River View Village

Assisted Living Facility Second Floor
Building System Analysis
Ceiling System Lay-in acoustical ceiling for plenum access and acoustical control with exposed suspension system Noise Reduction Coefficient: .65-.75 Ceiling Attenuation Class: 35-39 Light Reflectance: .85 Flammability: Class A

Second Floor Plan
Not To Scale

Second Floor Overlay

Recessed ceiling

Lighting System

General lighting with recessed fluorescent luminaries compatible with lay-in ceiling. Task lighting provided at office workstations, reception desks, and nurses stations. Accent lighting for aesthetics and wayfinding.

Power Distribution System

Centralized mec hanical c losets. Floor stub-ins and base power entries for workstations.

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Data/Voice Telecommunication System

Exterior data/voic e closets. Digital telephone system with voice mail. All data/voic e jacks located within maximum 1200¶ run limitation. Centralized intercom system throughout facility. Dedicated data jacks in private offic es, reception, conference, and workstations. Wiring installed prior to dry wall.

Rendered Lobby

Flooring System

Commercial carpeting (passes NFPA 253, DOC FF-1-70). Direct glue-down to slab installation. Pile height not to exceed ½´ per Texas Acc essibility Standards/ADAAG.

Acoustical Controls

Acoustical c eiling tiles in ceiling system with appropriate NRC/CAC ratings. Carpeting for noise control. Insulation in selec ted interior walls as ac oustical treatment (HVAC closet by the conference room and mec hanical room by conference room).

Security System

Sec urity c ameras in place for resident/staff safety. All cameras monitored at sec urity offic e. Cameras in assisted living residential area also monitored at nurses¶ stations.


Energy Management

Energy-effic ient luminesc ent lighting sources for general and task lighting with energysaving ballasts. General lighting levels in public spaces controlled by photosensors. Staff closet lighting controlled by motion sensors. Extensive glazing for daylight penetration. Insulated windows to reduc e unwanted solar heat gain in summer and interior heat loss in winter. Light reflecting ceiling tiles and wall finishes. Entry air lock for HVAC management.


Environmental Responsibility

Ceiling tiles of 81% recycled content. Carpeting manufactured with recyc led content.

Under Cabinet Light

Accent Light/ Eye Ball


Reflected Ceiling Plan Schedule
142 32 12 3 24 17 13

Recessed Metalux 2x4 fluorescent Wall Mount Shaper 12x12 Square Sconce, two low watt CFL lamps Recessed Halo Eye Ball, Retractable Elbow 4 trim 12V low voltage CFL Ceiling Mount Shaper 30 Drum Pendant, four high lumen CFL lamps Supply Air Diffuser Return Air Diffuser Security Camera Intercom Sure- Lites Fire Alarm/ Strobe Fail Safe Emergency Exit Sign Smoke Detector Sprinkler V

Emergency Exit Sign


20 13 11

Reflected Ceiling Plan
Not To Scale


25 126

Fire Alarm/ Strobe

Kristine Nilsen

Hms 412

Fall 2010

Assisted Living Facility

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