Saxonville Sausage Company

Amit Jaisingh Prashant Mittal Rahul Bassi Swapnil Solanki Vishal Sehgal

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Company Product Portfolio
PRODUCT Brat Breakfast Italian Sausage ³ VIVIO´ MARKET Flat Negative Growth REVENUE % 70% 20% 5%



20% Bratwrust Break Fast Sausages Italian Sausage 70%

Revenue %age Contribution


Change in taste buds of US consumer Italian Sausage category showing growth across retail sausage market CAGR 15% Saxonville entered Italian sausage business in 2002

Vivio: The need for a well thought out positioning plan
The market potential Italian sausage market having growth of 15% in 2005 Available in just 16% of US large supermarkets, primarily in Boston, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and South Carolina Vivio volumes contributing to only 5% of Saxonville s revenue

Vivio s strengths Vivio priced comparable to other regional sausage brands Great Product taste Established Saxonville name in eastern United states without much spending on the brand

The four step positioning process
STEP 2 Building on learning from the Focus Groups

STEP 1 Planning new research on the target consumer

STEP 3 Building positioning concepts

STEP 4 The validation research: Quantitative testing

Identifying the core TG for Vivio
Understanding the core values of the consumer Judicious use of the attitude and usage data to define the FGS respondents FGS with both men and women to discuss benefits of Italian sausage Understanding core values and the role the product plays in peoples lives

Family makers: The influential TG Females, the primary purchasers and prepares of Italian sausage Exuberating the values & emotions Ideal- to make wholesome and appealing meals that the entire family would love to eat Creating happy childhood memories The desire to get the family together in everyone s busy schedule

Consumer research: An important leg

The Positioning
Six distinct ideas

Family connection

Clever cooking

Family connection Confidence Tradition Clever cooking Appreciation Quick and easy ‡ Bring family together Vivio It welcomes you in ‡ Add personal touch Vivio Creative meals in minutes

Taken only top two concepts after screening : we will explain screening process here

The brand ladder

Leverage Consumer insights
Product attributes

Measure consumer response & improve

Functional benefit

Emotional Benefit

Core Values

Creating Layers for Advantages

Source of business is incremental; no cannibalization

Usage difference in other Sax. products Vivio is an irresistible taste maker for all products It has created a viral demand because of its versatile use

Branding & Communication

Retain the Vivio brand name while we go national Avoid confusing loyal consumers Enhance consumer bonding Vivio connect Brand spread across consumption options- Pizza, Burgers etc. Communication slogan which touches the consumers heart

Analysis & Learning

Branding: Retain the Italian brand name. A touchy family slogan. Consumer behavior Change in taste buds, inclination towards longing for family bonding Dreading meal disasters- Gourmet cooking, Child hood memories Focus groups : Identifying the target consumer groups. The family makers. Product differentiation : Storm the product nationally with customized product offerings Best in taste- The tastemaker to every Food Product positioning Basic position on core consumer value of family well supported by Clever cooking

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