28 million D . $ 1.287 billion 2009-10 7.3millions 600 millions 7042 crore..8% 8.23% 8.562 million FEE 5083 crore .78% F .5.9% 5. Contribution to GDP EMPLOYMENT ARRIVALS 2007-08 6. $ 1. (Source: Tourism Satellite Accounting (TSA) research by the WTTC) MBA-Tourism@PU 2 .Are u aware of this.510 billion.

000 Capital investment in tourism sector is expected to grow at 8.2% .5 billion ) 5th fastest growing business travel destination with growth rate of 7.8 % (US$ 94. will place India at 3rd position in the world by 2019.Future Prospects-by WTTC (2010-19) Indian Tourism is expected to grow by 8. Indian tourism to become 2nd largest employer in the world tourism sector employing 40.037.6% MBA-Tourism@PU 3 .

antipathy Infrastructure .Employment & Infrastructure Employment marginal. concentrated employment. low wage and low skill . 4 MBA-Tourism@PU . rarely employ local staff for senior management.low services. preventing locals from reaping the benefits . prostitution. seasonal employment large hotel chain restaurants often import food. drug trade and gambling. Outside decision making and concentrated development makes development inaccessible to locals. Outside hiring.

MBA-Tourism@PU 5 .Preservation of Historical Monuments The great challenge ahead is« Because of Tourist irresponsibility Monuments are defaced by writing their names on them. There is a great need for educating and creating awareness.

Antipathy. A good example is Goa.Hippy culture ± leading to a rise in the use of drugs. From the late 60's .Destruction of the social fabric of a Community More the number of tourists arrive. more the perceived risk of the place losing its identity. prostitution . 6 MBA-Tourism@PU .

Environment The carrying capacity of the ecosystem in each tourist locality. MBA-Tourism@PU 7 . killing. Examples: Krushedei Island near Rameswaram. disturbance of breeding habitats. Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. Increased transport and construction Deforestation and Destabilisation Destruction of rare and endangered species due to trampling.

MBA-Tourism@PU 8 . oxygen cylinders and even camping equipment. etc. Kerala.Pollution Tourist transportation contribute to severe local air pollution in remote areas like Ajanta and Ellora temples. Tamil Nadu. Maharashtra.serious damage to coral reefs Examples : coastal areas of Goa. Sewage runoff . trekking tourists generate a great deal of waste. In areas with high concentrations of tourist activities and mountain areas of the Himalayas and Darjeeling. Tourists on expedition leave behind their garbage.

Let us try to answer these questions? How to overcome safety and security threats that downsize Tourism Industry in India? Can we think of easing Visa formalities for promoting Tourism in the country? How to promote small & medium scale entrepreneurship in India? Can we minimize environmental pollution and promote sustainable Tourism in India? How to improve the infrastructure for Tourism in the country? MBA-Tourism@PU 9 .

!ncredible !ndia & !ncredible Namaskar to all 10 .

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