All that glitters is

 India is a leading player in the global gems and jewellery market.  The gems and jewellery industry occupies an important position in the Indian economy. It is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. 

Large market for Gems & jewellery with domestic sales of over $10 billion.  India is the largest consumer of gold jewellery in the world. 4% of the global Gems & Jewellery market. Exports of over $15.5 billion; over 18% of India s exports. Accounts for over 23% of the world consumption. India is the largest diamond cutting and polishing center in the world. Third largest consumer of polished diamond after USA and Japan.

8 58.4 0 460.3 2830.3 77 68 58.2 269.9 2425.6 40.3 129.2 302.1 278.8 -5.9 % TOTAL 27% 12% 10% 9% 4.6 43.1 120.8 77 67.3 48.JEWELLERY CONSUMPTION COUNTRY INDIA CHINA USA TURKEY SAUDI ARABIA UAE RUSSIA EGYPT ITALY INDONESIA UK OTHER GULF JAPAN VIETNAM HONG KONG TAIWAN EUROPE OTHER TOTAL CONSUMPTION(mt) 558.7 % TOTAL 23% 12% 11% 8% 5% 4% 3% 3% 2% 2% 2% 2% 1% 1% 1% 1% 0% 19% 100% TOTAL GOLD CONSUMPTION CONSUMPTION(mt) 773.2 21.8 32.8 58.6 14.2 99.40% 3% 2% 2% 2% 2% 2% -1% 3% 1% 1% 0% 19% 100% .4 14.1 77.3 58.4 107.9 188.50% 3.5 21.6 326.7 48.7 15.9 527.7 -24.1 249.

Vijaykumar . Gitanjali group  Rajesh exports  Shrenuj & Company Suraj Diamonds and Jewellery Limited Asian star  Laxmi diamond  Rosy blue  Titan Industries (Tanishq into Retail)  Suashish Diamond  B.


Manufacturer.Head quartered at BangaloreIndia.Business Established in 1989. wholesaler and retailer of gold jewellery Key Highlights World s largest gold jewellery manufacturer World s lowest cost producer of gold jewellery World s largest catalogue of jewellery designs Market share 12% of gem and jewellery export from India 25% of gold jewellery export from India 2% of world gold trade .

Earrings Chains Necklaces Rings Pendants Bangles Necklace sets Bracelets .

Product line Asian Jewellery Western Jewellery Diamond Jewellery .

‡ Manufactures in 18 cts gold and VVS quality of diamonds in GH colour . ‡ They are a combination of machine and hand-work skill sets. 21cts and 18ct. ‡ Having a portfolio of over 20. ‡ Manufactures Asian Jewellery in 22cts. 14 and 18 cts gold. ‡ Manufactures the western style jewellery in 9. ‡ REL has developed several unique designs to suit the western taste. 10.‡ REL specializes in ASIAN JEWELLERY. ‡ Finest designers both in India and abroad have contributed to the range of exclusive diamond designs.000 designs. 12. ‡ REL has developed eight diamond design ranges each with distinctive workmanship.


.Production commencement«. Gold bullion and alloy heated to 1000o C Further processed as Molten gold poured into cast to produce rods (A) Machine Chains (B) Manual Process (C) Casting Process .

(A) Machine Chains ( for standard gold chains of various designs) Wires drawn from gold ingots Wires then drawn using diamond dyes Wires wound on spools and mounted Chain without loops Non-soldered chain is woven Soldering of chain Gold chains of various sizes Quality check and delivery .

(B) Manual Process ( for hand-made jewelry) Wire drawing and stamping Dye cutting Design fabrication Quality check and delivery Soldering and polishing Design pieces with loose ends .

(C) Casted Jewellery ( for plain and diamond jewellery) Metal master & rubber mould making Wax injection & spurring Investment casting De-sprucing & initial polishing Liquid gold injection Burn out of wax Setting & final polishing Quality check and delivery .

Diamond studded jewellery 1989 1960-1989 1996 1995 2003 2006 2007-2012 2007 Promoters IPO of 2m shares @ engaged in gold 400% to face value jewellery of INR 10 retailing World s largest jewellery manufacturing facility (250 tpa) 24K Retail and Bangalore Infra ventures launched JV with Muthoot Pappachan Group 3.White labelled jewellery 2. Retailing: Shubh. Laabh & Oyzterbay .Saga of Rapid Growth Year of Establishment India s largest jewellery manufacturer (6 tpa) Revenues exceed US$ 1 billion 1.



