and the the lessons learned. with a specific focus on Anglo Coal as an example of best practice within the group. and has gained international recognition for its effectiveness and scope. This case provides an overview of the Anglo American HIV/AIDS programme in southern Africa. Its HIV/AIDS programme is part of this effort. its operating profit in 2006 was US$9. ‡ Beginning in the mid-1980s with the appointment of an AIDS Education Advisor.Abstract ‡ Anglo American is one of the world's leading mining companies. It also looks at the community programme.8 billion. It outlines the context in which the company works and its reasons for tackling the virus. ‡ It describes the workplace programme. ‡ One of its 5 sustainable development principles is to 'create meaningful employment in safe. . healthy environments'. With operations in over 50 countries and approximately 200 000 permanent employees. the programme was formalized in the early 1990s.

proactive strategy to combat the ravages of the disease on its workforce and the repercussions for its operations . The pros and cons of Anglo American·s adoptions of a strategy in combating HIV/AIDS among its South African workforce are : Pros of American·s adoptions of a strategy ‡ It became a trend setter for other major companies operating in South Africa.1. which can be helpful in partnering with other major companies not only in South Africa but also in other part of the world . . thus gaining a goodwill among other companies .Anglo American had a huge investment in South Africa and was hard hit by the HIV / AIDS epidemic . It was one of the first corporation to develop a comprehensive. What are the pros & cons of Anglo American¶s adoptions of a strategy in combating HIV/AIDS among its South African workforce ? What recommendation would you give the company concerning its HIV / AIDS policy ? ‡ Ans :.

‡ The future of Anglo American·s initiative is bright as there has been change in the governments views towards fighting HIV / AIDS . Cons of American·s adoptions of a strategy ‡ Company·s medical bill saw a steep rise ² increasing it overall wage bill. ‡ It also prevented the possible higher loss to the company i.. this change in government thinking·s can help Anglo American to gain political support in long run . if in case the worker were left untreated then losses would have been higher than providing ART . ‡ It faced problem. Global Business Council for HIV / AIDS and other NGOs. ‡ The early adoption strategy helped it to prevent further loss in operating expenses by providing awareness and ART to its employee in earlier stage . . thus making it as a socially responsible organization in Global business .e.‡ It got good response form WHO ..

they should continue to hire migrant workers. ‡ South African govt.2 Because such a large % of its workforce consists of migrant workers who are more likely to acquire & spread HIV/AIDS.5 times more likely to contract the disease. should Anglo American adopt the policy of not hiring migrant workers? Should the South African govt. could have taken such action to prevent the spread of disease. ‡ However they should prefer local people while hiring as migrant workers were 2. as this unequal treatment is against the companies norms & it will denigrate companies image. . close the doors to migrant workers? ‡ No.

3 What role do pharmaceutical companies play in responding to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Africa? What policies or courses of action would you recommend to a company that produces HIV/AIDS drugs? .

Should the South African government adopt a similarly aggressive approach? Why or why not? . we described the more aggressive policies of the Brazilian & Thai govts in the battle against HIV/AIDS.4 Elsewhere in the chapter.

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