They are in need of professionals .


Certified Public Accounting Firms Public Accounting firms Provide accounting services for other companies † Prepare † Maintain † Review and Clients¶ Financial Statements .

Certified Public Accounting Firms They offer services like: Auditing Tax Accounting Management Advisory Services .

People Physical Evidence Process 2. . 3.The three additional Ps 1.

People Hiring qualified staffs Training the staffs Motivating Performance monitoring .1.

Three types of service marketing .

Physical evidence Minimizing the tangibility High degree of intangibility ± difficult for a customer to evaluate a service ³Tangiblize the Intangible´ .2.

Tangibility Place ‡ Well organized People ‡ Good customer service ‡ Qualified staffs ‡ Fast service Equipment ‡ Up-to-date Software Communication ‡ Procedures & Policies ‡ Effective Communicating channels Symbol ‡ Sign/Logo ± describing about their services and products Price ‡ Clear pricing policies ‡ Acceptable price .

Process Delivering the service Perception plays a key role QUALITY = PERCEPTION minus EXPECTATIONS .3.

Managing differentiation ffering Faster and better delivery I age .

Managing the quality of service Reliability Responsiveness Assurance Empathy Tangibles .

The Quality of service High Quality Image up Customer loyalty up Inventory down Service costs down Costs of complain down Sales up Capital cost down PRODUCTIVITY UP PROFIT UP .

Scenario 2 Firm uses multidimensional marketing strategy Firms Marketing partner believes that clients buy perception and end up with reality .

b. Publicity Advertising Seminars Printed materials . c.Four Marketing tools a. d.

a. Publicity Letting people know that you¶re marketing something Cost-effective marketing tool Builds credibility .

Methods of publicity Use News to Make News Social networks News letters .

Methods of publicity Relevance Impact Timeliness Novelty Differentiating: Use News to Make News Offering Special offers † † 1 month free financial advice Service packages Quick service .

Advertising Use of word of mouth † Involvement of loyal customers Business Newsletters † Promotions † Special offers .b.

c. Seminars Seminars need to be made effective Timing of Marketing Increase Attendees Event title After the seminar .

b. Printed Materials Brochure † Providing clients a blueprint Articles † Pursue the clients .

Implementation of multidimensional strategy Marketing manager Train employees Motivate Evaluate & monitor progress Employees Implement the trained skills Effective & efficient work .

Scenario 3 The expectation of the most car buyer List underlying reasons this consumer perception Design a new system .

and less than experience customer¶s perceives regarding this experience is the most critical aspect † Perception .Service experience †A service product is the experience customer has when it is delivered †A †A service is no more.

Perception and experience Quality Perception Expectations .

Reasons for underlying perception Poor delivery skills Over promised marketing promotions Expectation misconception .

Train staff Motivate Control Promise & delivery Provide the service .

Training Training staffs for necessary skills † Interpersonal † Industry skills skills .

Motivation Either extrinsic or intrinsic † Employee † Bonuses † Pay of the month for performance .

Control Input of right information † How well the specified action standards being performed † The effect of firstly on customer satisfaction and later on customer retention Channels of influence † Internal marketing .

Promise and delivery: checklist Service promise The t er Delivery system Service people .

Control and promise & deliver .Service Marketing Strategies Multidimensional marketing tools ± differentiate the service Perception is critical aspect of marketing strategy Underlying reasons for perception car dealership New System.Plan HR.In Conclusion ³Tangiblize the intangible ³.

Questions? .

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