First of all READ well the instructions & then THINK!!!
1. What style is required? formal or informal? 2. What is the format?

3. Who is it for? Who will read it? A friend? Someone unknown? What EFFECT you want to produce? What is the objective? ± To complain? ± To get something? ± To apologise?

4. Note down the title and your ideas BRIEFLY

5. Organise them

6. Make a note of the new SPECIFIC vocabulary & grammar you have learnt and can use 
Relative clauses  Conditionals  Passives  question tags  phrasal verbs  varied tenses  etc 


7. Use linkers appropriate to the level
However, Besides, although nevertheless, what is more«

on the other hand,

8. Then start writing your draft 

Deal with all the points
(expand them a little) 

Organise similar ideas into paragraphs  Use punctuation properly  Show you can use correctly all those new
structures and avoid basic mistakes 

Watch out for the number of words required

9. Once you ve finished, revise your work and look for your usual mistakes Then (only then) you can write the final version

Mind your handwriting, respect margins and the space between the lines

Good luck!

By Pili A. M.

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