the Pacific Islands. where it is available fresh. It is naturally fat-free and low in food energy While people prefer different flavors of coconut water. such as Hawaii.Coconut water has long been a popular drink in the tropics. Coconuts from various parts of the world also differ in taste Indian coconuts tend to be sweet while Brazilian coconuts have a mild taste and Bangladeshi coconuts (due to the soil composition) have extremely sweet water and flesh with a very slight salty aftertaste similar to the Indian . and the Caribbean. generally a green coconut with some age spots is the most popular. especially in Southeast Asia. canned or bottled.

filtering and packaging the coconut water. .Soft drinks and aerated waters in the market will soon have to face competition from a new brand -.tender coconut water packed in aluminium cans. The first phase of the project. An agreement has been entered into by the representatives of the Board. which would undertake dispensing. According to sources the plant is to come up at Hasnabad in West Bengal. under the Government of India is expected to be on stream in West Bengal by September. co-promoted by the Coconut Development Board. The sources said the technology for the preservation and packaging of tender coconut water developed by the DFRL and the Coconut Board was transferred to AAL. the Defense Food Research Laboratory and Awadhoot Agro Limited for transfer of patented technical know-how to preserve and pack tender coconut water in aluminium cans.

The product. The 1100-hectare coconut plantation has over 150. will require about 25. will be manufactured in strict conformity with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system. with a shelf life of nine months.000 coconuts per day.5 crore (Rs 25 million). which produce more than 23 million tender coconuts. The project. northern and western India.000 trees. Sources said the market study conducted earlier found the response quite encouraging. during the first phase. The first phase of the project is estimated to cost Rs 2. especially in eastern. Efforts are also underway to explore the export market and agreement with some Gulf-based buyers is likely to be signed soon .

then opening the shell.Extracting the precious liquid is done by trimming the husk with a sanitized stainless steel cutlass. the use of a refrigerated cooling tank for rapid cooling is highly recommended The water must be quickly bottled and sealed . or placed in a freezer for three to four hours.then stored in a chiller at 4°C . Where large volumes of coconut water are to be bottled. The filtered water should be promptly transferred to a cooling tank and cooled to 4° bottles that have been rinsed in potable water and sanitized for 15 minutes . The water inside is decanted into a sanitized container equipped with a strainer lined with a sanitized silk screen or cotton cloth.


3 weeks (Without any preservatives) 5.Analysis of Mature and Tender Coconut Water Mature Coconut Water Total solids% Reducing sugars % Minerals % Protein % Fat % Acidity mg % pH Potassium mg% Sodium mg% Calcium mg% Magnesium mg % Phosphorous mg% Iron mg% Copper mg% Source: Satyavati Krishnankutty (1987) Life Span .0 Tender Coconut Water 6.0 48.0 26.0 10.3 79.6 0.0 .0 44.2 247.01 120.0 15.5 0.0 42.2 106.1 60.0 4.5 4.0 6.0 26.4 0.1 0.4 0.0 9.01 0.2 0.0 5.0 40.5 290.

9 7 359.4 153 126.32 19 25.19 Production (Million nuts) 1119.3 25.1 89 53 27.2 1903.3 1635 5641 175.4 355.5 80.6 21. of India.1 0.6 3.6 138.37 5.7 138.4 Productivity (Nuts/ha) 13017 8053 4969 8433 4052 6951 8338 222 5408 14495 2121 14307 4159 19630 13286 8179 AREA ('000 Hectares) 101.9 19 25.9 51 374. Ministry of Agriculture.1 21.9 21 0.1 1936.2 11.5 16.9 15840.2 275.8 5429.3 1625 6054 175.7 2.6 53 26.5 16.9 51 383. .4 401 870.8 4968.56 Productivity (Nuts/ha) 11047 7158 5004 8433 4037 6889 8338 222 5408 12959 1966 12430 3731 19630 12091 7747 101.Production States /Union Territories Andhra Pradesh Assam Goa Gujarat arnata a erala Maharashtra Nagaland Orissa Tamil Nadu Tripura West Bengal A & N Islands La shadweep Pondicherry All India AREA ('000 Hectares) Production (Million nuts) 1326.8 21 0.6 2.4 405 818.8 Source: Directorate of Economics & Statistics.26 136 127.8 28. Govt.7 2.2 275.6 14743.4 2.1 0.

Purchase Cost Type Nadu Hybrid Cost of Product 6.of Coconut 5000 7000 Cost 45000 45000 Capacity 15 tonne 15 tonne Source :Pollachi.5 12 Labour charge 2.TN .5 2.5 Landing Cost 10 15 Per Lorry Nadu Hybrid No.


Among the crowded cities. Coconuts from Kerala and Tamil Nadu are more suited for oil extraction. which are the best markets for tender coconuts. Mumbai consumes the most ` It is estimated that there are around 11.` Mumbai¶s annual tender coconut turnover. while those from Karnataka have more water ` Southern Railway has authorized the Kerala-based Miracle Food Processors International Ltd to supply tender coconut water of different flavors to its on-train catering units . handled by some 40-50 wholesalers is estimated to be around Rs 53 crore-69 crore.600 tender coconut planters in the entire country. .com Mail ID bismitraders@gmail. 9865703949 9447228704 9443428869 9495384594 9447697503 9443567746 9447238247 9843087676 0478 2592237 saahul@gmail.Seller Details Name Sureh BISMI TRADERS avathuvadi harini farms Lakshadweep Agro Industries MuthuS Pananchery Farmers Club Thanjai Agro Firm Vayalar Coconut Complex City Pollachi Kannur Chennai Palakkad Lakshadweep Madurai Thrissur Thanjavur Alappuzha Phone jjdprana@rediffmail.

at ` ` ` ` .com (Purchase of Coconut from Tropical Island ) www.` (Purchase of Coconut from Brazil ) (Purchase of Coconut from Central America ) www.vitacoco.harvest-bay.aspx?catid=Coconut+Water www.

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