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CONTENTS Š Š Š Š Š Š Š What is tachometer History Working principle Construction Types Applications How to choose a tachometer .

and metron. meaning speed. A tachometer (also called a revolution-counter). The word is formed from Greek roots: tachos. meaning measure .Š Š Š A tachometer is an instrument designed to measure the speed of an object or load.


he used it for measuring the speed of machines in 1817. .Š Š The first mechanical tachometers were based on measuring the centrifugal force. Since 1840. The inventor is assumed to be the German engineer Dietrich Uhlhorn. it has been used to measure the speed of locomotives.

Š Š A tachometer is a small ac or dc generator When a coil is rotated in a magnetic field by some mechanical means. . magnetic flux through the coil changes. consequently an emf is induced in the coil.

the induced emf is proportional to speed/rpm of the mechanical device .Š Š As tachometer measures the speed at which a mechanical device is rotating So.

soft-iron. The rotor rotates around a stationary. magnetic core One stator winding is energized by a reference ac source. or secondary winding . and an aluminum or copper cup rotor. The other stator winding is the generator output.Š Š Š Š The tachometer has two stator windings 90° apart.


This magnetic field is usually supplied by permanent magnets. The dc rate generator.Š The dc rate generator uses the same principles of magnetic coupling as the ac rate generator. has a steady (non fluctuating) primary magnetic field. however. .

TYPES Š Classified as: Š Digital & Analog Tachometers Š AC Tachometers & DC tachometers & non-contact types Š Contact .

etc. deviation. ŠCannot compute average.ANALOG TACHOMETER a needle and dial type of interface. ŠHas . ŠNo provision for storage of readings.

etc.DIGITAL TACHOMETER a LCD or LED readout. ŠHas . ŠMemory is provided for storage.. ŠCan perform statistical functions like averaging.

CONTACT TYPE The wheel of the tachometer needs to be brought into contact with the rotating object .

NONNON-CONTACT TYPE The measurement can be made without having to attach the tachometer to the rotating object .

ƒ peed of a rotating shaft.ŠTachometer is used for measuring rotational speed. ƒ ŠEven medical science uses tachometers . ƒ flow of liquid by attaching a wheel with inclined vanes.

How To Choose a Tachometer? Š Accuracy Š Precision Š Range Š Acquisition Time Š Contact type / Non Contact type Š Portable / Fixed Š Digital / Analog Š Cost .

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