‡ To make people realise the value of each drop of water ‡ To make them feel like saving the same

Target audience
‡ 18-26 yrs old ‡ College students and young working professionals

I know all that, but you think I really care!!??

I am busy focused and impatient

I love innovation and technology

The big challenge
Communicating the cause in an interesting and arresting way.

Big idea
Extinction on its way
Interesting dinosaur characters leading the campaign from teasers to the actual message.


‡ Place : Extinct species· heaven ‡ Characters : 1. A dominating, snobbish and gossipy dinosaur queen 2. Her side ² kick dinosaur who admires and adores her, and is with her in all times. 3. Other extinct species flying and playing behind. 4. Eavesdropping clouds ‡ Type : Dialogue

Ad 1
Scene: Both the dinosaurs are sitting on a cloud, eating some slimy things and gossiping. (little do they know that the cloud is eavesdropping) Dino 1: Did you hear the latest, juiciest news from Earth..???!! Dino 2: No, miss! Please do tell me!! (bouncing very eagerly) Dino 1: The humans,(makes a disgusted expression while saying that) are finally going to join us here very soon!! Ha ha ha ha! Dino 2: (Gasps) Really!!?? I mean, I do not doubt your source, miss, but is this true?? I·m dying to know what you have in mind for them, please do tell me! Dino 1: Oh! This is embarrassing! I completely forgot about that! Come, right now! We must hurry and make unique ragging plans for them!(disappear in a poof) (The cloud is confused, shrugs at the screen and poofs away behind them.)

Ad 2
Scene : The Dinos are sitting on the eavesdropping cloud again. Dino 2 is filing Dino 1·s nails, with extreme concentration. Dino 1: (Suddenly laughing) The more I think of it, the more I want to laugh on the pathetic reason for which humans (making a face) are going to be extinct! I mean, really, they lack creativity! Dino 2: (Nodding her head up and down like a dog wags his tail, and grinning foolishly) Yes, miss! I do agree! We had a much better reason! Of course with people like you..(suddenly stopping the filing ) by the way, what WAS our reason!?? (Dino 1 gives her a look of exasperation and walks away, Dino 2 following her tail immediately) (Mr. Eave Cloud comes close to the screen and whispers to us, ´sms right now to this number and tell me what do you think will be the reason of your extinction, and you will win some really cool stuff! Till then, wish me happy eavesdropping!· Winks and goes away)

Ragging strategy for humans

Ad 3
Scene: All the humans finally arrive, heartbroken, defeated and naked. The dinosaur queen, along with her side-kick, meets the masses and carefully studies the people in the first row. Dino 1: (scowling at one man·s weenie) Did you actually create a WHOLE PERSON with THAT thing!!?? (to which, Dino 2 starts giggling) Dino 1: Shut up! And arrange all the ragging material, now! (Dino 2 scurries off and brings the eavesdropping cloud, along with lots of other clouds into the scene)

Ad 4
Scene: The dinosaur queen makes a quick wave with her hand and all the clouds instantly start showering fresh water onto the Earth. All the humans are shocked and then go insane with fury. They come charging towards the queen. Other specie animals come and stop them. One man: Is this some kind of dumb joke??!! Why you doing this?? You know we all died because of no water!! HUMANS ARE EXTINCT!!! If you guys in heaven had water, then why didn't you give us rains!!!?? Dino 1: Because, God gave enough time for you to realize and start using water properly and respecting it..but you DID NOT. So why bother?? A cool new specie is going to be born there now..this is for them. And yes, you are Welcome! (The eavesdropping cloud looked fearful and said to the humans.. ´i- i- i tried to hint you, but I was on their side..µµ)




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