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Study of factors & their relative impact that
influence women consumer¶s purchase decision
for personal electronic gadgets at the point of
purchase (retail electronic megastore).

6 o explore the influencing factors at the point of purchase for
the final purchase
he factors would help to understand the possible reasons for
the decision made by a woman consumer. Hence, the factors
could be used by the marketers to influence them for their

6 o study the relative impact of the factors

he listed factors through research can be compared on the
basis of its impact on the consumer¶s decision; hence the
factors can be ranked accordingly.


6 o understand the acceptance level of information at the point

of purchase
At the point of purchase a consumer goes through much
information. So the factors that influences the consumer
would help to understand what kind of information was
accepted or to what kind of information she is open to.


¦rimary Data Collection:

6 bservations at electronic megastore µCRA¶.

6 n-depth interview of 10 women consumer .

6 Survey of 200 women consumer at the point of purchase

and online, aged between 22-33yrs.



Secondary Data Collection:

6 nformation from books.

6 ¦ublished articles.

6 nformation on the internet.


£elow stated are the main highlights of the Research done:
1. Factors :
Word of mouth
Look &


Customer Care

Companion Promotions &


Sales Experience


Y  Y  
Service 4.32
Word of mouth 4.16
Availability 3.52
£udget 3.36
Companion 3.24
Ambience 3.12
¦romotions & ffers 3.08
Sales Experience 2.84
Customer Care 2.84
¦S Advertisements 2.76
Looks 2.68


Considers women purchasing personal gadgets:




6   is most influencing. A retail store should never go weak in
this since it may cause a loss to them. £ad or slow service may lead a
consumer to leave the store without a purchase.
6 he study shows that  have least influence when compared to
other factors.
6 o availability of product, promotions & offers, sales experience,
customer care leads a consumer to switch over to some other brand
from the preferred brand.
6 £udget is a constraint. A consumer would go beyond budget at times
only if it is truly worth purchasing.
6 Displays, music, interiors etc matters a lot to a consumer within a
store because that helps building a positive image of the store.
6 he other influencers are the companion with whom the consumer
is in the store and the advertisements


6 he Retail electronic megastore can design their marketing
strategies as per the factors ranked.
6 arketers have a good opportunity to explore the factors on the
level of impact.
For instance, the store manager and the team can be well trained for
better service to the consumer, since service influences the most.
6 Along with looks ,functions can also be highlighted while
influencing a consumer
6 o influence a prospect the marketer can influence the companion
along so that in return he/she influences the consumer. For
instance; a sales person should not just talk to the consumer in the
store but also explain about the products to the companion equally.


6 he Geographical location for this study lies in and around
the city of £angalore and Delhi & Kolkata.

6 he sampling size of 200 is small as compared to a billion

female population .

6 he age group used for the study purpose ranges from that of
years 22 to 33 years.

6 Limits to Female students, young professionals.