By:- Vinay Kumar Parag Goregaonkar Ritesh Pathak Naqui Shaikh

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Introduction Evolution of the business idea Objective of the business Business idea Operational structure Marketing strategy Implementation plan Costing Financial analysis Second phase Exit strategy Q&A

` ` ` India is the largest producer of milk Huge market potential in the metros. asMilk and milk products constitute an integral part of the daily diet of all Indian households. without exception. . Over 70% of milk production is from unorganized sector. across all regions and all social and economic categories.

So customers are dissatisfied.Need & benefits of milk consumption ` ` ` Milk plays an important role in daily diet It provides protein. fat carbohydrates and minerals Its calcium content. Lack of purity.e either in morning before 9:00 am. milk is either contaminated with water or urea. If they consume packaged milk. they don¶t find the natural taste as its is treated chemically. Large number of unsatisfied consumers ` ` ` ` . Sometimes they get milk of morning in the evening and vice-versa. They don¶t get the milk on time i.

Vision statement ` To provide the customers their true value for their money. . and add value to the society with an aim of generating employment for the poor. Mission statement ` We propose to become the first choice of the consumers when it comes to the requirement of fresh n pure milk. as we want to get ourselves known for our good quality.

. We will supply milk to our customers on the day the animal is being milked and that too at the prevailing market price. Also.` The concept of opening a dairy farm is to provide consumers of metro the taste of pure and fresh milk. through our well managed supply and logistics department. our dairy farm will be near to the cities so that we can minimize the travelling time that is being taken.

Dairy farm location Components of dairy farm ` Land Animal quality Sheds Fencing the land area Water facilities Water storage pool Refrigerator Mode of transport Man power Distribution channels Other materials needed furniture .

so we have to reach city latest by 7:00am. We are not going beyond 50kms to setup my dairy farm. The reason being these two places as they lie in ring road and it will be easier to reach there. .We will maintain our supply chain and purity maintenance through following measures:` We have to start our day as early as possible. ` Since. ` We have to finish milking of cows latest by 6:00am. this is the main reason. one in Patparganj area while the other at Rajendra Nagar this may change respectively. ` There will be two distribution centres in Delhi. supply of fresh n pure milk is our main usp. as we cannot cover more than 50kms in an hour. why. which should not exceed 3:00am.

The amount of milk supplied would be realised on a monthly basis.` ` ` ` ` After reaching the city they will be packed in one and half lts pack and would be delivered to customers at their door and the target to complete the delivery process latest by 8:30am. The surplus milk will be sold through our distribution centres. The food requirement of animal would be fulfilled by local as well as urban market as fodder for animals are easily available. . The same would be repeated for the milk produced in the evening.

Four p¶s ` Product specification ` Pricing strategy ` Promotion a)radio b)sales personnel c)newspaper d)hoardings & posters ` Place .

Use of STP ` ` ` Segmentation Targeting Positioning .

it is the supply of fresh n pure milk directly to the consumers.SWOT analysis:` Strength. ` Threats. we are coming with our own unique selling proposition. so we are sure to make an impact. ` Weakness.The huge market potential in the national capital region and large number of unsatisfied customers.The existing players are the biggest threat. ` Opportunities. But. .we don¶t have a brand image. but we are sure that we will build our brand image through our quality product.

So a total time of four months would be needed for building the full capital structure and to start the operation. fencing the land area and building the whole dairy structure. . Purchasing of animals would take another one month time.` ` ` ` Selection and obtaining a land will take one month time. Two months time would be needed for erection of sheds.

` Initial investment required .

4.000 40.00.000 1.00.000 80.000 Coolers& fans Shops for DC Containers Vehicle Water facilities construction 50.000 1.000 Construction of pool 1.00.000 Furniture Two wheeler and bicycle 30.000 Other expenses Total 3.000 .1 Initial investment required Particulars Cost if land is taken on lease(15 years) Cost if land is purchased on outright Land (10 acres) Fencing the land area 15.00.000 Packaging machine 80.000 Refrigerator(1500 lts each) 3.000 1.000 Construction of sheds & godowns 10.000 1.000 3.000 Purchase of animals(100 cows) 10.000 90.000 90.000 50.000 5.000 5.000 5.000 1.000 5.00.000 30.50.

000 .000 60.000 1.50.500/month 5.00.000 3.00.000/month 6.000/month 2.000 1.000/month - Cost 36.Operational cost required Requirement Maintenance Whole year for of animals 100 cows Insurance 100 cows Labour charge 12 nos Supervisors 2 nos Driver 1 nos Compounder 1 nos Fuel cost Shop rent 2 nos Electrical charges Telephone charges Other costs Total - Rate 100/cow 1.000/month 6.000 3.000 3.000 2.54.000 60.000/month 4.000 1.000 10.000 24.

00.000 90.02.000 1.000 31.000 Sale of cow 1.000 85.00.000 12.50.000 3.000 60.000 t cost Other expense 1.Financial summary Projected profit and loss account for first four years: Particulars Sale of milk 1 2 2.05.000 15.000 .000 0perating cost 60.60.000 1.50.000 63.000 1.500 53.000 Net profit Tax Pat 37.000 50.500 4 7.750 3 69.000 2.500 dung Net revenue Gross profit 1.000 2.000 31.000 5.40.000 2.000 Depreciation (39%) Advertisemen 20.000 10.15.000 38.000 25.000 1.00.

. It is for this reason that we plan to start this phase at least after two years of the establishment of the dairy farm. There would be multiple benefits that would be realised for a longer period of time. as lot of expertise and management would be needed.` The second phase of the plan is very ambitious which consists of bigger investments.

. And then we will purchase around 1000-3000 calf of higher breed and we will start animal farming.` In this phase we intend to purchase around One hundred acres of land along the radius of three hundred kilometres around the Delhi NCR region. At the initial stage we will start only with dairy farming & fishing and then we will swiftly start with other types animal farming activities.

` ` ` ` ` ` ` Land: Animals: Fencing the land area: Sheds: Building of ponds: Mode of transport: Manpower requirements: .

000 40.Initial Investment Required: Particulars cost of the land cost of calves(1500nos) fencing the land area construction of sheds construction of ponds other expenses required TOTAL amount 5.000 50.000 10.000 30.000 20.000 .

A creation of land bank.000. their milk that would be generated could be sold through our established dairy networks.` ` ` ` In animal farming business there is multiple type of sources from where income could be generated. and a continuous appreciation of the price of land. or it can be processed and transformed into other milk products. Each one could be sold for 25. Even if they are not sold. These calves when they become a mature cow.000-30. .

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