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processes or organization BITS Pilani € 2 . It may refer to incremental or revolutionary changes in thinking. or the useful application of new discoveries.INNOVATION € It is a change in the thought process for doing something. products.

of innovation is to bring positive change or make something better around us € It is important in the study of business. technological design & leads to increased productivity € Goal BITS Pilani 3 .

Internal Factors: R&D Market Research Teamwork  1. Innovation management is required to analyse both the internal & external factors that drives innovation. 2. 3. BITS Pilani 4 .

2. 1. xternal Factors: Global changes Competitors Technological advancements BITS Pilani 5 . 3.

Innovation management is the discipline of managing processes through innovation. € It can be used to develop both product and organizational innovation. € BITS Pilani 6 .

F. Xerox PARC Stanford Research Institute Implemented 3COM Apple Internet browser Tim Berners-Lee. Bell Labs Oracle Intel Relational Model Databases of Data Transistor Integrated circuits . Codd. IBM Shockely et al.Invention Ethernet Graphical User interfaces Hyperlinks Innovation Local Area Networks Windowing Created Metcalfe.. Netscape CERN E.

design and operation of products. BITS Pilani 8 .emerging. € It studies four phases of a technology life cycle .€ Technology Management is defined as the integrated planning. These technologies are coupled together to give shape to an innovation or a new Technology. processes and services. growth. mature and aging.

INNOVATION Mature S T A G E Aging Growth Emerging TIME BITS Pilani 9 .

€ € € € € € € Perform an analysis of technology·s impact on task. Assess the feasibility of technology Screen the technology for relevance and appropriateness Arrange training for the workforce on commissioning. people and work organization. calibrating and maintenance of technology Demonstrate the value of technology in social and economic terms through a pilot project Modify features or function of technology as per the problem experienced Implementation of new technology BITS Pilani 10 .

Improving existing functional capabilities of technology. System innovations ² Ideas that require several resources and many labour-year to accomplish.€ Technological change is a combination of two activities invention and innovation. ² Communication network and satellite operation € 1. Incremental innovations. The practice of technology management and the development of technology strategy require an understanding of the different forms of innovation. Radical innovations ²Ideas that have impact on or cause significant change in whole industry. BITS Pilani 11 . 3. 2.g. e.

Reduced costs of operations  New product and new market creation  Adaptation to changes in scale and format  Improved customer service  Reorganized administrative operations  BITS Pilani 12 .

.Queries Please.!! BITS Pilani 13 .

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