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Q.1 Which form of international commercial payment that involves one or more banks?
` ` ` `

Bill of exchange Sight draft Date draft Letter of credit

Q.2 Which one of the following is not part of an organization's macro-environment?
` ` ` `

Political environment Economic environment Internal environment Social environment

Q.3 Carriage and insurance paid to (CIP) is one of the term of sale is used in place of which of the following?
` ` ` `

Free alongside ship (FAS) Cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) Cost and freight (CFR) Free on board (FOB)

Q.4 An individual is using the systematic design, collection, analysis, and reporting of data relevant to marketing its programs to minority students. What do we call this?
` ` ` `

Promotion Marketing research Self-study Cost-benefit analysis

Q.5 Identify the pricing term that indicates that the charterer of a vessel is responsible for the cost of loading and unloaded goods from vessel.
` ` ` `

Free in Free in and out Free out Free out and in

Q.6 Which method of research can be used to obtain information if people are unwilling or unable to provide?
` ` ` `

Observation Focus groups Personal interviews Questionnaires

Q.7 Mercantilism philosophy explains about import and export balance. Which one of the following is the consistent with this philosophy?
` ` ` `

Export more goods Import more goods Imports equal to exports Imports greater than exports

Q.8 Trade deficit can be calculated by:
` ` ` `

Export access import Import access export Goods access services Services access goods

Q.9 Which one of the following products is NOT subject to price controls?
` ` ` `

Pharmaceuticals Foods Gasoline All subject to price controls

Q.10 Identify the term, we use for bartering price of one country¶s currency in term of other country¶s currency?
` ` ` `

Exchange rate Barter system Cross currency Change currency

Q.11 Which of the following treaties covered the way for effective a worldwide tariff agreement? ` WTO ` GATT ` NAFTA ` NATO

Q.12 Carriage and insurance paid to (CIP) is one of the term of sale is used in place of which of the following
` ` ` `

Free alongside ship (FAS) Cost and freight (CFR) Cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) Free on board (FOB)?

Q.13 The __________ includes style features, packaging, labeling, trademarks, brand name, quality, price and all other aspects of a product¶s package.
` ` ` `

Core component Packaging component Support service component Idea component

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