Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management


Maintenance Management CONTENTS •Meaning •Impact of poor maintenance •Objectives of maintenance management •Areas of Maintenance • Preventive maintenance •Types of maintenance 2 .

Maintenance Management Meaning 3 .

4 .Meaning: Maintenance Management Maintenance Management Maintenance: It is that function of production management which is concerned with the day-to-day problem of keeping the physical plant in good operating condition. Maintenance Management: It is concerned with the direction and organisation of resources in order to control the availability and performance of the industrial plants to some specified level.

(repairs. • maintenance scheduling. It includes: • maintenance planning. equipment and plant services in proper working condition. • execution of maintenance activities • controlling costs of maintenance.Meaning: Maintenance Management Maintenance Management In simple words it is a function of production management related to the task of keeping the machinery. break down and preventive maintenance) 5 .

Maintenance Management Impact of poor maintenance 6 .

Impact of poor maintenance Maintenance Management • Under-utilization of capacity • High production costs • Product and service quality • Employee or customer safety • Customer satisfaction 7 .

Maintenance Management Objectives of maintenance 8 .

Objectives of maintenance Maintenance Management • Minimizing the loss of productive time because of equipment failure • Minimizing the repair time and repair cost • Minimizing the loss due to production stoppages • Effective use of maintenance personnel and equipments. 9 . • Prolonging the life of capital assets by minimising rate of wear and tear.

Objectives of maintenance Maintenance Management • To keep all productive assets in good working condition • Optimum utilisation of facilities. • Reduce possibilities of accidents • To improve quality of product or service • To minimize the total maintenance cost that includes: .Inventory carrying cost due to stoppage of work 10 .Cost of repairs .Cost of preventive maintenance .

Maintenance Management Areas of maintenance 11 .

switch gears. gas. plumbing and carpentry work. lighting. scrap disposal. motors. • Electrical maintenance: maintaining generators. air conditioning. 12 . steam generators. Lubricating machines is also a maintenance activity. compressed air. chargeable batteries etc. • Mechanical maintenance: machines and equipments. telephone systems. boilers. fencing. steam. fire fighting equipments.Areas of maintenance Maintenance Management • Civil maintenance: building. house keeping. facilities such as water. transport vehicles. heating and ventilating. fans. gardening. compressors. land scaping. transformers. material handling equipments. painting.

Maintenance Management Types of maintenance 13 .

• It consists of: 1.Repetitive servicing.Proper design and installation of equipment 2. • This is undertaken before the need arises and aims to minimize the possibility of unanticipated production interruptions or major break downs. cleaning and painting of building and equipments.Adequate lubrication. saves nine. upkeep and overhaul of equipment 4.Preventive Maintenance Maintenance Management A stitch in time. 3. 14 .Periodic inspection of plant and equipment to prevent breakdowns before they occur.

it is called planned maintenance 15 . pressure. • Routine Maintenance: It includes running maintenance and shut down maintenance • Planned Maintenance: when maintenance is carried out according to the schedules.Types of Maintenance Maintenance Management • Corrective Maintenance: It takes place when there is a work stoppage because of machine break down. • Predictive Maintenance: Sensitive instruments like vibration analyzers. audio gauges. temperature and resistance gauges are used to predict trouble.

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