Jewellery Exporters Association of Karnataka ‡ Experience of over 22 years in jewellery manufacturing ‡ Expert on global best practices in jewellery manufacturing and technology. ‡ Experience of over 12 years in brand building & jewellery retailing ‡ Part of the Oyzterbay promoter-group ‡ Experience of over 20 years in retailing Prashant Mehta Managing Director Vipin Sharma CEO (Shubh) Kirit Turakhia CEO (Laabh) M A Prakash CEO (Banglore Infra) ‡ Experience of 7 years in real estate and construction .Management Team Rajesh Mehta Executive Chairman ‡ Experience of over 20 years in the jewellery industry ‡ Pioneer in organizing jewellery trade in India ‡ Director. Handloom & Handicrafts Exports Promotion Corp President.


 Lowest cost advantage because of economies of scale.  Experienced team of jewellery professionals. Largest gold jewellery manufacturing facility. Government recognized trading house in jewellery sector .  Understanding of various global markets and portfolio of 29000 exclusive jewellery designs.

 No ready retail distribution network.  No brand recognition.  New entrant in diamond jewellery . New player in retail sector.

 Foray into diamond jewellery.  Organised retail market in India is less penetrated (Single player commands ~50% of the market share).  Entry into white label jewellery exports. Fast growth in organised jewellery retail markets in India. .

Emergence of other luxury products to replace gold jewellery.  Weaker outlook for US $ may further spur the gold prices in future. Growing investment opportunity in other asset class like equities.  Slow down in US and other developed market. . real estate etc to affect gold jewellery consumption.



Far East.5 percent. and parts of Europe including the U.K. U. and France. .S.  company plans to set up retail operations overseas with showrooms in the Middle East. One of India's top jewellery makers and exporters.  The firm plans to increase revenues from retail operations to 20-25 percent of total revenues from the current 1.  Currently having 25 retail outlets in the country.  plans to open 300 retail stores in India over the next three years.

22K Guarantee Service Largest Range Competitive Pricing Technology .

‡ The color. which helps to serve the customers better . shine and tarnish resistance are the distinguishing features of SHUBH jewellery. All the showrooms are connected online. ‡ REL has designed an exclusive portfolio of Five thousand designs for SHUBH .‡ For mass market To replace mainstream urban and rural jewellery stores ‡ 5.000 exclusive designs available at Shubh stores ‡ SHUBH offers guaranteed 22cts purity gold jewellery. ‡ SHUBH offers international class service at all its showrooms.

All the showrooms are connected online.  LAABH offers guaranteed gold jewellery at value for money prices.  REL has developed a range of three thousand exclusive jewellery designs to be displayed at LAABH . . Exquisite jewellery for up-market client.  LAABH offers international class service at all its showrooms. which helps to serve the customers better.  The color.  Mainly urban centric in tier I cities  30 Laabh stores have been launched in 23 cities across India  LAABH offers guaranteed 22cts purity gold jewellery. shine and tarnish resistance are the distinguishing features of LAABH jewellery.

watches.200 exclusive pieces of jewellery designed for the Oyzterbay Collections To launch 30 stores in malls and shop in shops during Q1 of 2008-09 To expand to 150 stores in next 3 years . and accessories 1.µInternational Lifestyle¶ platform ± I own it! Targeted at youth and rapidly growing upwardly mobile economic strata To offer jewellery.

primarily in Bangalore ± foremost technology growth engine of India  Exponential appreciation in land bank value.458. due to low historic value  To be managed by highly experienced industry professionals . To monetise land-bank owned by REL of 170. ft of prime commercial space and 137 acres of land outside the city municipal zone  Acquisition cost: US$ 25 million  Estimated market value: US$ 200 million  Post-development value: US$ 350 million  Land bank.16 sq.

Bangalore y y y y y y . 1 in the Gems & Jewellery sector in India by Dun & Bradstreet Ranked as the Second Fastest Growing Company in the Large Scale Sector. 1 Investor Friendly Company in a National Survey by Business Today The only Premier Trading House in Jewellery Sector in India Overall Excellence in the category of Gold Exports by the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council for 13 consecutive year Karnataka State Government Best Exporter Award for past 9 years Awarded Gold Trophy for exports by Federation of Imports & Exports Accorded Nominated Agency status to import gold for domestic consumption. Ranked No.y y y Ranked No. Accorded as the Jeweller of the Year Award by Jewellers Association.

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