Ethical Issues in Marketing

(Marketing Management)

By group-11,

Kripakaran Krishnan Denny Babu Paul Chandni. C. S Rohith Shetty Alok Kumar

Objectives ØIntroduction to ethics and marketing Ø ØCategories of approaches within ethics Ø ØIs marketing inherently evil or unethical? Ø ØEthical issues in marketing  ØFritzsche’s ethical decision model  ØConclusion    .

communicating.Introduction to ethics and marketing   Ethics Ø A branch of philosophy Ø It is a criteria that may be used in judgment of what is good and right for human beings Ø Often the terms ‘ethic’ and ‘morality’ are used interchangeably    Marketing Ø It is an organizational function Ø A set of processes for creating. and delivering value to customers Ø Managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and it’s stakeholders   .

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is the study of people's beliefs about morality  Ø Meta-ethics is the study of what ethical terms and theories actually refer to  Ø Normative ethics is the study of ethical theories that prescribe how people ought to act    .Categories of approaches within ethics Ø Descriptive ethics is known as comparative ethics.

if it necessarily commits at least one of three wrongs.Is marketing inherently evil or unethical?.. qDamaging personal autonomy q q qCausing harm to competitors   qManipulating social values q .     Yes..

Ethical Issues in Marketing  Specific issues in marketing ethics Marketing Research Market Selection Product Policy Pricing Policy Channels of Distribution Advertising and Sales Promo .

Fritzsche’s ethical decision model… Macro level Stage-1 Net social benefits Utilitarian Principle No Yes Micro level Stage-2 Individual freedom Rights Principle Yes Stage-3 Individual distribution Justice Principle No Process Yes No Yes Accept decision as ethical Yes Stop Overriding reason No Overriding reason No Stop Stop .

social and ethnical issues  • Marketers have to stop indulging in unethical practices and start respecting local mores and values .Conclusion • Good Marketing Citizens All in all. it can be seen that ethical issues in marketing in the context of developing countries is highly sensitive to cultural.

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