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etc. french fries. o o o o o .o Known as Quick Service Resturaunt (QSR) Prepared and served quickly Take out / take away Relatively low capital requirement Different from traditional food Examples : Hamburger.

fast food outside home only solution.o Many women now work Increased numbers of single-parent households Long distances to school Usually. lunch times are short Especially on weekdays. o o o o .

000 people.000 outlets in 90 countries Employing more than 300. o o o o .o It entered India (Delhi) in June 1996 o By Jan 2001 pizza hut had 19 outlet across India Presently it has 142 outlets in 32 cities in India Pizza Hut is the largest pizza restaurant company in the world It has 12.

V. Channels from July 2001 . On T.o o o o o o Pan in your name Pizza pooch menu ²speacial pooch for children 1 Rs. Pan deal ¶ Bara nahin to tera · [ on time or free ] Reduction in price Ads.

Channels from July 2001 o o o o o .V.o Pan in your name Pizza pooch menu ²speacial pooch for children 1 Rs. On T. Pan deal ¶ Bara nahin to tera · [ on time or free ] Reduction in price Ads.

T.V. Non traditional outlet o o o o . ( Hungry Kya ) Tie up with M.o Buy 1 get 1 free Ads on T. & discovery channels Database Marketing.L .N.

o Connaught Plaza Restaurants manages operations in North India whereas Hard Castle Restaurants operates restaurants in Western India o Today it has 169 Restaurants across india .o o McDonald·s entered India in 1996 McDonald·s India has a joint venture with Connaught Plaza Restaurants and Hard Castle Restaurants.

o oEnsure . o In September 2001. affordability and attract widest section of customers. o daam. 17.oIn 1997 slashed prices for vegetable nuggets and soft serve cone. baap ke zamane ka Started offering value meals in a range of prices. they offered Veg surprise burgers for Rs March 2004 ² Aap ke zamane mein.

o Brought the customer and provided a range of entrylevel products. he will finally graduate to McVeggie and so in Non veg 25% reduction in prices for lunch and dinner menus in 2009.g. Try those new items and graduate to higher-rungs E. Intensive advertising aimed children o o o .if a customer starts with McAloo Tikki.

o o Entered India in 1995. Since then KFC has a strong presence in 11 cities of India with around 50 stores. 1954 and certain other mistakes it had to leave India. Because of KFC not adhering with the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act. In 2003 it again came back with revised strategies and willingness to improve its earlier mistakes. o o .

.o Product is pressure-fried pieces of chicken made original recipe o Products are generated based on the geographical locations. o KFC takes feedback from customer to know the customer demands improvements in products.

KFC has an upper hand in pricing their fried chickens.o KFC enters using market skimming. o . Products are priced high and target the middle to upper class people o o KFC has a monopoly in fried chickens.

flyers and radio. ´finger licking goodµ frequent announcement on televisions.o KFC new company jingle. o . o Sponsorship to strengthen an organizations image KFC is currently the sponsor of the West Indies Cricket Team. billboards. Fast food resturants Market share 1 MC Donald 45% 2 Pizza hut 27% 3 Domino·s 30% 4 KFC 28% .

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