Difference between World & 3rd World Countries


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Age of a country

The Difference between the POOR and RICH countries is not the age of the countries.

. who are very old aged countries but are poor and third world countries..Age of a Country This can be shown by countries like India. Iraq and Egypt etc.

Canada and even USA have a life of 150 ± 200 years and are now world best developed countries. .Age of a Country On the other hand Newzeland.

Natural Resources The difference in Rich and Poor is also not because of available natural resources .

Singapore and Taiwan are also good examples. no natural resources and inadequate for agriculture. 80% mountainous land. .Natural Resources If this would be the case Japan is a very small country.

.Natural Resources These countries especially Japan imports the raw material from the rest of the world and export the finished goods all over the world.

Natural Resources Another example is Switzerland who does not plant cocoa but has the best Chocolate of the world. In its little territory they plant the soil for four months and raise cattles and produce best dairy products. It is a small country that transmits an image of security. order and descipline. .

. minerals.6 billion manpower.Natural Resources On the other hand Muslim World is rich of natural resources. but unfortunately are third world undeveloped countries. sea and above all 1. oil. agri lands.

Thar Coal reservoir (world¶s largest coal reservoir). forests and mountains. i. .Natural Resources Alone Pakistan is rich of natural resources. agri land. geo(gateway to Central Asia.e. 160 million population (a great resource if put on proper work). BUT A POOR COUNTRY. geo-strategic location.

.EDUCATION If this would be the case Siri Lanka and Philippines have got around 100% literacy rate but are third world undeveloped countries.

inter continental balastic missiles and great army was collapsed.Military Power Russia is a best example of the century. but a third world country. .6 army). Despite having nuclear power. Pakistan despite of having nuclear power and 8 million (worlds No.

Contrary to that Japan a very small country and is a developed nation. .Geographical Size Russia despite having great geographical size could not exist as a great country in the community of nations.

Taiwan and Malaysia etc are the fast growing economies.Geographical Location Japan has got a very remote location in far east but is well connected with the world and a developed country. . similarly Singapore.

but could not get the benefit so far. but are undeveloped. in the centre of the globe. 10 land locked countries).Geographical Location The Muslim World has got best geographical location. . Alone Pakistan has got best geo strategic location (gateway to Central Asia.

Intellectual Level The higher executives from third world dealing with their counterparts in developed countries reveals that there is no intellectual difference in them. .

What is the difference Lets honestly examine what actually is the difference between the first world and third world countries .

Education. . Geographical Size. Natural Resources. Geographical Location.What is the difference Age of the countries. Power and intellectual differences are not the actual difference between the developed and undeveloped countries.

.What is the difference Then where does the difference lies.

The Difference is : The difference is : ± Constant Democratic Process ± System (which emerge from process) ± Rule Of Law (this also comes from constant democratic process) ± Leadership (It does not grow in Flower Pots but it emerges from a constant democratic process). .

rule of law.What is the difference All the developed countries have got a proper democratic system in place and with the evolution of that they have got welfare states. proper institutions and leaderships. .

.What is the Difference All the undeveloped third world countries are run by Military Rulers. Family Monarchs and Dictatorships.

.Solutions We can not fight these dictatorships with guns but we can struggle for democratic process. we bring awareness in the masses.

economic injustice. rights of down trodden masses.Solution The problem of ethnicity. . extremism. religious disharmony. impartial judiciary and national solidarity can only be resoved with a constant democratic process. [this is what the west and the developed countries have got in the last century]. lack of national solidarity.

Solution So we all should sincerely struggle for the eradication of Dictatorship and restoration of true and transparent Democratic Process. .

.Solution According to Winston Churchill democracy may have got demerits but we don¶t have any other system at the moment.

no boundries] . no visa. one currency.Solution The dream of Muslims to get unite into one Ummah can only be attained through this democratic process [best example is European Union.

Conclusion Democracy Democracy And More Democracy Is one and only solution .

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