The word ¶Drug· has been derived from a Fresh word ´Drogueµ which means a dry herb. Š These are organic or inorganic substance which when taken produces an effect on body..


According to world health organization

´Drug addiction is a State of Periodic or Chronic intoxication produced by the repeated consumption of drugµ.


According to George. F. Koob


Addiction is a compulsion to take a drug without control over the intake and chronic relapse disorderµ.


Š The user cannot predict what will happen when he uses the substance. the next day he may not be able to control his use at all. or after one line of cocaine. . One day he may be able to stop after one drink.

The addict spends a great deal of time thinking about the substance .

The person has lost voluntary control on the use of that substance. .Š If drinking or drug use causes problems but one continues to do it one is tempting addiction or is already addicted.


Lack of willpower Š Poverty Š Moral weakness Š Mental illness Š Genetics Š Family socialization Š Anti-social personalities Š Societal problems Š .


cannabis ‡ All forms of cannabis have negative physical and mental effects. bloodshot eyes. and reduce ability to perform tasks requiring concentration and coordination. . a dry mouth and throat. and increased appetite. ‡ Use of cannabis may impair or reduce short-term memory and comprehension. ‡ physical effects of cannabis are : increase in the heart rate. alter sense of time.

rolled into black Smoked or eaten Smoked ² mixed with tobacco cigarettes Brown or cakes or balls Concentrated syrupy liquid varying in color from clear to black .marijuana ‡it is Smoked or eaten Ganja Hashish Hash Dope and with stems and/ or seeds.

Inhalants: The immediate negative effects of inhalants include. fatigue. fatigue. nosebleeds. nausea. and loss of appetite. Long-term use can causing weight loss. and muscle fatigue. . coughing. lack of coordination. electrolyte imbalance. sneezing. High concentration of inhalants can cause suffocation by displacing the oxygen in the lungs or by depressing the central nervous system to the point that breathing stops.

Its immediate effects include dilated pupils and elevated blood pressure. respiratory rate. Occasional use can cause a stuffy or runny nose. . and body temperature. heart rate.cocaine ‡ Cocaine stimulates the central nervous system. while chronic use can ulcerate thee mucous membrane of the nose.

cylert . pills. Pep pills. inhaled beauties. Footballs Additional stimulants and Biphetamine Ritalin. Dexedrine. didrex .copilots ‡It is like uppers. Pills or capsules prludin . sandrex plegine . Taken orally. prestate. Benzedrine. black tablets injected. Hearts. Capsules. Bumblebees.

Depressants: Taken orally. Very large does can cause respiratory depression. staggering gait. coma. and death. Small amounts can produce calmness and very relaxed muscles. . and altered perception. injected The effects of depressants are in many ways similar to the effects of alcohol. but larger does can cause slurred speech.

The physical effects may include dilated pupils. The users may experience panic. Muscular coordination worsens and sense are dulled. Tablets or capsules . loss of appetite. coma. increased heart rate and blood pressure. as well as heart and lung failure. elevated body temperature.Hallucinogen phencyclidine: Taken orally devils. yellow capsules yellows. anxiety and loss of control. and tremors. . Time and body movements are slowed down. Speech is blocked and incoherent. confusion suspicion. and Ludes. Tuinals. In later stages users often exhibit paranoid and violent behaviour and experience hallucinations. Taken orally sense of distance and estrangement. sleeplessness. Tablets Librium.

