acquired MESWAK in 2005, when it bought Balsara·s hygiene and home products business for Rs.143 crores. € Earlier Meswak toothpaste was the brand of Balsara Pvt ltd. € The acquisition made strategic sense to Dabur, for its repositioning as an FMCG company. € The company was popular in south and the west India.

€ Entered the rural market as well.€ The premium herbal toothpaste in Dabur·s oral care portfolio. reported strong performance and recorded a growth of 24%. . € The company rolled out new initiatives and effective advertisement campaign to enter newer markets. € Started exporting the product in Asia as well as in the west.

The product .

modern and contemporary. fight plaque and prevent gum disease € Quality . . Ayurvedic toothpaste. 'Salvadore Persica' . with a unique taste of anni seeds(saunf) € Functionality- reduce tooth decay. from pure extract of the plant.extract has been scientifically proven to help strengthen gums € Packaging .€ Meswak is scientifically formulated.the famous 'Toothbrush Tree¶.

Toothpaste Sector .

Other key benefits are:- Cosmetic Fluoride Herbal Protection against foul smell.Meshwak. Prudent Family health. EgColgate Fluoride. Family health & welfare. . modernity and cosmic value. EgNeem.Competition on the basis of benefits sought by consumers Toothpaste General benefits that consumers seek are cleanliness and hygiene in all segments. Cibaca Fluoride. EgColgate. Dabur. extra protection for children. Traditionally good for health.


freshens your breath and makes your teeth strong Meswak "Meswak toothpaste. Formula sirf Bharat Proud to use an Indian brand ke paas hai.Major Competitor Tagline Proposition Colgate ´Bhartiya dentists ki number one pasand. raat bhar.." "Subah Babool ki to din tumhara.dishum dishum." Babool Babool·s natural and sweet peppermint taste adds zest to your life and enables you to face life head-on Anchor µNaye zamaane ki nayi suraksha.." With Pepsodent on guard parents no longer have to worry because brushing with Pepsodent at night ensures protection of their children·s teeth the whole night through Close-Up "Vitamin floride system wala naya Close-Up." Vitamin fluoride has three fold benefitswhitens yellow teeth." Advanced formula that protects one teeth from germs and keeps them strong ." Colgate is the expert ( the last word) on dental care and provides you with 12 hour protection safeguarding you against 12 common tooth problems Pepsodent ´Pepsodent.

The pricing should be above the competitors but not too high to scare away the customers.100 gm costs Rs. 58 No discount or allowances provided The product has lot to offer when compared to the competitors. 30 200 gm costs Rs. . Meswak is currently following this strategy itself.

which acts as a strength for it.€ Area Surveyed: Gurgaon € No. . of shops surveyed: 80 € Meswak available at: 50 € Meswak being a Dabur product has a strong distribution channel. € Specific distributor alloted.

€ Other major players include Dabur and Anchor group together contributing around 15% of total market. € Colgate and HUL contribute around three fourth of the total market. 35 billion.€ Indian oral care industry (including toothpaste and toothpowder) is about Rs. .


€ € € .€ Although dabur is growing at a fast rate i.24% but meswak fails in capturing market. While babul toothpaste and lal dant manjan covered rest 8.e.5 % Meswak image should be made such that people other than old can also use it. Out of 12% meswak contributed only 3.5%.

€ Meswak was first launched in 1988 and generated with a rare combination of ancient scripture and modern science. According to our survey old people buy it. It basically targets consumers seeking natural benefits in their toothpaste and is used by vegetarians. religious and health conscious people as it is a premium herbal toothpaste. € € .

Basically positioned for the premium segment. competing with multinational brands. Hence.Attribute based positioning € € It is a rare combination of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science. € ´Formula sirf Bharat ke pass haiµ in 2002 € These taglines cater to emotional based positioning promoting that consumers will be proud to use an Indian brand. . fight plaque and prevent gum disease. Emotion based positioning Some of the ad slogans of meswak are: € ´Sadiyon ka khazana ab aasan hai apnanaµ in 1998. vishwas phelaiyeµ in 1999. € ´Meswak apnaiye. The astringent and bactericidal properties of Meswak help reduce tooth decay.

Segmentation on the basis of price: . It caters to the premium segment as the product has lot to offer when compared to the competitors so the pricing is relatively higher than the competitors € .€ Meswak was first launched in 1988 and generated with a rare combination of ancient scripture and modern science. It can be segmented on various aspects: Demographic : Age: its popularity has been enjoyed somewhat equally both in youngsters as of the fact of the involvement of modern science and in the old people because of the fact of it being a traditional and age old remedy for the oral hygeine.

Religion has a significant influence on the values and lifestyle . .and meswak basically segments itself by targeting at the consumers seeking natural benefits in their toothpaste by focusing on its ayurvedic properties making it more suitable to be used by vegetarians and religious people.€ Pscycographic segmentation: Values and lifestyle: values and lifestyle significantly affect a product and the brand choices. In India as we see that majority of the people are vegetarian . € Behavioral segmentation: Benefits: Meswak has focused on its benefits of being astringent and having bactericidal properties and It has emphasized on the fact of being a rare combination of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science .

vishwas phelaiye´ or ³Formula sirf Bharat ke pass hai. This cater to the emotional based positioning promoting that consumers will be proud to use an Indian brand.€ Product perceived segmentation: Segmentation on the basis of how a customer perceives the product or we can say how the product is positioned in the mind of the customers. Meswak has positioned itself on the basis of: Attributes : Meswak is positioned as a toothpaste containing a natural herbal ingredient in the renowned ancient scriptures providing about 70 benefits for the entire body. Emotion based positioning: which was done with the help of taglines like ³Meswak apnaiye. competing with the multinational brands . Hence.

STRENGTHS WEAKNESS ‡ Est lis r t ‡ & r ‡ ‡ ‡ Str ‡ i istri t st ti st r lt ‡ li it t rs ‡ t r ‡ r r ssiv r ti ti l str t v ri ts i ss r v rtisi .

hotels etc. ‡ Competition ‡ Limited Target Market ‡ Price based rivalry .OPPURTUNITIES THREATS ‡ Creating awareness about the product and its features ‡ Emphasis on advertising and sales promotion ‡ Small Packages ‡ Tie-Ups with hospitals.


€ Green Marketing € Teenagers € Public Relations € Women .

€ Advantages € Essentials € Choosing the right giveaways € Promoting through events .


Problems!!! .Market where herbal products are not greatly recognized Product loyalty present among users ² But customer awareness ² LESS Product taste liked by less Lack of sale promotion schemes size Small shelf Low by Dabur for incentives group sellers.

ads on T. stores likeReliance Fresh.V/ billboards . Spencers and other mega marts e1 in at pharma shops Indian Dental Association (IDA)²approval/ Product line extension into powder/gel/ mouth fresheners Tie ups ² with Hotel. active/real Target shelf space in good deptt.R D Flavouring Impetus To Sales recommendation More consumer awareness. Tourism Ayurvedic centres Airline industries Improve taste.More promotional schemes ² like free samples at malls/ dentist outlets and with other pdts likehomemade.

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