Success Strategies

Our Team ME channel ADM/ BDM LSC Heads .

x. Segment and Season wise Support from SBU heads and Managers Service. ix. iii. Recruitment Training Development Leads Generation & Management Brainstorming with team Cross selling Cold Calling Focus Industry wise. Guidance for claims . v.Steps To Success i. xi. vii. Reference generation. Direct policy issuance at POS. viii. iv. vi. ii.

employee references and other insurance companies and brokers. . The background verification will be done thoroughly. aggressiveness. knowledge. Main criterion that is looked into is attitude. The Interview will be done by the mentor. presentability. then by the Manager and finally by the SBU head.RECRUITMENT The candidates are identified internally.

exclusions. warranties. Daily the underwriting manuals will be discussed inclusions. Sales pitch for each product will be done by the mentor. Tests will be conducted after the training.TRAINING The product training will be done thoroughly about all the products by the underwriter. conditions. .

. Role plays with different scenarios and products.DEVELOPMENT Presentations need to be given by them on products. Stress on reading the IRDA journals and News papers for knowledge updation.

LSC heads and ITGI employees. Each ME has to do at least 6 calls in a day and the daily score is monitored and continuous nil scores will be analyzed and suitable action taken.Daily activity report Tracker is maintained by them and the review about them takes place daily by the mentor/LSC head. RA s. . DART . DEO s.Leads Generation & Management Leads will be initially given by the team members who include CCA s.

. ITGI Staff.Leads Generation & Management  Complacence will not be allowed and just meeting targets is not enough. They should aim for Fast Track.  Daily scores are sent by mail to every ME marking to all LSC heads.

challenges. issues will be discussed thread bare and a reward given to the best performer. .Brainstorming with team  There will be daily meeting with mentor of city ME s and a monthly meeting of upcountry ME s.  The success stories.  Targets and prospective clients will be reviewed.

company owned vehicles will be given to ME s by the renewal team.CROSS SELLING  Renewals of premium segment cars.  ME is instrumental in promoting the Brand Image and a good example of word of mouth Publicity. The Premium will be logged in to the respective agent ID but the other potential business will be followed up including health. Travel and logged in to ME code. Fire. .

Lorry & Auto stands.  They will gain entry by doing the two wheeler policies of the lower level staff of the company. Software Parks. .  Relationship has to be developed with the lower and middle management as they are the one s who give inside information about competitors quotes.COLD CALLING  The ME has to do cold calling in Industrial Areas and Commercial areas.

. also the city is divided in to bits and allotment is done by the mentor.  Big contractors and Fleet owners are the major focus as they are more focused on lowest quotes. Manufacturing and Software are made. Pharma.Focus Industry wise.  There are seasons where some companies place most of their business like educational institutions do in the months of April. May and June. Segment and Season wise  The Geography is analyzed and the lists of major companies in sectors like Construction.

policy issuance for ME are taken up by Managers and priority is given by operations staff. . discounts.  They also pass on personal leads to the ME.Support from SBU heads and Managers  SBU head and Managers do joint calls to instill confidence for the large corporate clients.  Approvals.

policy issuance and delivery will be done sincerely with out any delay with in the promised time frame.  The policy will be thoroughly checked for accuracy and mistakes will be rectified.Service.  References will be asked after the delivery of policy and wishes are given during important festivals. Direct policy issuance at POS. . Reference generation  The cheque pickup.  If possible policies are issued directly through CRM at client place itself a unique practice no other insurance company provides.

CSC and claim cheque to be given before the TAT. .Guidance for claims  Client has to be guided about the claims process and ME has to take a proactive role by speeding up the process by talking to surveyors.



Relationship Building. Reliability. Perseverance.Persistence. Areas of Focus Educational Institutions Small & medium corporate's Individual contractors and industrialists .


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