. and vomiting.Narcotics : Narcotics initially produce a feeling of euphoria that often is followed by drowsiness. convulsion. watery eyes. Addiction in pregnent women can lead to premature. endocardtics . or addicted infants who experience severe withdrawal symptoms. And overdose may produce slow and shallow breathing. and hepatitis. Users may also experience constricted pupils. The use of contaminated syringes may result in disease such as AIDS. nausea. Tolerance to narcotics develops rapidly and dependence is likely. coma and possible death. stillborn. and itching. clammy skin.

junk. it look like? White to dark-brown powder or tar-like substance Dark liquid varying in thickness. horse. . mud. capsules. brown sugar.heroin ‡Smack. tablets.

fentanyl. Tylenol with codeine. talwin and lomotil . powder White powder. or inhaled Taken orally. demorol. solution tablets Tablets or capsules Meperidine Other narcotics Pethidine . darvon. injected Taken orally. injected Opium Paregoric. injected Codeine black tar. parepctolin inject able solutions Dark brown chunks. or injected Taken orally. injected. and big h Empirin compound with codeine. or Taken orally. mepergan Percocet. or smoked Smoked. dover·s powder. hypodemic tablets. percodan. smoked. eaten. tussionex.Š Š How is it used? Injected. codeine in Morphine cough medicine Pectoral syrup White crystals.

Psychological effects include anxiety.Designer Drugs Illegal drugs are designed in the terms of their chemical formulas. As little as one does can cause brain damage. These drugs can be several hundred times stronger than the drugs they are designed to imitate. To circumvent these legal restrictions. . The narcotic analogs can cause symptoms such as those seen in Parkinson·s disease : uncontrollable tremors. and irreversible brain damage. The analogs of phencyclidine cause illusion. blurred vision. hallucinations. impaired speech. paralysis. chills or sweating and faintness. Analogs of amphetamines and methamphetamines cause nausea. and impaired perception. underground chemists modify the molecular structure of certain illegal drugs to produce analogs known as designer drugs. depression. drooling. and paranoia.

.Š Anabolic Steroids : Anabolic steroids are a group of powerful compounds closely related to the male sex hormone testosterone. steroids may contribute to increases in body weight and muscular strength. The liver and cardiovascular system are most seriously affected by steroid use. Steroid users subjects themselves to more than 70 side effects ranging in severity from liver cancer and acne and including psychological as well as physical reactions. sterility. In males. irreversible masculine traits can develop along with breast reduction and sterility. use can withered testicles. Taken in combination with a program of musclebuilding exercise and diet. and importance. Psychological effects in both sexes include very aggressive behaviour known as ´rod rageµ and depression. In females.

mother who drink alcohol during pregnancy may give birth to infants with fetal alcohol syndrome. Very high doses cause respiratory depression and death. including severe anxiety. can lead to permanent damage to vital organs such as the brain and the liver. including spouse and child abuse. and convulsions long-term effects of consuming large quantities of alcohol. . severely altering a person·s ability to learn and remember information. Continued use of alcohol can lead to dependence. tremors. especially when combined with poor nutrition. Low to moderate doses of alcohol can increase the incident of a variety of aggressive acts. hallucinations. Moderate to high doses of alcohol cause marked impairments in higher mental functions. These infants may suffer from mental retardation and other irreversible physical abnormalities.Alcohol: Alcohol consumption causes a number of changes in behaviour. In addition. Sudden cessation of alcohol intake is likely to produce withdrawal symptoms.

Š Tobacco : The smoking of tobacco products is the chief avoidable cause of death in our society. addicts find it very difficult to stop smoking. pancreatic and kidney cancers also strikes smokers at increased rates. Because nicotine is highly addictive. larynx. Smoking during pregnancy also poss. serious risk. Some 30 percent of cancer deaths (130. . bladder and kidney cancers also strikes smokers at increased rates.000 pre year) are linked to smoking. Cigarette smoke contains some 4000 chemicals. Lung. Larynx. Smokers are more likely than non smokers to contract heart disease . Lung. Perhaps the most dangerous substances in tobacco smoke is nicotine. Nicotine is the substance that reinforces and strengthen the desire to smoke. several of which are known carcinogens.


