It is about a girI named Lisa who becomes trapped in a tricky
situation due to her parents' fooIishness to see Lisa be married
the King. Lisa's parents make rash promises that she couId
actuaIIy spin straw into goId. The greedy king accepts the
promise and demands that she proves her worth or he wiII
behead her. A IittIe man arrives and heIps her spin aII the straw
into goId for three consequent nights but at a price each. On her
finaI night, in return for his heIp, he asks Lisa to give him her first-
born baby. However, when the finaI day arrives & the IittIe man
comes to cIaim his prize, Lisa refuses to do so. The IittIe man
agrees to Ieave the famiIy aIone onIy if they couId guess his name
in three days. The first two days Lisa faiIs to guess the IittIe man's
name. However, before the finaI day, her parents heIp her by
taiIing the IittIe man into the woods. Hidden behind some bushes,
they overhear him singing whiIe dancing around a fire. There he
shouts his name RumpeIstiItskin and that is how they find out his
name. When the dwarf returns on the third day, Lisa reveaIs his
name. RumpeIstiItskin Ioses his bargain and vanishes into thin air,
never to be seen again.
W Li:c mc((ie: Ihe Kinc cnc Leccme: Cueen
W When Ihei( fi(:I i: Lc(n. Fumpe|:Ii|:kin (eIu(n: Ic c|cim hi: p(ize.
W cec| i: mcce wiIh Fumpe|:Ii|I:kin
W : he |cve: p|cyinc ccme:. he c:k:
Cueen Li:c Ic cue:: hi: ncme in Ih(ee
ccy: in c(ce( Ic keep he( LcLy.
W Li:c cue::e: Fumpe|:Ii|I:kin´: ncme.
W Ihe fi(:I Iwc ccy:. Li:c fci|: Ic cue:: hi:
W Li:c (evec|: hi: ncme & Fumpe|:Ii|I:kin |c:e: hi:
W He vcni:he: inIc Ihe ci( cnc i: neve( :een cccin.
W Li:c´: pc(enI: vcw ncI Ic Le
Lcc:Ifu| cnymc(e.
W Ihe kinc c(ce(: he( Ic :pin c Licce(
(ccm fu|| cf :I(cw inIc cc|c.
W Fumpe|:Ii|I:kin (e:cue: Li:c c Ihi(c
Iime wiIh c p(cmi:e IhcI :he mc((ie:
Ihe Kinc. Ihei( fi(:I-Lc(n LcLy i:
Ic Le civen Ic him.
At the cottoge
W Ihe kinc´: vi:iI Ic c pcc( mi||e(´: ccIIcce.
W Li:c´: pc(enI: Lcc:I Ic Ihe kinc IhcI Ihei(
ccuchIe(. Li:c. i: c|eve( cLcuI eve(yIhinc
cnc :he ccn :pin :I(cw inIc cc|c.
W Ihe kinc c(ce(: Li:c Ic :pin hecp cf
:I(cw inIc cc|c c( :he wi|| Le Leheccec
W Fumpe|:Ii|I:kin :pin: :I(cw inIc cc|c
fc( Li:c´: neck|cce.
W Ihe kinc c(ce(: Li:c Ic :pin c (ccm
fu|| :I(cw inIc cc|c fc( Li:c´: neck|cce.
W Fumpe|:Ii|I:kin cce: cccin fc( Ihe
fc||cwinc nichI fc( he( (inc.
W Li:c´: pc(enI: Ici| Fumpe|:Ii|I:kin
inIc Ihe wccc: cnc cve(hec( him
(evec|inc hi: ncme whi|e he i:
ccncinc cnc :incinc
W young & sweet
W homeIy &
W sensibIe
W obedient
W Ioving mother
W good negotiator
W caIcuIating
W Ioves riddIes
W mysterious
W hot - tempered
W has magicaI
W Ioving
W fooIish
W greedy
W boastfuI
W crueI
W seIfish
W greedy
W guIIibIe
W an opportunist
W the king of a
poor kingdom
W siIIy
W proud
W caring &
W heIpfuI
W remorsefuI
W kind - hearted
W goId - weaIth
& high status
W cIever
W spin straw into
W cut off my
W RumpeIstiItskin uses a
number of rhyming words
when he taIks
page 81
W spin straw into goId'
W anything at aII'
W ReIativeIy easy, uncompIicated
& straightforward
W Language styIe:
W carefree, simpIe & naturaI
W refIects simpIe & pIain Iife of
Lisa & her famiIy

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