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Founder Chairman Reliance Group
December 28, 1932 - July 6, 2002

The Reliance Group, founded by Dhirubhai H.

Ambani (1932-2002),

India's largest private sector enterprise

Businesses in the energy and materials value


Group's annual revenues are in excess of USD 22

4hy Reliance in Retail?
Currently, selling through company-
owned stores currently totals just $8
billion in India. Industry estimates say
that the country¶s retail industry is
worth $300 billion, that is about Rs
13,50,000 crore. This stands a
chance to blossom to $427 billion in
the next four years. Organised retail
accounts for just over Rs 35,000
Reliance Companies in Retail
RIL's Retail Project will be through the following companies:
Reliance Retail Limited
Subsidiary of RILRanger Farms Private Limited
Subsidiary of Reliance Retail Limited
Retail Concepts and Services Private Limited
Subsidiary of Reliance Retail Limited
Reliance Retail Insurance Broking Limited
Subsidiary of Reliance Retail Limited
Reliance Dairy Foods Limited
Subsidiary of Reliance Retail Limited
m  m  
RESQ Limited
Subsidiary of Reliance Retail Limited
Reliance digital Retail Limited
Subsidiary of Reliance Retail Limited
Reliance Service Solutions Limited
Subsidiary of Reliance Retail Limited
Reliance Mart
÷ ÷

An all under one roof supermarket


The hypermarket arm of Reliance Retail

Limited (RRL)(2006)

RRL is a subsidiary of Reliance

Industries Limited (RIL)

Plans to set up mega retail stores.

Reliance Mart Mega Stores
Reliance Mart Journey and Goal
Reliance Mart¶s first hypermarket opened
in Ahmedabad on 4ednesday 15th of

Inked acquisition deals for over 50

million sq ft via franchise & direct routes.

Target of a 100 million sq ft by 2011 to

develop its hypermarket business.
Reliance Mart
4ould cover areas ranging between 1,65,000 to 2,00,000 sq ft.
40 % floor space will be earmarked for garment brands

Fig : Reliance Mart Food Products Section

The rest to stock home goods, white goods, footwear and food products.
Reliance Mart Products and
— ra e f er 9 , r cts

Cate ries fres r ce, f a r cer ,

e care r cts, a arel a access ries,
-f CG r cts, c s er ra les
a I ,a t ti e access ries, lifest le
r cts a f t ear.

U i e ser ices s c as ail ri , s e re air,

atc re air, a t s , ifti ser ices a
la r ser ices.
Figure showing Special Discounts
offered by Reliance Mart
Reliance Mart Strategies Followed

—utomotive accessories, fine jewellery and

fashion jewellery in a retail format for the first

The hypermarket also launched a host of

Reliance's in-house brands

EDLP (every day low price) basis at prices 15-

20% lower than market prices.
iouse a health and wellness store providing
pharmaceutical drugs and other wellness

Reliance Mart will also sell as a part of its

Lifestyle section.

afeteria providing quality food and beverages,

an —TM machine

onsumer service / membership desk.

Reliance Mart Marketing Strategies

61 check out counters for ustomers


First time in India introduced the Mobile

POS system for faster check outs.

The store planning, atmospheres and

layout has been designed to provide ³a
complete solution´
Reliance Mart Marketing Strategies

Open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. seven days

a week.

Reliance One, a common membership and

loyalty program, Earn —nywhere, Spend

—ttractive finance options, including 0%

financing for your purchases on select products.
Future Strategies
Plan to open one or two new stores every month
during this financial year.

Reliance Mart is a part of the Reliance group¶s

$5.5-billion retail initiative, targeting revenues
of 1 trillion rupees ($24.6 billion) by March

Reliance Retail is expecting a top-line of

Rs1,000 per sq ft/month.

— pan-India presence

Opening 30 Stores by the end of the year

500 by the end of 2011.

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