.anger ‡The addictor becomes easily irritated even on the small issues and matters. He becomes irresponsible and finds difficulty to coordinate. The addictor shows anger and his mood swings. Talking about drugs ‡The addictor always talks about drugs and also pressurise others to use it.

basement and bathroom. .Prefer to stay alone ‡ Addictor usually wants to stay alone and make frequent trips to store room. He does not want the company any other person and prefers to stay alone. Wearing sun glasses n full sleeves on odd times: ‡ A drug addict starts wearing a full sleeves shirt even in summer season because he feels cold in summers and this is due t the drugs that he takes. rest room. Some times the addictor cannot tolerate the lights so he wear sunglasses in order to protect his eyes.

There is a change in mood.Š Š Š Š The drugs addict no longer spend time with his friends or with those people who do not use drugs. eating and sleeping habits of those who are drug addicts. . The drug addicts talk incoherently and make in appropriate remarks. The drugs addicts frequently borrow money and if they did not money they steal items from their home and sell them to buy drugs.

may be that the reason it seems so threatening only recently discussions on this issue began. It is not easy to say how reasonable these fears are. The only obvious thing is that such phenomenon really exists but its extent are unclear.they might be exaggerated by mass media or might be unimaginable neither by government. and often they are quite popularistic. parents or teachers. Impression is that this problem is absolutely new and unexpected. . as no serious and exhaustive researches has been mad in lithuania till today.drug addiction at schools ² are heard more and more loudly.Š Today·s voices talking about new danger.





Physical Health . .Š Š Š Š Š School performance Active dislike for school Makes excuses to stay at home 4 Drop in performance The child suddenly shows an active dislike for school and looks for excuses to stay at home one should contact in school to see whether the Childs attendance record matches what the parents know about his or her absent days A student who experiences a drop in performance possibly failing in his courses or receiving only passing grades may b using drugs.

Reduced Self care The mood of the child keeps on changing. Money Sometimes teenagers demand for money suddenly with out any explanation. they also indicates that the child is using drugs. Appathy The child. There is a sudden change in eating and sleeping patterns. Personal behaviour Teenager enjoy privacy but their exaggerated efforts to bar family members from entering their rooms or knowing where they go with their friends might indicate that may be the child is addicted to drugs. this might indicate that the child is addicted to drugs. He gets irritated very easily and is not all polite while talking. Products from their own house and sale them in the market in order to get money from drugs. Š Š . A sudden lack of interest of two thing grooming or looks may be a warning sing of drug use. if he takes drugs has a difference attitude towards everything. When some teenagers always come late at night. This all may indicate that the child is using drugs.Š Š Š Listlessness The child lacks in energy and enthusiasm. Drastic change in behaviour and in relations ships with family and friend may signal drug use. The teenages who are addicted to drugs also steal valueable. Appearance How they look is extremely important in adolescent.


By abstention we mean avoidance of doing or indulging in some activity. students are given a training to speak and do things in a forceful way and they should stand up for their rights. In this. Š . What ever they learn in this training will help them through out their lives. This is one of the best ways to teach the pupils to say no to drugs and to learn about the dangerous effect of drugs. Weather in the work place or facing other pressures in school. Under this programme the teenagers should understand the ill effects of drugs and should be given education on how to avoid the intake of drugs. Assertiveness Training Assertiveness training is also very important and it help the teenager to stand up for their own values without a feeling that they are not grown ups yet.Š Normalising Abstention The most important part of any prevention programme specially in schools is normalizing abstention.

Š . Those feelings can also be bought within the teenagers by various types of training and prevention programs. Parental Education Parents also need help in how to tackle these issues at home. Building self confidence and self worth If the teenagers have a feeling of self confidence or self worth within them they will not indulge in drugs and they will then understand that they are not supposed to do those things which are not meant for them.Š . Parents should be given required training as how to handle a situation when they come to know that their child is using drugs. If parents are fully educated or aware about drugs and its addiction qualities then only they can help their child to stay away from it.

On the one hand communication is very important but on other hand it takes time. The trouble is that many parents only wake up when there is already a problem and their child shows a different behaviours and is not willing to talk communication takes times on regular basis so.Š Communication at home One of the best ways to protect children from addiction is to talk to them. parents need to be advice and educated on how to prevent communication problems. .

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