Theories of tooth eruption

‡ There are many theories of eruption of teeth 1. Root formation 2. Bone remodeling 3. periodontal ligaments formation 4. vascularity 5.pressure

Root formation  One of the theories is that the tooth is pushed upward into the mouth by the growth of the tooth's root.(in rodent incisor and guinea pig molar)  BUT.  Is an obvious cause of tooth eruption. and the teeth are still erupting after the completion of root formation.Accepted theories of tooth eruption 1. root formation is accomodated during eruption. .  THEREFORE.  If a tooth that is continuously erupting is prevented. the root will still form by causing bone resorption. the rootless tooth is still erupt. and may not be the cause of tooth eruption.

premolar is removed without disturbing its follicle or the tooth germ is wired down. Bone remodeling  Other theory is that.a tooth is pushed upward by the growth of the bone around the tooth. an eruptive pathway still forms within bone. but it is involved in tooth eruption. .when mand. bone remodelling is not so sure play significant role.  A FACT-Bone formation also occurs apical to the developing tooth.  Major proof.  If the dental follicle is also removed.  THUS. then no eruption path develops.2.

‡ Dental follicle .  By providing a signal and chemoattractant for osteoclast. it is possible that the dental follicle can initiate bone remodeling which goes with tooth eruption. .  Studies have shown that  the reduced dental epithelium will initiates a cascade of intercellular signals which recruit the osteoclast to the follicle.  Teeth eruption is delayed or absent in animal models and human diseases that cause a defect in osteoclast differentiation.

there are reports of PDL present but tooth not erupting. .  However. PDL formation  This theory is that while several forces might be involved in eruption.3.  the periodontal ligaments promote eruption through the shrinking and cross-linking of their collagen fibers and the contraction power of their fibroblasts. the periodontal ligaments provide the main impetus for the process.

Bone remodeling and PDL formation.‡ All these three theories of tooth eruption are contributed together and produce FORCE THEORY ‡ Force theory include the Root formation. .

 Remodelling of tissue around the developing tooth brings about an increase in pressure tooth which causes the tooth movement. .  When the root formation begins an eruption pathway develops overlying the tooth. Pressure  Decreased pressure overlying a tooth and increased pressure around the tooth are major factors in tooth eruption.Other factor or theories 4. 5. Vascularity  plays an important role in tooth eruption  Sufficient blood supply to the tooth germ has proven to cause eruptive tooth movement  Localized hyperamia has shown to causes increased vascularity of the periodontal tissue and also increased eruption of adjacent tooth.

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