The Greatest Journey Vocabulary

Match the words with the correct definition
1. Populate 2. Continent 3. Gather 4. Descendant 5. Isolation 6. Conquest 7. Occur 8. Route 9. Expand 10.Decade 11.Proof 12.Scatter 13.Artifact 14.Ancestor 15.Refined
a. an object that is made by a person, such as a tool or a decoration, especially one that is of historical interest b. to exist or be present in, among, etc. c. improved because of many small changes that have been made d. to live in an area or place e. a person related to you who lived a long time ago f. one of the seven large land masses on the Earth's surface g. evidence h. to collect several things i. the condition of being alone j. a period of ten years k. a person who is related to someone and who lives after them, such as their child or grandchild l. to (cause to) move far apart in different directions m. the act of getting control of a country by fighting n. to become larger in size, number, or amount o. a way from one place to another

Complete the sentences with the right words:
determine 1. Investigators are still trying to __________the cause of the fire. 2. Might there be intelligent life on other __________? planets identical 3. The interests of both parties may not be __________, but they do overlap considerably. Migration 4. __________ happens when large numbers of people go to live in another area or country. 5. The builder did a/an __________ sketch of how the new rough stairs would look. contain 6. Try to avoid foods which __________ a lot of fat. occasions 7. We met on several __________ to discuss the issue. indicated 8. She __________ to me (that) she didn't want me to say anything bulk 9. In fact, the __________ of the book is taken up with criticizing other works. 10. There were at least three __________ - grandparents, generations parents and children - at the wedding. 11. Environmental pressures encourage genes with certain mutations __________ to persist and others to die out.

Fill in the blanks with the right word from the box given:
steady remarkably temporarily human recent commenced ancient split imperceptible virtually stalled evidence

human Neanderthals, an intelligent and resilient (1) _________species, lived in Eurasia for some 200,000 years. At a/an (2) _________ rate they started to die due to several steady reasons. Then about 28,000 years ago the last of them died. The exact reason that led virtually recent to their extinction is(3) _________ uncertain, but (4) _________ data shows that it was probably a combination of factors, including climate change and the arrival of modern humans in the region, around 45,000 years ago. ancient Since these (5) _________ beings and modern humans overlapped for some 15,000 years, many wonder if they ever interbred. (6) _________ shows that it's possible. Evidence But DNA studies show that Neanderthals were indeed a separate species, and no trace of Neanderthal DNA has been found in humans today. Probably between 50,000 and 70,000 years ago, which is a/an (7)remarkably recent _________ split date, the ancestors of the modern humans (8) _________ into two groups. One group stalled (9) _________ in the Middle East but (10) temporarilywhile the other group (11) _________ _________ commenceda different trip. The journey lasted for a long time, so the movement was imperceptible (12) ____________ ; or it was difficult to notice but ended in Australia.

Multiple Choice: Find the right word for the underlined word given in the sentences 1. The child vanished while on her way home from school. a) approached b) disappeared c) escaped 2. So who are the indigenous people of this land? a) local b) general c) main 3. His father is buried in the cemetery on the hill. a) digged a hole b) put into grave c) left alone 4. We have advanced greatly in our knowledge of the universe. a) developed b) increased c) varied 5. There will be a brief pause in the proceedings while the piano is moved into place. a) procrastination b) stop temporarily c) suspense 6. Although she had been ill for a long time, it still came as a shock when she eventually died. a) initially b) finally c) exactly 7. The plaster on the walls has been removed to expose the original bricks underneath. a) show b) hide c) cover 8. They spent an immense amount of time getting the engine into perfect condition. a) remarkably b) exact c) extremely large 9. Herds of elephants used to roam in this forest a long time ago. a) group of animals b) a big amount of c) various species of

Collocations: Combine the different groups of words
mainland complex countless determine identical ancient vanish evidence steady without a trace terrorist attacks on the medical / scientific system of highways civilizations of Asia times progress the causes of something in appearance and character

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