2. Such leader love power and love to use it in promoting their own ends.TYPES OF LEADER 1. Autocratic leader : Dominates and drives his gang. . Democratic leader : Democratic leader is one who always acts according to the wishes of his followers. He does what the gang wants.

Persuasive leader : The persuasive leader possesses a magnetic personality That enables him to influence his followers to join with him in getting things done. .3. Free reign leader : He is not interfere in the group activities He follows what group decided. 4.

Appreciate your co-workers.QUALITIES OF LEADERS 1. 7. 3. 6. Fairness. Assertiveness. 8. 5. 4. 9. Personality Vision. Creativity Motivation Strategist. 2. Value System. .

Mumbai ‡ Founded Infosys in 1981.1946 in Karnataka ‡ Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Mysore in 1967 ‡ Master's degree in Technology from Indian Institute of Technology. Ahmedabad ‡ In 1975 joined Systems Research Institute..N R NARAYANA MURTHY ‡ Born on 20TH AUG. along with six other professionals . Ltd. Pune then headed Patni Computer Systems Pvt. Kanpur in 1969 ‡ Started his career as head of the computer centre at IIM.

He is ever ready to develop other. moral and spiritual power and able to resolve any conflict. He is a self-motivated person.PERSONALITY * * * * * * * * He is a perfectionist. Avoids a high-flying lifestyle (he is known to fly economy class). He is having a deep probing nature and he spends some time in soul-searching. . conscientious and principled. He is a man of action who never wastes times arid thus become a role model for others. Perfectionists are realistic. He develops certain mental.

Narayan Murthy : Nishkam Karma (Selfless service) Holistic Approach Co Operation Seva (Service Attitude) Family Oriented and Emotional Humility and Respect to others . Ethos And Culture ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Application of Principles Of Management There are 6 basic values believed by Mr.Indian management.

was to build a corporation that was.VISION ‡ To see the opportunity in software. ‡ To create world-class leaders who will be at the forefront of business and technology in today's competitive marketplace. above all things. ‡ To make INFOSYS stronger. pick the right team and more significantly keep it together. . respected. right from day one. Our dream. revenues and profits. ‡ We never dreamt about size. bigger and global player.

to utilize skills and potentials and solve the problems in a new manner. b. . And Motivation (especially intrinsic motivation). c. rules and regulations. he instilled 3 components a. ‡ As a creative person based on following qualities: Perseverance  Calm and Focused  Flexibility  Looks at things from different angles  Visualiser ‡ To enhance creativity in business.CREATIVITY ‡ Creativity is linked to think beyond the norm. Expertise (technical. Creative thinking skills (how flexibly and imaginatively people approach problems). procedural & intellectual knowledge).

‡ Business itself should be managed ethically and efficiently. Murthy serves as an independent director on the board of the DBS Bank. ‡ He is a man of action who believes in accountability ‡ He believes in the principle of Mahatma Gandhi who emphasizes creating wealth and opportunities for others. ‡ He as a man believes to maintain transparency with the stake holders. ‡ He is an IT advisor to several Asian countries. ‡ He as a leader was self-reliant person. ‡ He also serves as a director on the Central Board of the Reserve Bank of India. ‡ VARIOUS RESPOSIBILITES: ‡ Mr. the largest government-owned bank in Singapore. Singapore. .RESPONSIBILITY & ACCOUNTIBILITY ‡ An employee oriented participative style of leaders. as the co-chairman of the Indo-British Partnership ‡ A member of the Prime Minister's Council on Trade and Industry.

knowledge and experience to get the job done in the best possible manner.MOTIVATION ‡ A person may have all the required skill. but that does not mean he will give his best output. ‡ He motivates his employees and makes his organization more effective in the following ways: Everyone is important  Effective communication  Attitudes  Yoga and Meditation . Here comes the importance of motivation ‡ As one of the most important functions of a leader is to motivate his staff . He may not be interested or he may not have willingness to do the job.

Eg. It limited its exposure to Y2K projects to less than 25% of its total revenue because this was the business that could disappear overnight and Infosys didn t want to take the risk) . Profitability of revenues and A good de-risking model (Infosys had put limits on its exposure to business of various kinds. Sustainability of the predictions. particularly the US ‡ Moving up the value chain ‡ Getting involve in a software development project at the earliest stage of its life cycle ‡ PSPD ‡ Predictability of revenues.STRATEGIST ‡ Global Delivery Model ‡ Producing where it is most cost effective to produce and selling where it is most profitable to sell ‡ Cost effective production meant doing as much of the software development work in India ‡ Profitable selling meant focusing almost exclusively on foreign markets.

.VALUE SYSTEM ‡ A value system is the protocol for behavior in a company that enhances the trust. energy and enthusiasm of the members of the community. confidence. commitment. and leadership is making the impossible look possible. ‡ Put public good ahead of private good as its lead to private good in the long term. whether they are young or new in the organization. Youth and empowerment are the keys to scalability and longevity. ‡ Confidence is half the battle. ‡ No single person is indispensable. ‡ It is important that you give challenging engagements to deserving people.


leadership by example. ‡ Sensible. ‡ It is the ability to raise the aspirations of people. integrity and transparency. self-made. progressive and responsible ‡ Driven by values and these values are focus on the customer. courageous and outspoken when needs to articulate a position and discreet it comes to courting the media. ‡ to be open minded and to accept great ideas from different countries and cultures across the world. . fairness and excellence in execution.CONCLUSION ‡ Simple living and high thinking" ‡ Honest.

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