Surf Excel


A product of HUL Surf Excel, launched in 1954, is one of the oldest detergent powders in India. Surf was the first brand of detergent that was advertised on TV.

4 P¶s of Marketing .

Product Line:  Matic Quick Wash Blue Gentle Wash Surf Excel Bar     .

.Pricing:   The decently priced product line of Surf Excel attracts both the middle class and the higher class people. There are different kinds of packaging with reasonable prices.

one can find Surf Excel. . In every shop. ³SURF´ has become generic name for Detergents. nook and corner.Place:    Surf Excel has a widely distributed channel of distribution.

Viral Marketing ± it generates word of mouth publicity for the product. Use of ATL. BTL &TTL Promotion techniques: Advertising through Television. Newspaper and Road display (billboards) Sales promotion through incentives and free samples.  a) b)    .Promotion:  Surf has effectively managed its product life cycle with the help of product innovations and great marketing strategy. Personal selling through order takers and stalls. Use of Penetration Marketing and societal marketing techniques. Radio.

This helps them get stronger and get ready for the world outside. make friends. Stains are good´ .Brand Philosophy Surf Excel believes that stains are good. This is because when children go out and play and get dirty. they don't just collect stains. They experience life. share with each other and learn from each other. ³Stains make our world better.

Surf Excel Ariel Distribution Distribution margin: 11.5% Constantly changing as per washing needs. Surf needs to keep updating itself to retain its position in market.5% Unique combination of high performing ingredients. margin:12.Competition in Market   Surf excel is getting tough competition from Ariel. .

High quality manpower. Strong brand portfolio. . Right product at right shop with right kind of visibility.SWOT Analysis: Strengths:-     Constantly changing as per washing needs.

.Weakness:-    Possibility for low price competition. Not environment friendly. Still not reached to mass customers.

2% every year so surf has great chances to increase its market share. As brand grows. The detergent market is growing 9. Upgrading customers through innovation. . increase in consumption and usage.Opportunities:    Growing rural markets.

Threats:-   Local products and other major competitors. Chances of price war. .

Positioning ± Market positioning as the best detergent in the detergent¶s category.   .STP: Segmentation ± surf has segmented its market to middle class and upper class. Target ± Surf excel targets housewife¶s by influencing kids.

. Detergent which will reduce the water consumption. Which is sold successfully in more than 20 countries.USP:    The detergent which is in the market for the last five decades. Which is involved in lot of social responsibilities.

Conclusion:   A stream of innovation and successful relaunch of surf excel increased inflow of customers. . With an aggressive campaigning of µDirt is good´ has increased profits along with market share.

. Profitable growth will be sustained through focused brand building.Recommendation:   The possibilities are endless. innovation and superior management of supply chains.

It is ok to soil your clothes It is ok to play in mud It is OK to enjoy life Surf excel hai na! THANK YOU .


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