Annie Lawn Mr.

Schurtz AP English 12 Period 4/5 4 March 2011

Vision Problems in Developing Countries

‡ Thesis: Environmental factors,

economic issues, and lack of healthcare cause the rate of vision problems in developing countries to increase significantly.

Environmental Factors

("UV Rays")

Economic Issues



("Another Machine To´)

UV Ray Effects


UV Rays Cont.


Unsanitary Water

("Atmospheric Sundog Phenomenon")

("River Blindness")


("Flies Surround Eye")

Trachoma Cont.


Unsanitary Water cont.

("Our research In´)

Building Dams

("Mossyrock Dam")

Control Program-Western Africa

("As the New ")

Treatment and Results

("As the New ")

Vitamin A Deficiencies

("Felt Carrot")


("Felt Carrot")



Lions Club International


("Lions Clubs 4125")


("I've Got The")


("Chicago Skyline")

What do they do?

("African village children, Madagascar ")

Lion¶s Leaders

("Leaders and Followers")

Introduction to SightFirst

Sight Programs


SightFirst cont.


All About SightFirst

("SightFirstII_06 ")

Lions Recycle For Sight Program

("Recycle Symbol-World ")

Reasons to Recycle

("Eyeglasses Part 1")

Journey of Recycled Glasses

(³Journey of Eyeglasses´)

First Steps Toward My Campaign


My Recycling Campaign




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Classroom Activities
1. Have students perform simple tasks blindfolded. 2. Bring in glasses that make you feel visually impaired and have students try them on. 3. Have students identify certain items blindfolded.

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