This is copyright infringement in most countries and is unlikely to be fair use or fair dealing if the work remains commercially available. This is the act that some people refer to as "software piracy". students (for educational product) or similar. It is not infringing under specific circumstances such as fair use and fair dealing. y Creating a copy to serve as a backup. This constitutes copyright infringement in most jurisdictions. This is seen as a fundamental right of the software-buyer in some countries. In some countries the laws may allow the selling of a version modified for use by blind people. Differences in legislation may also make the copyright void in some jurisdictions. . but not the others. y Creating a copy and giving it to someone else.What is Piracy? y Creating a copy and/or selling it.

Licenses say that the buyer does not buy the software but instead pays for the right to use the software. y Buying the original software.y Renting the original software. . Software licenses often restrict the usual right of a purchaser of a copyrighted work to let others borrow the work. In some jurisdictions the validity of such restrictions are disputed. but some require permission from the copyright holder to allow renting the software.

y Corporate piracy: y Unprotected contents are shared through net-works such as peer-to-peer.Types of Piracy y Industrial piracy: y An individual or group attempts duplication and distribution on a large scale for profit. . y Reseller piracy: y Involves computer hardware companies selling machines with illegal copies of software preloaded on their hard drive. y Home piracy: y Ranges from trading disks with friends to running a not-forprofit bulletin board for the purpose of illegal software distribution. LAN and Internet.

The Birth of Software Piracy y Commodore 64 y Physical copies of floppies mailed using postal system y Facilitated software transmission from the West to the East y Rise of internet assisted Bulletin Board Systems y Limited by data transmission speeds (<<56k) y First attempt to combat software piracy in 1992 by the Software Publisher s Association y Don t Copy that Floppy .

6 kbits / second. video games. y Warez y Possibly derived from the Middle English term wares y First Underground FTP websites and BBS y High virus and malware content y Eventually morphed into Morpheus / Azerous / Kazaa y Main software copied included pornography.8 and 33. y Modem speeds typically between 28.) . and expensive media software (Photoshop etc.FACTS AND DATA y Introduction of Windows 95 and the personal PC boom.

claims that as much as Rs. chairman of FICCI Frames and Ramesh Sippy.16. 000 crores are lost due to piracy. Chamber of Commerce.S. The President of USIBC. as many as 80.000 jobs are lost directly as a result of theft and piracy.EFFECT ON PIRACY ON ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY y The Effects of Counterfeiting and Piracy on India s Entertainment Industry y Published in March 2009 by United States-India Business Council (USIBC) and prepared by Ernst and Young India. It was funded by the Global Intellectual Property Center of the U. I know first hand the importance of fighting piracy to support the growth of Bollywood. Ron Summers used the opportunity to suggest stronger legal means to tackle piracy. music. . We strongly support passage by India of optical disc legislation that will thwart piracy in this important industry. We are pleased to stand shoulder to shoulder with counterparts in India to help protect jobs and revenues that are now being needlessly lost to piracy. afflicting India s entertainment industry. I commend the USIBC FICCI initiative for enlisting all elements of the entertainment industry against piracy. He said. This report was commissioned as a part of the USIBC FICCI Bollywood Hollywood initiative and covered film. Alongside. television and video games. The spectacular press launch meeting was organized in Mumbai and also attended by Yash Chopra. the famed director who commented on the occasion.

With a fast enough connection even the latest and greatest high definition movie can be downloaded and ready to run in less than an hour.As internet speeds increase y Peer to Peer networks become increasingly popular as compared to FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sites due to bandwidth concerns y Bittorent and Rapidshare are now the dominant memes y y Decentralized model helps reduce blame and makes it difficult for central authorities to shut down websites All files are now fair game. .

Software y Often distributed via cracked packages or as CD ISO images meant to be read by virtual CD drives as opposed to pirated movies which are often large AVI or DIVX files y Video Game industry has much more control on games that require online access y Often times games and are software are unable to be updated via the intended means .


com.chinadaily.Very difficult to control content y Even fixed media: taken from:http://www.htm .cn/china/200703/07/content_848238.

First annual BSA and IDC global software piracy study. .Economic Impact Source: Business Software Alliance and IDC 2004.



y 15% of industry sales on average go into developing new artists. May 2003). y Illegal file-sharing is a major factor in the fall in world music sales. 27% of turnover is invested in A&R and 2 700 new albums are released per year.the latest is Forrester showing 36% of downloaders buy less music as a result. y All major surveys say that illegal file-sharing makes people buy less .OBSERVATIONS y Internet file-sharing involves 700 million unauthorised music files at any one time (800 million on the internet overall) y US research shows about 75% of all the illegal files are coming from 15% of the people (source: NPD Music. down 7% in 2003. In France. and down 14% in three years. This has decreased by 22% in the last year. .


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