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Fundamental Analysis

-To measure stock’s or script’s intrinsic value by examining related economic, financial and other factors.

-under-priced = buy, over-priced = sell or short

Indian Economic Analysis

-GDP -Inflation Rate -Interest Rate -Exchange Rate -Flow of FII -Sensex movement

5 % I C u rre n t Fi lYe a r A n d 9 % I 2 0 1 1 s m n sca n . GDP Groth rate Usi ng the Pitc hbo ok Te mpl ate y I E sti a te d To G ro w A t T h e R a te O f 8 .

R e ce n tl i fl ti n ra te i d e cre a se d u e y y n a o s . Inflation rate Usi ng the Pitc hbo ok Te mpl ate g g re g a te D e m a n d a n d A g g re g a te S u p p l .

5 0 Pe rce n t. 8 2 l n as n . Fro m 2 0 0 0 U n ti 2 0 1 0 . Interest rate Usi ng the Pitc hbo ok Te mpl ate e d A t 4 . I d i ' A ve ra g e I te re st R a te W a s 5 .

81 percent during t . Exchange Rate(USDINR) Usi ng the Pitc hbo ok Te mpl ate Indian Rupee exchange rate ( USDINR ) depreciated 2 .

 Flow of FII Usi ng the Pitc hbo ok Te mpl ate FI n e t fl w i i p o si ve va l e . W e ca n a l fi d th a t i i co rre l te to B S E se n sex I o s n ti u so n t s a .

U su a l y . BSE-Sensitive Index movement Usi ng the Pitc hbo ok Te mpl ate o w co n tro l e d e co n o m i fa cto rs . S e n sex i re sp o n d i g b y th e R e su l o f l c l s n ts .

 Monetary policy data Repo Rate : 6.00% Bank rate : 6% SLR : 25% CRR :6%  Usi ng the Pitc hbo ok Te mpl ate .00% Reverse Repo rate: 5.

4 Mumbai.2 Mumbai 7.1 Hero Honda Bajaj Auto 7. Indian Automobile Industry Analysis   Market capitalization of leading firms PRODUCTS FOREIGN Partners MARKET STOCK CAPITALIZA LISTING TION(IN BILLIONS) 9. london FIRM Maruti Suzuki Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Suzuki Motor Passengers and Fiat Commercial Vehicles Passengers .Two wheelers Two Wheelers Twoand Three wheelers Navistar for commercial vehicles.7 Mumbai Mumbai.7 5. london .Commercial Vehicles.Renault for Passenger cars Honda Motors Renault-Nissan for planned small car Usi ng the Pitc hbo ok Te mpl ate Mahindra & Mahindra 6. Ney york Mumbai.

Fo l o w i g a re th e sa l s d a ta l n e .

  Usi ng the Pitc hbo ok Te mpl ate -Favorable conditions in the domestic market supported by the government's stimulus package and ease of automobile finance. .      -Prices of raw material was preferable. Reasons for high sales growth rate -New launches of product like Maruti Suzuki Ritz (May 2009). new SX4 with VVT engine and SX4 with automatic transmission (Oct'09) and Eeco (January 2010). new Estilo with K-series engine (Aug'09). all-new Grand Vitara (July'09).

 Future Forecast Usi ng the -Due to high sales in year 2010 maruti is investing Pitc 17 billion rupees for new plants.fuel and raw material prices are going to increase as a result which will lead to increase in the production cost of the cars and will effect on share price. hbo ok  Te -As per the indian context people of india will buy mpl vehicles in the month of october –november due ate to the festivals so the sales and the share price will increase.  -Metal price .    .

Quick Ratio 0.Gross Margin 8.67 Profitability Measurement .97 9.ROE 21.85 .04 10.1 0.68 13.66 Usi ng the Pitc hbo ok Te mpl ate 5.26 2008 1.24 20. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.2 1.Current Ratio 1.56 .Net Profit Margin 8.29 .77 5.’s Analysis 2010 Liquidity Measurement: .2 .1 2009 1.

Price to book value 3.4 18.9 14.7 2008 60.6 ratio .’s Analysis 2010 Investment Valuation Ratio. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.45 .PEG 2009 42.EPS 86.21 2.5 .Price to earning 16.15 2.1 Usi ng the Pitc hbo ok Te mpl ate .

 Maruti Suzuki Management -CSR activity of company -Progressive Maruti’s R&D. -Maruti Insurance and Finance -Future business plan & project  Usi ng the Pitc hbo ok Te mpl ate .

sentiments. Analysis can be broaken down into three essential parts.  1.flow of funds  3.  struker indicators    . Technical Analysis -In the nerrowest sense. Analysis is based on the assumption that market price  flutuations reflact the logical & emotional forces preveling in the stock market 

 Daily chart .

 Weekly chart .

 Monthly chart .

 Six Months chart R o u n d e d To p Rounded B o tto m R ounded B o tto m .

 Moving Average chart .

healthy Indian & Chinese mfg. data. CONCLUSION -Sensex increase to 3 % in last two days. that may affect price of Maruti Suzuki.8 %) -GDP( 8-8.   -The main reasons for this latest rally include strong foreign institutional investors (FII). it is 32 month high.5 %)   .   -Good monsoon -Industrial growth-(13.

-Reforms in the govt. policies  -FDI in media & retail  -Fuel & Gas price   -FII inflows  -64k crore into the Indian markets since January  .

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