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Introduction  Pest Ananlysis Swot Analysis  5 force porters model Generic Strategy Applied List of SBU & their products  Industry Status of each SBU Recommend strategy like build, divest, harvest etc

• HeadquartersMumbai and Navi Mumbai. • RevenueUS$.5 billion(Feb 2008) Employees350. recently valued the Tata brand at $11. recently rated it as the ‘World’s Sixth Most Reputed Firm.FOUNDER AND CHAIRMAN • Established by Jamsetji Tata in 1868.’ . the Tata promoter company. Maharastra. a UK-based consultancy firm.000 (2008) • Brand Finance.62.4 billion and ranked it 57th among the world’s Top 100 brands. Businessweek magazine ranked Tata sixth among the ‘World’s Most Innovative Companies’ and the Reputation Institute. India • Ratan N Tata is the chairman of Tata Sons. USA.

was $62.543 crore) in 2007-08.2 million. taken together. and a shareholder base of 3. and they employ around 350.000 people worldwide. • There are 27 publicly listed Tata enterprises and they have a combined market capitalization of some $60 billion.BUSINESS SECTORS • Tata companies operates in seven business sectors.5 billion (around Rs251. with 61 per cent of this coming from business outside India. • The total revenue of Tata companies. • The Tata name has been respected in India for 140 years for its adherence to strong values and business ethics. .

PEST ANALYSIS  Political  Economic  Social  Technology .

. (TBEM is a model determining the quality movement in the group).SWOT Analysis Strengths: • resources and capabilities (People and Raw Material) • vast experience (steel and automobiles) • The business model. • • • • Weaknesses: Distribution value chain innovation macro environment in order to serve the global markets with high quality and low price.

• • • • Opportunities: new markets exports Acquisitions e. Reliance .g jaguar and land rover Threats • India’s recent mergers of global markets • E.g Vodafone.

Rivalry among existing firms • Suppliers - Bargaining Power of Suppliers • Other Stakeholders – Relative Power of Union. Governments  etc.  5 force porters model • Potential Entrants – Threat of new entrants • Buyers – Bargaining power of buyers • Substitutes – 1. .Threat of substitute products or services 2.


Generic Strategies Low-cost leadership Differentiation Focus 10 .

. and they employ around 350.2 million. taken together.000 people worldwide. was $62. and a shareholder base of 3. with 61 per cent of this coming from business outside India.543 crore) in 2007-08. • The total revenue of Tata companies. • The Tata name has been respected in India for 140 years for its adherence to strong values and business ethics.5 billion (around Rs251. • There are 27 publicly listed Tata enterprises and they have a combined market capitalisation of some $60 billion.List of SBU & their products BUSINESS SECTORS • Tata companies operates in seven business sectors.

g nelito systems. E. telecommunications and industrial automation. tata technologies • tata sky.Information systems and communications • The Tata group has well-established enterprises in the fields of software and other information systems. virgin mobile India .

g Automotive: jaguar land rover.Engineering • The Tata group has a robust presence in engineering. E. with operations in automobiles and auto components and a variety of other engineering products and services. TCE consulting engineers . tata motors • Engineering: voltas.

with operations in steel and composites.Materials • The Tata group is among the global leaders in this business sector. natsteel asia. E. • Composites: tata advanced materials .g Metals: corus.

. as also in insurance. realty and financial and other services. tata quality mgt services. E. • Financial services: tata capital.g Hotels. tata housing development company.Services • The Tata group has widespread interests in the hospitality business. property development: Indian hotels. tata financial services. • Other services: tata strategic mgt group.

g Energy: north delhi power. .Energy • The Tata group is a significant player in power generation and is also involved in the oil and gas segment. E. tata BP solar.

and a growing presence in the retail industry.g Consumer products: titan industries.Consumer Products • The Tata group has a strong and longstanding business in watches and jewellery. E. Tetley group .

general chemical industrial products. it has interests in fertilizers and in the pharmaceuticals business. E.Chemicals • The Tata group is one of the largest producers of soda ash in the world. Additionally.g Chemicals: Tata pigments. .

.INNOVATION OVERVIEW A number of initiatives have been launched to spread the message of innovation and recognize innovators: • Tata Group Innovation Forum (TGIF) • Innovation workshops • Tata Innovation Day • Tata Innovation Mission • Thought leadership • Innovation awards • Technology and research clusters • Business excellence • Research orientation and partnerships: The Tata Group invests in building outstanding research facilities and forging partnerships with academic and research organisations in order to encourage creative thinking and find innovative solutions that improve our quality of life.

Industry Status of each SBU .

BCG Matrix of TATA .

Voltas and Tata Communications. high market share) and should be held on to for the time being. high market share). they should be retained and the investment in these companies should be increased • Tata Chemicals and Tata Tea emerge as the Cash Cows (low market growth. . Tata Motors and Indian Hotels emerge as clear Stars (high market growth. Tata Power. • Some of the Question Marks (high market growth. low market share) are Tata Teleservices.Conti… • Tata Steel. Hence.

.  GE is rated in terms of ‘Market Attractiveness & Business Strength’  It is an Enlarged & Sophisticated version of BCG.  GE is a model to perform business portfolio analysis on the SBU’s.where does your product stand BCG & GE matrix  Developed by McKinsey & Company in1970’s.

Conti… High High IT Consumer Durables Business Strengths Low Market Attractiveness Low Textiles .

BCG v/s GE BCG Market Growth Market share 4 cell Multi Products Primary tools GE Market Attractiveness Market strength 9 cell Multi Business Units Secondary tools .

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