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.What is Marketing Myopia? Myopia literally means short-sightedness. Marketing Myopia is the inefficiency of the Top Management to broadly define its business and meet customer needs resulting to the decline of the product.

by MarketingMyopia in thestudy ofMarketing as a subject? marketing myopia Narrow-minded approach to a marketing situation where only short-range goals are considered or where the marketing focuses on only one aspect out of many possible marketing .

Examples from the real world Daewoo Motors Hindustan Motors Kinetic Honda Pager Industry .

Emphasis on mass production and in economies of scale i. improvement. .e. Lack of experimentation. being product oriented rather then being customer oriented. and manufacturing cost reduction.Factors responsible for Marketing Myopiaby Theodore Levitt The belief market expands and more and more people buy the goods. The belief that there are no substitutes for the industry¶s major products.

Ambassador Struggle for Survival .

. It was the only car with Diesel option. Large Spaced. ideal for Indian markets. Perception of being less expensive to maintain. A sturdy car. Over 16% of brand sales came from the Indian Government.Ambassador.SUCCESS STORY Ambassador was widely used as a taxicab and as a government limousine.

Ambassador never changed with times. It focussed on only one segment till 1997 and within that time MUL was able to bring out brands for each segment within the nation.Reasons for the Brand Failure HM never knew where they fit in the existing economy. Ambassador sales dipped badly in the year 2000 but HM never bothered to rationalize the price of the brand. 400000 . HM did try to make some changes and upgrades but overall the look and built-in quality remained the same. Even today it costs over Rs.

. Rattling sound and rustling were some of the common complaints. Atal Bihari Vajpai replaced Ambassador with a BMW Limo. Immense competition from other major dealers like MUL.Contd. Indica took away the taxi car market and the customers got a new option for diesel car with modern technology.. from then on it lost the position of being the first politicians¶ choice. Mr. In the year 2002. The car lacked the quality and refinement. Hyundai etc.

Changes in product along with the change in market can sustain the brand even in emerging market. Brand must go to the customers for new ideas. Best example is MARUTI 800. .Possible Learning A brand exists in the market till it becomes dated. Rationalize the price in the light of emerging market. the brand is still surviving because it made changes along with changing consumer values and demands. after that it is virtually impossible to rejuvenate the brand.

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