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Tonight we are here to answer
some of the questions you have
about the Process Recording
assignments for your field

hat is a Process Recording?

Process Recording Purposes
Process Recording Structure (FORM)
Content of Process Recordings
Cover Page
ritten Assignments
Due Dates

hat is a |  

G A tool used by social workers

to help guide in the acquisition of self
reflection skills, and
to focus one¶s thoughts, beliefs and
actions/reactions in relation to practice
A Process Recording«

G Documents the client-social worker

exchange, and allows for identification of
what one did well and where improvement
may be needed.
G Gives attention to both the content and the
unfolding of the interaction with the client
system on multiple communication levels.
| |  

G To structure thinking about
professional practice
G To conceptualize what happens in
the transactions between social
worker and client systems
G To heighten awareness of oneself in
action within the transaction
G To distinguish facts from judgments
and/or impressions

G Cover Page (page 176)
G Interaction (Body) (page 177)
G Summary (page 178)

*from TU Field Education Manual

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Content Skills Used Gut Thoughts

hat professional
hat are your
hat are your
 skills and theories feelings about the distractions-are

§ learned in class setting, the you able to be ³in

 are you employing process, content, the moment´ in
  in this interaction? etc. Tune in to this interaction?

  Exr Engagement, your internal
hat are your

 Rapport Building, process. hunches; what
  r Confrontation, $)))))))* does your

 r Summarizing, etc. + )))))), learning about
human behavior
  r (see page 173) and the social

 r context tell you
  r about this
ðotes on Interaction (Body) Section
1. Generally, student should plan to include a
portion of a full interview (a rule of thumb is 15
2. Student should complete this as soon after the
actual interview as possible, to assure
accurate recall.
3. Be as exact in wording as you can, however,
you CAððOT tape record.
4. Template includes 1 Interaction page, but
please replicate as many as needed to record
the entirety of the interaction.
5. Use page numbers for each.

hat were the main themes of the entire contact. Did all expected parties
arrive? Participate?

$  / #

hat was your impression of the interaction? Based upon theory and practice
knowledge, what is happening in the situation?
hat is/are your role(s)?
practices skills did you use?
as the stated purpose of the interaction
hat obstacles were present?
How effective were you in this interaction?
hat can you do to improve for next
time? This is the time for ³self-reflection´

Is there a Treatment/Goal Plan/Safety Plan? Is there an agreement between
client and worker for the work to be done? Is there a ³contract´ for next steps, if
so please outline.

hen doing a process recording, care
must be taken to disguise identifying
information (in accordance with HIPAA
regulations) to protect client
confidentiality and privacy.
Some agencies have additional rules related to
confidentiality, so please review these with the
agency/program and then with your field
2. Proofread your recording.
-  001223
G OCTOBER 3 To Field Instructor
OCTOBER 10 To Liaison
G ðOVEMBER 5 To Field Instructor
ðOVEMBER 12 To Liaison
G DECEMBER 1 To Field Instructor
G DECEMBER 8 To Liaison
*› M›M MM› ›M›
M   M›  !MM"MM›
## ››  "M!! 




(see pages179-184)
G Is a reflection/observation of a macro-practice social
work experience.
G Student may be either an observer or a participant in
the event (rally, meeting, training, or other collective
G Separate Formats appear for different MS

Program levels
1. Foundation MS
& Advanced Clinical
(pages 179-180)
2. Advanced Management & Planning
(pages 181-182)
3. Advanced Community & Policy
Practice Reflection Outline

1. Identifying Information/Description of
Event or Meeting
2. Pre-Event Activityr Goals & Perceptions
3. Event Process/Content of Meeting
4. Analysis of the Event/Meeting
5. Analysis of Student¶s Reactions/Practice

G †ournaling is a recommended tool to assist students

to track the course of their assignments in field.
G It is suggested that students, at minimum 1x per week,
write in outline or short paragraph form a summary of
their accomplishments in field for the week; noting
linkages they may be seeing with classroom learning.
G †ournaling is valuable for personal reflection, but these
weekly summaries may also be used as an
attachment on the Monthly Report as the response to
³Student Learning Activities´ (bottom of page 169)
(see pages169-170)
G Monthly Reports ARE to be submitted 3x during the
course of Fall Semester 2008 on 10/3, 11/5 and
12/3. If you are doing extended field, you may be asked to do an additional
MR for †anuary.
G Purposer To communicate with your Field Liaison in
summary form content of learning, as well as issues
and concerns from the fieldwork experience
G Contentr 1. Summary of Learning Activities
2. Questions related to Field
Instruction and Integration of
Classroom and Field
3. General Issues
4. Availability of Learning Opportunities
G Submit your Monthly Report directly to Field Liaison